Strange People, Strange Country

Strange People, Strange Country

by Paul Bulkley


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The knowledgeable reader is aware of the corruption that exists in Washington through dishonest politicians, vested interests, lobbyists, and a failed federal government. What the reader is not aware is the extent of the corruption that has seriously affected the reader's wallet and quality of life, has destroyed the country's economy, and has bankrupted the nation.

The nation's government is claimed to be democratic serving the needs of the people; that government conducts its obligations in a honest and responsible manner; a government that conducts its foreign policy with dialogue free of aggression; a government that retains and defends the highest level of standards.

Aristotle in his consideration of Ethics as it applies to legislators is concerned not only to the letter of the law but also the citizen's moral character. "For legislators make the citizens good by forming habits in them, and this is the wish of every legislator, and those who do not effect it miss the mark, and it is in this that a good constitution differs from a bad one." It is significant that Aristotle emphasized the crucial role of politics in the good life, not only of the community at large, but of every citizen as well. Words alone are insufficient to make people good.

It is thus of extreme concern that the nation's government does not meet desirable standards.

Geoffrey Lancaster rubbed his eyes. Why did no one complain. Why was no one concerned that 40% to 45% of the federal government annual tax outlays ($4 Trillion) was criminally diverted to dishonest vested interests, lobbyists, by corrupt politicians and their destructive social, economic, and foreign policies, programs, and subsidies. Washington politicians were openly ignoring their first duty and concern to the nation's people.

It was puzzling that the people did not protest with two million homeless, ten to fifteen million unemployed, forty five to fifty million on food stamps, the majority of the work force poorly paid lacking work security, an extremely expensive education system and health industry with low standards, a foreign policy based on aggression, and a nation subject to surveillance features of the worst police state.

Two men are concerned about the terrible danger faced by the nation and its people. Geoffrey Lancaster retired engineer and Richard Homes newspaper reporter meet and agree that it would appear that the economic crisis is due to corrupt politicians, lobbyists, vested interests, and irresponsible federal government personnel. Also significantly every citizen was just as guilty in permitting this criminal nonsense in Washington.

Richard Homes makes an extensive investigation interviewing individuals of all social levels recording their thoughts and reactions pertinent to a variety of unsatisfactory policies, programs, and subsidies. Were they unsatisfactory or imagined. If unsatisfactory why did no one complain. Why was everyone silent. Admittedly there was some unhappiness - recently desperate individuals, their food stamp entitlement in jeopardy, protested the subsidies given to state farmers in Alabama.

Finally Geoffrey and Richard share findings and notes. A significant conclusion that no conventional modification to the political structure and change in Washington's behavior would provide a satisfactory solution.

Geoffrey Lancaster prepares his report and conclusion. It would be impossible to reform the conduct of the corrupt politicians. However the retired engineer devised a solution which was radical and no doubt would astound the Founding Fathers. It certainly would assist in resolving the failings of the human race, would make all better educated and responsible citizens, eliminate the current corruption in Washington, and would be beneficial to the individual, his family, nation, and world.

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