Strange Love in America

Strange Love in America

by JC Howell


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Antonio Dasein has a special vision for freedom and ability to experience pure sensory consciousness—Sentio.

Nothing matters more to him than delivering Sentio to the masses, thereby freeing their attention from enslavement to untruthful language-thinking consciousness and its altered sensory.

Raised by the Sisters of Freedom at the orphanage Essence in the mountains of Andorra, the brilliant, innocent, virgin Antonio follows his vision for freedom to Harvard Medical School.

Arriving in “pre-1984” America, he falls in love with an angel, a third-year resident, Dr. Linda Hedrick, who’s also a sensory research fellow studying intimate touch and memory with Harvard’s famous consciousness investigator, Dr. Solomon Sol.

Linda shares a powerful form of love with Antonio dramatically increasing his Sentio sensitivity, giving him a clue.

Seeing the beginnings of a way to deliver the citizens, Antonio races to join Dr. Sol’s team, hoping to harness love and deploy it to free the masses.

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ISBN-13: 9780999283967
Publisher: SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC
Publication date: 04/21/2018
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

JC Howell is a new author who writes with a postmodern style and Romantic view exploring the nature of being, love, and freedom. Sentio was his debut novel. Born in America on January 15, 1958, he received his undergraduate education at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, completed medical school in Baltimore at the University of Maryland in 1984, and finished his medical residency at the University Hospital in 1987. For most of his life, he has studied, taught, and practiced medicine. Five years ago he began a writing career. Strange Love in America brings his story home, where he's at the top of his game. His thread about love and its connection to greater freedom for all continues in Beyond Hedonism.

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Strange Love in America 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Michael Howell More than 1 year ago
An immaculately written story about one man, Antonio Dasein, and his profound journey all the way from his roots in the mountains of Andorra to the cutting edge heights of the Harvard Medical Research Facility in his effort to unlock the key to freedom in America. The minds of our country have become enslaved by their addiction to language based thinking and the will for pleasure, and there is only one way to free them, Strange Love!! Along the way, a wonderful cast of characters befriend Antonio and help illuminate the possibilities to realize his vision and fulfill his destiny. A true philosophical odyssey that harkens back to classic fictional and historical messianic storytelling such as Dune, Spartacus, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Matrix, Braveheart, A Brave New World and 1984. Don't miss this mind altering life changing pilgrimage!
Kiddnatural More than 1 year ago
The author takes us on a journey that leads to intrigue and romance the likes of the great novelists-Walter Scott and Jane Austen. He drives us on a path over hills and down in to valleys only to drop us off at the most-pure and gentile love story of the 21st century.
alicerachel More than 1 year ago
J.C. Howell brings us another wonderful arc of the Strange Love saga! This novel, Strange Love in America, follows the now-grown orphan Antonio Dasein as he attends Harvard Medical School and falls in love. A beautiful and heartfelt story with a thoughtful philosophical bent. Highly recommended!