Strategic Acquisition of Navy Unmanned Systems: Analysis and Options - Robotics Innovation, Porter Diamond Framework, CI and Defense Demand Complementarity, Killer Applications, UAV, Drones

Strategic Acquisition of Navy Unmanned Systems: Analysis and Options - Robotics Innovation, Porter Diamond Framework, CI and Defense Demand Complementarity, Killer Applications, UAV, Drones

by Progressive Management

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This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. The U.S. Navy (USN) and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) have many emerging robotics needs and potentialities. However, although the U.S. is strong in defense robotics—in particular in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) recent reports have identified fundamental weaknesses in the broader U.S. robotics innovation system in which defense robotics is embedded. Since the potential scale of commercial robotics is far greater than military robotics over the long run, the U.S. needs to develop a stronger national robotics innovation system to support the long-term development of defense robotics and help make the nation more secure. Traditionally, the policy response to such needs has involved stimulating the supply side. This report identifies robust local U.S. demand for robotics as a critical element in developing a thriving U.S. robotics innovation system. Therefore, while some DoD acquisition strategies attend to industry development via supply-side elements (such as research and development support for major suppliers, Small Business Innovation Research initiatives, etc.), I suggest that these initiatives must be complemented with a set of pro-demand-side acquisition strategies. This report outlines the rationale for including a demand-side approach in DoD robotics acquisition policy, a set of appropriate strategies, and a framework for implementation.

Chapter I * Introduction * A. Commercial R&D Spend Dwarfs Pentagon Spend * B. Misconceptions about the Relative Efficacy of Policy Tools: R&D vs. Demand * C. DoD Needs a Demand-Side Strategy For Robotics * Chapter II * The U.S. National Robotics Innovation System * A. The "Innovation Systems" Framework: A Brief Overview * B. The Porter "Diamond" Framework * C. The Role of "Venturesome" Users in Innovation Systems * D. CI and Defense Demand Complementarity * E. Binding Constraints on Industry Growth * Chapter III * Demand-Side Support Mechanisms Available to DoD * A. Summary of Mechanisms * B. Demand Definition: Demonstrating Well-Articulated Uses / Killer Applications * C. Cooperative/Catalytic Acquisition: Addressing High Costs of Innovations * D. Information Sharing: Addressing the Costs and Risks of New Technology Implementation * E. Regulation: Helping Establish "Rules Of The Game" For Public Robotics Usage * F. Unorthodox Acquisition Strategies: Addressing Lack Of Disruptive Competition * Chapter IV * Implementation Framework * A. Implementing a Change in Mindset in DoD * B. Implementing a Multidimensional Evaluation Process * List of References

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