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The Strange Man

The Strange Man

4.7 8
by Greg Mitchell

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Dras Weldon is a twenty-two-year-old unemployed washout. He lives in a world populated by horror movies and comic books, content to hide in the shadow of adolescence. Under the scrutinizing eye of his older brother, Jeff, a pastor, Dras lives a life of professed Christianity with very little observable spirituality. He must change. However, when a demon known only


Dras Weldon is a twenty-two-year-old unemployed washout. He lives in a world populated by horror movies and comic books, content to hide in the shadow of adolescence. Under the scrutinizing eye of his older brother, Jeff, a pastor, Dras lives a life of professed Christianity with very little observable spirituality. He must change. However, when a demon known only as “the Strange Man” comes to his small town of Greensboro and threatens Dras’s best friend, Rosalyn Myers, Dras discovers that only by putting his faith into action can he save his friend from danger. Suddenly he is thrust into a race against the clock and forced to battle demonic forces in an effort to convince Rosalyn to accept Christ and turn away from the coming evil.

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Charisma Media
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The Coming Evil , #1
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5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

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Greg Mitchell likes monsters. So much, in fact, he has written this trilogy about a small town learning to take a stand on faith and challenge the dark forces creeping in. Greg is a Christian who believes that the Bible is 100 percent true, and he does his best to live his life according to its principles and write things that help teach others about Jesus Christ. Back in 2001, he co-wrote the novel Time Changer, published by White Harvest Books, with his friend and Christian filmmaker, Rich Christiano. In 2002, Time Changer was made into a theatrically released motion picture, and it is now available on DVD. Greg lives with his wife and daughter in Paragould, Arkansas.

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The Strange Man: The Coming Evil, Book One 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Runeby More than 1 year ago
As far as I know, one would be unlikely to find a veritable Bogeyman story suitable for all readers who yearn to be frightened by the macabre. Never fear, Christian HORROR writer (yes, you read correctly), Greg Mitchell has crafted a perfect, terrifyingly suspenseful tale titled "The Strange Man". This book is filled with memorable characters, conveys a deeply foreboding atmosphere, and leaves you wanting more. But don't worry, there's more on the way...
richardblake More than 1 year ago
Greg Mitchell's novel "The Strange Man" alerts the reader to the insidious impact and influence of evil powers roaming the earth today. This is the first novel in an upcoming trilogy "The Coming Evil" which combines a action suspense plot centered around a theme of evil, demons, ghoulish globs, and the reality of spiritual warfare encountered by Christians. Other reviewers and the publisher description provide an excellent synopsis of the plot line. The protagonist, Dras Weldon, an immature, 22year old drop out, exhibits resentment and rebellion against his Christian upbringing. Dras is targeted to be used by the "strange man" to frighten the townspeople. The devil, with his demonic forces, is determined to take over the community of Greensboro. Dras is faced with the reality of the coming evil. He renounces the devil's demands to save the eternal soul of his friend Rosalyn. I found Mitchell's writing compelling, strong, suspenseful, and dramatic. His word pictures produce visual images that drew me into the narrative. Although he provided a background prologue to relate the story telling power of childhood stories of the "bogeyman" designed to scare the daylights out of children, and although I heard my share of these stories as a child, I found the recurring use of this as a reference to the strange man distracting. This is personal. I may have missed the humor or the target audience. For me it did not strengthen the otherwise strong spiritual message of included throughout the narrative. Otherwise an excellent read. I received a complimentary copy of this book from publisher. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's guidelines. As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review.
jgoehl More than 1 year ago
Wonderful! I do a ton of reading and it was refreshing to read a whole book with no curse words. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read. It kept me entertained and hanging on from the first chapter. Basically what this book comes down to is right vs. wrong, heaven vs. hell, good vs. evil. When faced with a life or death choice for you and those you love most, which will you choose? I cannot wait for the next book to come out. Mr. Mitchell you have outdone yourself.
snidbits More than 1 year ago
Dras Weldon refuses to grow up. Though he's twenty-two, he still enjoys collecting comic books and action figures. His best friend, Rosalyn, rolls her eyes at his immaturity but loves him anyway. He knows he's let his family down but can't bring himself to change. However, he gets a wake up call when a mysterious stranger appears in the small town of Greensboro. This man leaves a trail of death in his wake and is after Rosalyn. Dras is the only one who can save her. But what can he do? Will he be too late? And what price will he have to pay? I'd read some other reviews for the book and wasn't sure if I'd like it. Knowing a demon was involved, I had mentally prepared myself for something like Demon by Tosca Lee. This was a combination of that and maybe something Frank Peretti might write. I'll admit I didn't like the ending - I had hoped for something different even as I was reading it and knew the outcome. One of my favorite scenes is Dras arguing with Sean Patrick about an action figure. I laughed out loud, imagining the scene in my mind. This was a little dark for me - not normally the kind of genre I read but I liked the overall message of the book.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
You remember the stories you used to tell around the campfire? Scary stories designed to spark fear in the minds of those listening and cause them to question the slightest little noise that goes bump in the night. This is just such as story as those with only one difference. This story is about to come true. With a retelling of the legend of the bogey man and the creatures of the night leads children to listen to their parents and be good or risk the tell-tale scratching at their bedroom window, that signals that the bogey man has come for them. You don't want him to come for you. If he does, you won't be coming back. In the latest chilling suspense thriller from master mind Greg Mitchell, comes The Strange Man. We are transported to the small town of Greensboro and meet Dras Weldon who is the disappointment of his ailing father, Pastor Jack Weldon and his older brother Jeff. Unemployed at twenty two, his highlights in life are negotiating the purchase of a super hero figure for his growing collection or drinking the night away at The Rave, the only club in town for the youth. Jeff Weldon meanwhile has attempted to follow in his father's footsteps assuming the leadership role as Pastor of the church while his father struggles with his failing health in which pain medications are his only saving grace. Jeff is successful in his eyes, married and trying to find hope to keep his brother Dras from draining his parents finances when the bills come calling. Only when an unpredictable storm comes to the town one night, both boys have an unsinkable feeling that something wicked has just come and will change not only the entire town but their lives as well. Will they have enough faith in God to survive? To find out, check out the latest novel by Greg Mitchell, The Strange Man. I received it compliments of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Tours for my honest review, and this one kept me praying to keep nightmares at bay and sleep with the light on. It's that good and rates a 5 out of 5 stars. Now my daughter in high school is engaging in this one and hasn't been able to put it down either. So if you looking for a great Christian suspense-filled thriller fiction book that will keep you jumping at the noises in the dark, than pick this one up. This is the first book in the series, The Coming Evil Trilogy and is available in paperback.
rtwins More than 1 year ago
In The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell, the devil is unmasked to reveal his pure evilness. Dras Weldon, a twenty-two year old irresponsible man, is a pastor's son, unemployed, living in his own apartment off of the occasional generosity of his parents. He was raised hearing the truths of God's Word, but totally rejected them to live a party life at a local club called The Rave Scene. One night, The Strange Man, makes his appearance at the club. To some, he appears in all his evilness. To Rosalyn, Dras' best friend since childhood, he appears handsome and attractive. Rosalyn's beauty reminds The Strange Man of the very first woman he deceived, which changed everything. One night, The Strange Man appears to Dras in all his evilness and reveals his plan to destroy Rosalyn. Dras knows he has to make a decision; to choose to do nothing, which is surrendering to the devil, or to stand for God and truth. When a storm of the devil's demons, who first appear gentle and adorable, invade Greensboro, this small town is turned upside down. Dras seeks the counsel of his dying father, and his older brother Jeff, who is now the pastor of his father's church, and decides what he must do to save his friend. This book is the first in The Coming Evil Trilogy. It is fast paced and difficult to put down. Because of the age of the characters, it has an appeal to young adult readers, but will be enjoyed by anyone who likes horror. There were a few parts that were almost scary enough to curl my naturally poker straight hair. But this book is all clean, no vulgarity, and no swearing. Through this book, the devil's true nature is revealed, which he states the modern world has forgotten. "People have stopped believing in demons, and they've stopped believing in their God, too." Concerning what he observed since creation, " I saw a race of creatures that delighted in wallowing in their own filth. The things you do to each other, not to mention what you do to God. If only you could hear the halls of heaven weep over the mess you've made of this once perfect world. You disgust me. I look on you, and I feel hate in my heart. I hate you all." ~ The Strange Man The author clearly tells of the devil's desires, but he also clearly tells and shows the way of salvation. The entire plan of salvation is completely and plainly told in this literature. This fiction also reminds the believer of the importance of Scripture memorization for power against evil, and that the unseen forces of evil are also constantly watching all we say and do. Although this book is the first of this trilogy, it does stand alone. There is an additional short story at the end of this book, which actually occurs a decade before the plot. I suggest those purchasing the book read the short story first. Greg Mitchell is the co-author of Time Changer, which was made into a theatrically released motion picture in 2002. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Paragould, Arkansas.
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
About the book: Dras Weldon is the son and brother of pastors. He has grown up believing in God, but at 22 is really not grown up at all. He wastes his rent money on action figures, money he usually has to get from his parents, and spends his nights getting loaded at The Rave Scene. Rosalyn, his best friend since they were kids, usually is the one who cleans up after him and makes sure he gets home okay. They can usually be found together, and if not at The Rave Scene are watching movies together or on the phone. Dras hasn't given it much thought, much like his faith, but really couldn't live without Rosalyn. Rosalyn, however, has been accepted at a college out of state. She is not sure she is going to be able to leave Dras, even though they are just friends. Then, one night at The Rave, she dances with a stranger, one that leaves her breathless and lingers in her mind. Unfortunately, he is the devil in disguise, and he is both attracted to her and wants to kill her, as she reminds him of someone from his past. This Strange Man - as the few who see him in his true form think of him, has not walked the streets of Greensboro for a long time. There are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation about the bogeyman that scratches on children's windows and if they are still awake he snatches them away. Could this be the bogeyman? The Strange Man realizes that he will not be able to have Rosalyn until Dras is out of the picture. Their love and loyalty for each other is too pure, so he shows his true self to Dras. He finds he cannot harm Dras as he is protected by God, so tells him to leave town or Rosalyn will pay. Dras realizes he cannot leave Rosalyn to face the strange man alone and sets out to share with Rosalyn about God's love - but will it be too little too late? Has the life he lived up to this point made too big of an impact on her already? My thoughts: This is one book that I could not put down! I ended up staying up way later than I should have one night to finish it - and then remembered it was the first of a trilogy!!! I can't wait for book 2 to go on with the story. Where it was a good ending for book 1, there is still so much that can happen and so much that we don't know. I really liked Dras. He was very realistically portrayed as a young 20 something in today's world - someone who is searching for something, but at the same time not really looking. The book would be great for someone who is on the line about their faith or as a good jumping off point to introduce someone to Christ without overwhelming them at all. I can't say it enough - terrific book and terrifying at the same time!