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by Linda Eder
From her first notes on “One Bad Habit,” the grab-‘em-by-the-lapels opening track of Storybook, a collection of previously released and unreleased Angel material, it’s clear that Linda Eder is going straight for the gold. Not that this Broadway diva doesn't ever put on the brakes -- there are plenty of exquisitely sung ballads here -- but a sense of


From her first notes on “One Bad Habit,” the grab-‘em-by-the-lapels opening track of Storybook, a collection of previously released and unreleased Angel material, it’s clear that Linda Eder is going straight for the gold. Not that this Broadway diva doesn't ever put on the brakes -- there are plenty of exquisitely sung ballads here -- but a sense of commitment and passion is always present, whether Eder is swinging her tail off or caressing a slower number. With a lovely mix of classic tunes ("All the Way,” “Bridge over Troubled Waters,” and “The Man That Got Away,” among them) and newer material -- the album succeeds as a showcase for a superior contemporary vocal talent, one who respects the past without being a slave to it. Sure, there’s plenty of Streisand in Eder, but this classy vocalist has more than enough personality, and all the vocal chops necessary, to convey her own tales on this Storybook.

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All Music Guide - Aaron Latham
In the early '90s while enjoying the success of her star-making performances on the musical concept album Jekyll & Hyde and the Broadway-bound stage version, Linda Eder recorded two albums for Angel Records. The first was The Scarlet Pimpernel, another musical concept album by Jekyll & Hyde composer Frank Wildhorn, while the second was the solo disc And So Much More, also produced and mostly composed by Wildhorn. Songs from these two albums are revisited on Storybook along with some minor treasures unearthed from the Angel vaults. Among these unreleased gems are "Vole Mon Ange" and "If He Never Said Hello," both from Svengali, a non-Broadway musical by Wildhorn that starred Eder. In the aria "Vole Mon Ange," Eder's voice reaches with gusto into Sarah Brighman's operatic territory while the sweet contemporary ballad "If He Never Said Hello" sounds like it was lifted directly from one of Barbra Streisand's latter-day efforts. Whether intended or not, Eder has always had to deal with comparisons to Streisand's voice and phrasing, but she unabashedly invites the criticism with this eerily similar performance. More successful is Wildhorn and Jack Murphy's ode to big-band swing, "One Bad Habit." Backed by a hot band, Eder excitedly wraps her chords around an intense melody that reaches an exhaustive climax thanks to numerous key changes. On "Let Him Fly," an immense show-stopping ballad, Eder's voice soars higher and higher, keeping pace with the orchestra, until she sounds perilously close to crashing on the final note. These newly discovered recordings are far more interesting than the previously released material included on the disc such as her pedestrian walks through the standards "All the Way," "Smile," and "The Man That Got Away." However, it is through these early renditions that a listener can appreciate how over the years Eder's voice and her interpretive skills have matured and improved. While not an essential purchase, Storybook does hold a few treats for fans and documents Eder's early days of recording when her Broadway debut was just around the corner and her star was on the rise.

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Release Date:
Angel Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Linda Eder   Primary Artist
Jeff Beal   Flugelhorn,Soloist
David Mann   Alto Saxophone
Ted Nash   Saxophone
Jay Berliner   Guitar,Soloist
Gregg Bissonette   Drums
Matt Bissonette   Bass
Chris Botti   Trumpet
Bernie Dresel   Drums
David Finck   Bass
Tony Kadleck   Trumpet
Mike Migliore   Saxophone
Bob Millikan   Trumpet
Kim Scharnberg   Conductor
Bernd Schoenhart   Guitar
Andy Snitzer   Saxophone
Larry Steelman   Piano
Mark Walker   Drums
Dan Wilensky   Saxophone
Ed Maina   Flute,Saxophone,Woodwind,Soloist
Robert Peterson   Violin,Soloist
Alfredo Oliva   Violin
Jeremy Roberts   Synthesizer,Piano,Conductor,Keyboards
Frank Zuback   Trumpet
David Carpenter   Bass
Valerie Von Pechy Whitcup   Harp
Bogumila Zgraja   Violin
Barbara Corcillo   Cello
Roy Williams Quintet   Trumpet
Walter Dunbar   Trumpet
Gustavo A. Lorrea   Violin

Technical Credits

Paul Simon   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Linda Eder   Producer
Brad Aaron   Engineer
Gregory Boyd   Composer
Leslie Bricusse   Composer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Charlie Chaplin   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Mike Krowiak   Engineer
Jack Murphy   Composer
Karl Richardson   Producer,Engineer
Kim Scharnberg   Arranger,Orchestration,rhythm arrangement
Jeremy Smith   Engineer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Frank Wildhorn   Composer,Producer,rhythm arrangement
Bruce Lundvall   Liner Notes
John Turner   Composer
Jeremy Roberts   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Orchestration,String Arrangements
Carla Leighton   Art Direction
Davis Factor   Cover Photo
Ian Ralfini   Liner Notes,Executive Producer

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Storybook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It’s all really simple…there are insufficient words to adequately describe this collection of gems, but I’ll try anyway! “One Bad Habit” invokes incredible images and is crying out to be performed live; it is snappy and imaginative. The magic of “Where Are You Now” calls up a dream of a smoke filled jazz club and falling in love for the first time. Many people have the experience of being in the position of wishing the best for someone they love, “Let Him Fly” put all these thoughts and emotions into a complete affirmation of the best intentions of human kind. “It’s not how we hold on but how we grow. It’s standing back and letting go.” An unbelievable BONUS track, “Vole Mon Ange”, explores an entirely new avenue of vocal expression that astounds me. I have never been a fan of opera, but this one could change that. The remixes/remastered cuts all have new elements that make them intriguing and well worth the price of the CD. I found myself liking the newly tweaked “Bridge Over Troubled Water” better than the one from the earlier version on the And So Much More CD and the earlier version was wonderful! A magnificent and powerful voice combined with great compositions and lyrics and a collection of wonderfully talented musicians have created an amazing collection of magical moments to savor.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Storybook, Linda Eder's latest album released by Angel Records, is the perfect showcase for her versatile and perfectly pitched voice as well as her seemingly limitless vocal range. Eder has once again proven that she can interpret and sing a variety of musical genres with such an amazing grace and style. After listening to this album, I was so impressed by her ability to move from pop to jazz to opera with such ease, and she is equally adept at all of them. Her talent is incredible. The music itself is wonderful, much of it written by the prolific and talented Frank Wildhorn. The arrangements are also great. I particularly love the big band sound of "One Bad Habit," the passion of "Let Him Fly" and the pure sound of the aria "Vole Mon Ange." There truly is something on this CD for everyone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Linda Eder is one of the few artists who can sing anything and lift it to a higher level. From jazzy big band numbers like the opening track "one Bad Habit" to the suttle & warm standards like "Smile" & "All the Way" Linda takes you with her with her unique emotional style. And then she will blow you away with big gorgeous powerful ballads like "Let Him Fly". This CD is a great collection of music Linda has recorded over the last ten years some with new arrangements and lots of new stuff-never released. Buy it! It is worth every penney.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This new cd by Linda Eder proves once again she is something very special and has a voice that all should hear. Storybook takes her fans back to the early years and lets them relive some of their favorite songs with a new sound to them and then introduces them to some never before heard songs that have already captured their hearts. For those new to Linda Eder, once you hear this cd you will want to join the ever growing crowd who have fallen in love with this gorgeous voice and the woman who owns it. The cd offers a variety of different types of songs and each one is magnificent. "Let Him Fly" is a definite winner but make sure you have some tissues handy! "Vole Mon Ange" shows you just how amazing Linda Eder is and this song alone is worth buying this new cd. Buy this cd, sit back, and enjoy the ride!