Straight Crossings 2001: Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Strait Crossings, Bergen, Norway, 2-5 September 2001 / Edition 4

Straight Crossings 2001: Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Strait Crossings, Bergen, Norway, 2-5 September 2001 / Edition 4

by J. Krokeborg
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Taylor & Francis


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Straight Crossings 2001: Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Strait Crossings, Bergen, Norway, 2-5 September 2001 / Edition 4

This volume contains the proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Strait Crossings, and deals with technology for bridges, sub-sea tunnels, submerged floating tunnels, floating bridges and ferries. It covers planning, construction and maintenance, as well as technical solutions.

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ISBN-13: 9789026518454
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Pages: 712
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.75(h) x 1.70(d)

Table of Contents

Invited papers
Varity in Bridge Design3
History and Aesthetics of Strait Crossings11
Cable-Stayed Bridges
Innovative Solutions for Construction Details of Large Cable Bridges19
Uddevalla Cable-stayed Bridge27
Field Performance Testing and Instrumentation for Design Verification of the Uddevalla Cable-Stayed Bridge35
Verifications of Dynamic and Aerodynamic Design Parameters of Cable-stayed Bridges41
Dynamic Behaviour and Passive Seismic Control of the Rion Bridge47
Health Monitoring and Problem Solving for Cable Supported Bridges55
A Study on a Hybrid System of Cable Stayed Prestressed Concrete Bridge and Steel Suspension Bridge61
Analysis of Structural Stress for Board-Stayed Bridges67
The Oresund Stay Cables: Design for Fatigue Resistance and easy Maintenance73
Suspension Bridges
Performance of Multiple Mass Damper System in Mitigating the Along Wind Response of a Cable Suspended Bridge81
Case Studies for the Tsugaru Strait Bridge87
Major Technique Improvement of Jiangyin Bridge over Yangtze River95
Suppression of Vortex Shedding Vibrations at Osteroy Suspension Bridge99
The Hardanger Bridge. A Future Crossing of the Hardangerfjord107
Field Measurement at Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge115
Construction of Suspension Cables for the Triangle Link Project123
Construction and Installation of the Bridge Segments for the Triangle Link131
Use of Aerial Spinning versus Locked-Coil Cables for the Suspension Bridges at the Triangle Link Project139
Concrete Bridges
The Largest Concrete Arch Bridge Designed of RPC200145
Cost Optimal Design and Maintenance of Concrete Structures in Marine Environments153
Sykkylven Bridge - An economical solution for Intermediate Water Depth161
Long-Span Bridges with Light Weight Concrete in Norway167
New Svinesund Bridge - The new Main Road Connection between Norway and Sweden173
Faulty Prestressing Causing Local Damage to Bridge During Construction181
The New Puddefjord Bridge187
Design and Construction of a Composite Arch Bridge in Iceland191
High-performance Repair Materials for Concrete Bridges197
VFT Construction Method201
Bridges in General
Norwegian Bridges - Reliability Levels211
The Norwegian Bridge Management System - named BRUTUS215
Bridge Structures for the Fixed Link Saaremaa221
The Influence of Railroad Dislevelments on the Dynamic Response of Railway Bridge Structure227
Thermal Actions on Bridges235
Implementation of Mobile Scaffolding in the Construction of Suez Canal Bridge243
Protection of Norwegian Steel Bridges against Corrosion251
History of Bridges. A Philatelic review263
How to Design Large Bridges Preparing for Future Inspections and Low Maintenance and repair Costs271
Continuous Acoustic Monitoring of Bridges279
From Oil to Transport-Oilrigs as Bridge Foundation287
Floating Bridges
An Osaka Floating Swing Arch Bridge Towed to the Site from Dockyard293
Wave Response of a Floating Bridge with Separate Cylindrical Pontoons301
The New Waterway309
World's longest Floating Sea Crossing-Istanbul bypass "TRANSMAR"317
Experiences with Floating Bridges333
Large and Complex Projects
LOFAST-A Fixed Connection Between Lofoten and the Mainland341
The Challenge of Constructing a Bridge over the Chacao Channel345
The Triangle Link Project-Design and Construction353
The Immersed Tunnel in Bjorvika. Not Just a Technical Challenge359
The Immersed Tunnel in Bjorvika and its Technical Challenges363
Expanding a 30 km Strait Crossing from Two-lanes to Four-lanes with only 25% of the Funding Available371
Saaremaa Fixed Link379
Genoa Harbour Crossing387
Design of the New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, California395
The Rias Atlas Link. A Challenging Crossing407
Planning, Design and Construction Aspects of Suez Canal Cable Stayed Bridge415
Sub-sea Tunnels
Sub-sea Tunnelling the Vestmannasund with a 30 m Rock Pillar to the Atlantic Ocean425
Fact Evaluation Compared to Available Information at the time of Project Decision435
Rock Cover Requirements for Sub-sea Road Tunnels439
"RoGFAST"-The Mainland Connection across Boknafjorden449
Sub-sea Road Tunnels in Norway451
The Aesthetics of the Oslofjord Tunnel457
Freezing Technology, as Preparation for Excavation through a Weakness Zone in a Sub-sea Tunnel463
Measures against Monotony and Phobia in the 24.5 km. long Laerdal Tunnel in Norway469
Some Swedish Experience of longevity of Rock Support in Sub-sea Tunnels477
Particle Cleaning in Sub-sea Road Tunnels483
The Mestre Tunnel487
Maintenance and Conservation Plan for the Second Heinenoord Tunnel495
Transport of Dangerous Goods through Tunnels-Results from a Recent OECD Study499
Documentation on Road Safety and Car Fires in Norwegian Sub-sea Tunnels505
Submerged Floating Tunnels
Design and Modelling Aspects Concerning the Submerged Floating Tunnels: An Application to the Messina Strait Crossing511
Measured Dynamic Response of Submerged Floating Tunnels: A Tool for Further Developments521
Effect of Non-linearity in Restoring Force on Dynamic Response of SFT529
Modelling of Submerged Floating Tunnel as a Beam on Elastic Foundation under Bending Vibration535
Submerged, unsinkable Tunnels and Bridges541
Submerged Floating Tunnel (sft), a new Type of Structure for Efficient Transport, Energysaving, Minimizing Pollution and Environmental Impact545
Owners Experience with the Pilot Project Hogsfjord Submerged Floating Tunnel547
The Hogsfjord Submerged Floating Tunnel Project-Transport, Environment and Energy Studies551
Development of Submerged Floating Tunnel in Shallow Water555
The Lugano Crossing - Technical Solution563
Crossing Wide and Deep Fjords with Submerged Floating Tunnels569
A Crossing Proposal for the Lake Lugano for the new AlpTransit Railway across the Alps575
The Seatle-Bellevue Loop with the Still-Water Submerged Floating Tunnel581
FerryCat 120 - The Fourth Solution591
Floating Ferry Jetties599
The Manheller Ferry Quay - An Environmental Challenge in Sognefjord607
Medium Speed Car Ferries in Fjord Crossings - Some Experiences on Double-ended Ferry Running on Natural Gas611
Socio-economic Effects
Changes in Traffic Pattern Caused by Atlanterhavsvegen619
Crossings the Bosphorus Strait: A Railway Tunnel or another Highway Bridge?625
Current Situation of Bridge Construction to and between Remote Islands in Japan631
The Immersed Tunnel in Bjorvika. A Tunnel with a Positive Impact on City Development and the Environment639
Do Strait Crossings Encourage Regional and Local Development?645
The Socio-economic Effect of FATIMA, the Fixed Link to North Cape651
Joining Denmark: Impact of the Storebaelt Fixed Link655
Socio-economic Impact of the Honshu-Shikoku Bridges663
Environmental Effects
The Prevention of Unwanted Species Immigrating to Islands on Strait Crossings673
Life Cycle Assessment as a Basis for Environmental Comparison of Alternatives for Fjord Crossings679
The Immersed Tunnel in Bjorvika. Presentation of Environmental Challenges and Measures683
EIA of Underground Motor-Transport Structures within Historic City: St. Petersburg Experience689
Author index695

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