Strange Skies: Pilot Encounters With Ufos

Strange Skies: Pilot Encounters With Ufos

by Jerome Clark


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ISBN-13: 9780806522999
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 06/28/2003
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 6.08(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

1.The Mystery Begins1
Terror and Mystery in the Sky2
Foo Fighters and Others6
Ghost Rockets16
The Size of Three Aircraft Carriers20
2."There It Is"22
"It Seems Impossible,"26
Saucers from Mars29
Little Green-Suited Men32
Flights of the Pelicanists33
Believing It35
Mystery and Madness37
Farce and Tragedy42
Back from the Twilight Zone52
3.Killed by a Flying Saucer54
The Mantell Incident56
The Solution61
Mantell Redux65
Dogfight over Fargo66
A Dogfight in Cuba69
4.Estimation Extraterrestrial73
Estimate of the Situation: Extraterrestrial75
Flaming Cigars81
5.Grounding the Saucers88
A Month of Mystery88
Other Aerial Enigmas103
"Greatly Reduced ... If Not Eliminated,"104
6.Discs in Daylight108
July 6's Discs110
Muroc Discs111
Radio Interference?113
Elongated Ovals over Oregon114
In the Clouds114
Unsettlingly Close Encounters over Georgia117
"No One Is That Stupid,"118
Main Brace Interloper119
Three Saucers over Gloucestershire120
Radio Intercept?122
Denmark Discs123
Utica Ellipse123
Salt Lake City's Phony Sun Dog124
Willow Grove's "Credible Observer,"130
Vertical Egg131
Illinois Approach, Swirling Compass132
Disc in a Thunderstorm133
Santa Monica Phenomenon135
Lake Michigan's Rolling Disc136
7.The New War of the Worlds137
Death at Walesville138
A Saucerful of Asparagus People142
A Vanishing in the Upper Peninsula144
Lost in the Bermuda Triangle151
Gone to Maser158
Mystery over Bass Strait164
Vanished Without a Trace That They Ever Were169
8.High Strangeness177
A Glow on the Ocean181
Blinding Light186
In the Labrador Sky187
Blinking Pattern, Compass Interference190
RB-47: The Perfect Case?191
Violent Effects194
Hypnotized over Spain196
In the Ohio Night197
"Magnetized" over Mexico City201
Eerie Effects, Dire Threats202
One Evening over Tehran203
Terror over the Mountains208
Sphere over Texas210
"Mothership" over Alaska210

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