Straight A's Are NOT Enough

Straight A's Are NOT Enough

by Judy Fishel


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In Straight A's Are NOT Enough, the reader will discover:

  • A flexible time management system
  • Research-based learning strategies
  • Test-preparation without cramming
  • 20 strategie for organizing information
  • 10 ways of thinking
  • 10 pathways to long-lastin memory
  • Ways to strengthen concentration and willpower
  • skills employers want most
  • How to get a great, life-changing education.
  • 101 practical learning strategies
  • how recent studies of the brain change what we know about learning

"While this survey of best practices in learning is targeted to college students, its recommendations are useful for learners of all ages."

Howard Gardner, Hobbs Porfessor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"In Straight A's Are Not ENOUGH, Judy Fishel covers everything a young person needs to know in order to gain a first-class education. Her emphasis on authentic learning is a breath of fresh air, and will inspire young people to form lifelong learning habits. This is a great book for the student in your life, whether they need to polish their study skills or are ready to tackle more advanced strategies for learning."

Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and A WHOLE MIND

"This book dazzled me with its depth and practicality. After reading it, I realized how horribly inefficient my approach to learning was. It includes a smorgasbord of approaches from which students can select the strategies that best suit their learning styles. It offers ideas for everyone.

Gayle H. Swift, Co-founder of GIFT Gamily Services

A comparison of this book (the first edition) and the soon to be available second edition) Some readers appreciate the length and detail in the first edition. They may find the 101 practical learning strategies to be helpful. For that reason, it will continue to be available.

The second edition is smaller and shorter. It leaves out many of the sections that students don't really need to know, focusing on what students will find most helpful. This means students will find if easier to read while getting all the important concepts. It also includes a chapter about Learning with your Brain Turned ON which students will both enjoy and find very helpful.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780990611202
Publisher: Flying Heron Books
Publication date: 05/15/2019
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Why I Had to Write This Book, and Why You Need to Read It 13

Part 1 New Research About How We Learn

1 Eight Giant Steps: A Brief Introduction to Part 1 17

2 The Four Approaches to Learning 25

3 The Five Characteristics of Meaningful Goals 33

4 Flexible Time Management 43

5 Mindsets and Stereotype Threats, and What You Can Do About Them 59

6 Develop Willpower, Resilience, and Concentration 67

Part 2 Strengthen Learning Skills

7 High School Skills Are Not Enough: A Brief Introduction to Part 2 81

8 Rediscover the Excitement of Reading 87

9 Take Notes You'll Want to Study 103

10 College Level Research Can Be Exciting 113

11 Effective Writing Begins with a Purpose and a Plan 123

12 Develop Your Speaking Skills 135

13 The Never-Cram-Again System of Test Preparation 141

Part 3 Mental Processing Skills

14 Mental Processing Strategies: A Brief Introduction to Part 3 147

15 Verbal Organization - Ten Strategies 153

16 Visual Organization - Ten Strategies 169

17 Ways of Thinking - Ten Strategies 189

18 Pathways to Memory - Ten Strategies 209

Part 4 Skills for Your Future

19 What Employers Want Most: A Brief Introduction to Part 4 231

20 Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing, and Listening 239

21 Analytical Reasoning: Interpreting Numerical and Verbal Data 253

22 Complex Problem Solving: The Five Levels of Complexity 275


23 Big Answers for Big Questions 287

Endnotes 293

Recommended Reading 303

Index 307

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