The Story of Leather

The Story of Leather

by Sara Ware Bassett


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ISBN-13: 9781981994069
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/24/2017
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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him alone. He is showing more pluck than I dreamed he possessed." " But suppose he should overdo." " He won't overdo." And the prediction was true. Tired as he was every night Peter awoke in the morning entirely refreshed. The lameness of back and muscles soon wore away. At the end of the week, when he received his first pay envelope, no boy in the wide world ever felt as rich as he. Six dollars ! Six dollars of his very own! To be sure his father had often given him twice that amount; but receiving it as a present was a vastly different matter from earning it. "I mean to save up for a motorcycle," Peter declared. " Then I could ride to the tannery every day." " So you could," agreed Mr. Coddington. " It is not a bad idea. Don't forget, though, that you will be needing clothes now and then. You spoke last night of wanting some flannel shirts to wear to work." " Yes, but you " Mr. Coddington shook his head. " I have bought your clothes up to this time," he answered, " but now that you have a salary of your own it is time you relieved me of that expense." " Oh of of course," Peter stammered. " I guess, though, I can get the motorcycle and pay for my clothes, too, without any trouble. How much do clothes cost ? " " Let me see !" Mr. Coddington took out a small expense book and turned its pages rapidly. "Clothing for Peter. Here it is. Last year I spent for you $638." " For me ! For my clothes ? " gasped the boy. " Did I spent $638 ? Why, I had no idea of it ! I could have gone without some of those overcoats and things as well as not if I had known they cost so much. That's an awful lot for a boy to spend, isn't it ? " " It's a plenty." " Why, it's more than I will earn in a wholeyear." " Yes, I am afraid it is at least, for the present."Pet...

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