Strange Bird

Strange Bird


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Strange Bird 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Silvianne More than 1 year ago
The strange bird of the title is a pigeon that somehow arrives in Gotland from Belarus. It is also conveniently found by a pigeon fancier named Ruben Nilsson who takes it into his cote. Ruben discovers the bird's origin from the band on his leg, but the next day, the bird is dead and soon all the rest of his pigeons and Ruben too are dead of a variant of the flu. Ruben manages to infect his neighbor, Berit, who cooks for kids at a soccer camp, and so the flu spreads. The reader is immediately intrigued. Bird flu is not currently spread by pigeons and thankfully, not spread by human to human contact. The strange bird is obviously a genetically modified organism. But what is the motive? Is it an act of terrorism? And how are the three mysterious murders that Maria Wern and colleagues are investigating connected to each other? to the epidemic? The story within this story is how people react to the epidemic. The need for quarantine makes people afraid, angry, and only to eager to break the rules. The Swedish medical establishment does not react well. The politicians are first to jump ship (leave Gotland). And where are the rest of the world's medical organizations (WHO, CDC, etc.) when the news gets spread? Since the epidemic is on a small island, it ought to be easy to contain? eBook translation is by Koch and is much better than the paper translation by Norlen.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago