Strategic Management in Action / Edition 4

Strategic Management in Action / Edition 4

by Mary Coulter
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Prentice Hall

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Strategic Management in Action / Edition 4

Strategic Management in Action, 4/e is clearly differentiated from other volumes by its conversational writing style, increased use of pedagogy, and emphasis on readers doing strategy. The volume effectively integrates strategy theory and strategy action in an exciting and engaging way.

The author examines the foundations of auditing, as well as standards, materiality and risk, management assertions and evidence, client acceptance and audit planning, internal control, revenue and cash receipts transactions, expenditure and cash disbursements transactions, other accounts and transactions, sampling, completing the audit and reporting, ethics and legal liability and assurance and other services.

For business professionals involved in strategic planning.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780132277471
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 10/08/2007
Edition description: REV
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 10.06(h) x 0.78(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introducing the Concepts2
Why Is Strategic Management Important?4
What Is Strategic Management?6
The Basics of Strategy and Strategic Management7
The Strategic Management Process9
Looking at Strategic Management's Past13
Misconceptions About Strategy and Strategic Management16
Who's Involved with Strategic Management?18
The Role of the Board of Directors in Strategic Management18
The Role of Top Management20
Other Strategic Managers and Organizational Employees21
The Bottom Line23
Building Your Skills25
Strategic Management in Action Cases27
Chapter 2The Context of Managing Strategically32
Managing Strategically and Competitive Advantage34
The Industrial Organization (I/O) View36
Resource-Based View37
Guerrilla View40
All Three Views Provide Clues to Understanding Competitive Advantage41
The Realities of the New Business Environment42
Drivers of the New Business Environment42
Implications of These Driving Forces48
Critical Success Factors50
The Bottom Line62
Building Your Skills65
Strategic Management in Action Cases67
Chapter 3Assessing Opportunities and Threats: Doing an External Analysis74
What Is an External Analysis?76
Organizations as Open Systems76
Perspectives on Organizational Environments77
Environmental Scanning and External Analysis79
How Do You Do an External Analysis?80
External Environmental Sectors81
Specific Environment82
General Environment91
Finding Information on the External Environment and Evaluating It102
Responsibilities for External Analysis at Different Managerial Levels104
Why Do an External Analysis?108
Benefits of Doing an External Analysis108
Challenges of Doing an External Analysis110
The Bottom Line111
Building Your Skills113
Strategic Management in Action Cases115
Chapter 4Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses: Doing an Internal Analysis120
What Is an Internal Analysis?122
A Quick Review of Organizational Resources123
From Resources to Organizational Capabilities123
From Capabilities to Distinctive Capabilities and Core Competencies126
The Role of Strengths and Weaknesses130
How to Do an Internal Analysis130
Value Chain Analysis131
Using an Internal Audit135
Using an Internal Environmental Analysis Process136
Capabilities Assessment Profile141
Classifying an Organization's Strengths and Weaknesses144
Why Do an Internal Analysis?148
The Bottom Line149
Building Your Skills151
Strategic Management in Action Cases153
Chapter 5Functional Strategies158
Why Are We Looking at Functional Strategies First?160
Strategic Management in Action Process160
What Happens After the SWOT Analysis?162
What Are the Various Functional Strategies and How Are They Implemented?163
Production--Operations--Manufacturing Strategies163
Marketing Strategies168
Human Resource Management Strategies175
Research and Development Strategies183
Information Systems Strategies188
Financial--Accounting Strategies192
Now What?196
Implementing the Various Functional Strategies196
Evaluating Strategies and Making Changes197
Coordinating with Other Organizational Strategies197
The Bottom Line198
Building Your Skills201
Strategic Management in Action Cases203
Chapter 6Competitive Strategies208
What Is Competitive Advantage and How Do We Get It?210
Understanding the Competitive Environment211
The Role of Resources, Distinctive Capabilities, and Core Competencies in Gaining Competitive Advantage213
From Competitive Advantage to Competitive Strategy215
What Are the Competitive Strategies?216
Traditional Approaches to Defining Competitive Strategy216
New Perspectives on Competitive Strategy227
A Brief Recap of the Various Approaches to Describing Competitive Strategies231
Implementing, Evaluating, and Changing Competitive Strategy231
Implementing Competitive Strategy232
Evaluating and Changing Competitive Strategy237
The Bottom Line238
Building Your Skills240
Strategic Management in Action Cases243
Chapter 7Corporate Strategies248
A Brief Overview of Corporate Strategy250
What Is Corporate Strategy?250
Relating Corporate Strategy to Other Organizational Strategies251
What Are the Possible Corporate Strategic Directions?252
Organizational Growth253
Types of Growth Strategies253
Implementing Growth Strategies266
Organizational Stability270
When Is Stability an Appropriate Strategic Choice?271
Implementing the Stability Strategy272
Organizational Renewal272
Types of Renewal Strategies274
Implementing Renewal Strategies275
Evaluating and Changing Corporate Strategy280
Evaluating Corporate Strategies280
Changing Corporate Strategies288
The Bottom Line289
Building Your Skills292
Strategic Management in Action Cases294
Chapter 8Strategic Management in Other Organization Types300
Small Businesses and Entrepreneurial Ventures302
What Is a Small Business and What Is an Entrepreneurial Venture?302
Why Are These Types of Organizations Important?303
The Strategic Management Process in Small Businesses and Entrepreneurial Ventures305
Specific Strategic Issues Facing Small Businesses and Entrepreneurial Ventures311
Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Organizations313
What Are Not-for-Profit Organizations and What Are Public Sector Organizations?313
The Strategic Management Process in Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Organizations316
Specific Strategic Issues Facing Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Organizations321
The Bottom Line326
Building Your Skills328
Strategic Management in Action Cases330
AppendixComprehensive Cases for Analysis336
Eatertainment Industry345
Greeting-Card Industry351
Kellogg Company355
Levi-Strauss & Company359
Southwest Airlines366
Starbucks Corporation376

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