Strange Encounters, Parts 1-3

Strange Encounters, Parts 1-3

by Samantha Francisco

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This boxed set contains all 3 parts of the "Strange Encounters" series. Save over 55% off of buying separately!

What you will get:

Book 1:

The stifling heat of a Louisiana summer brings 4 years of unresolved sexual tension to a boiling point for paranormal investigators Carson and Alicia. Unable to resist, Carson takes control and breaks through the unspoken barrier between them. Can tiny Alicia handle her partner's dominating dark desires or will a moment of lust destroy their careers and friendship forever.

"I'm just so confused. We've never talked about this..."

"How we feel?"

She nodded and buried her face against his chest, wrapping her arms around him. His hands landed at the small of her back like it was the most natural thing in the world. His thumb moved in circles against her soft skin as her breath puffed against his skin and he bit back a shiver.

Book 2:

Carson and Alicia have been called in to solve a case which has left an entire town's women paralyzed... with lust.

Demonic forces are influencing the women in a small Oregon town and Carson and Alicia will have to race against time to stop their monstrous plans from coming to fruit.

They will have to fight to save the day when Alicia herself falls victim to the very forces they are trying to defeat.

"Wanna join the mile high club, Alicia?"

"Eh, it's really not that great. The bathroom's too small and it's kinda gross."

Carson leered at her. It seems there were fathoms upon fathoms to discover about his straight laced partner. "You do keep me guessing."

Alicia quirked a perfect eyebrow and smirked. She leaned into him until their lips were barely touching, "Can you guess what I'm going to do now?"

Book 3:

Carson and Alicia find themselves the subjects of their own paranormal case as a time-traveling version of Carson from the past drops into their lives one-night.

Will Alicia be able to handle two versions of her passionate partner at the same time or will he tear apart their still fledgling relationship?

Hmmm... I think we'll have to take care of this our way and give the lady a rest," said Carson as his gaze met his counterpart's.

Past-Carson crawled back up over her body and leaned down to capture his future-self's lips with his own. Pinned in between the two men, Alicia could do nothing but gape at the sight of Carson making out with himself.

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Publisher: Samantha Francisco
Publication date: 07/06/2015
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