Strategic Management in the Knowledge Economy: New Approaches and Business Applications

Strategic Management in the Knowledge Economy: New Approaches and Business Applications


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ISBN-13: 9783895781681
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/01/1902
Pages: 351
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About the Author

MARIUS LEIBOLD is Professor in Strategic International Management at Stellenbosch University (SU), South Africa, and also Professor in Strategic Management at Business School Netherlands International. He holds visiting positions at North American and European universities, and is a director of the WISE research program at International University of Bremen. His research focus is on business models for global competitiveness, disruptive innovation, and strategic values.

GILBERT J.B.PROBST is Professor in Organizational Behavior and Management at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he also directs the MBA program. Prior to Geneva, he taught as a visiting faculty member at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. He received his Ph.D. from the University of St.Gallen. He is founder and chairman of the Geneva Knowledge Forum, comprising 20 multinationals, and co-author of Managing Knowledge (published by Wiley). He also serves as a board member of major companies and training institutions.

MICHAEL GIBBERT is Assistant Professor in Strategic Management at the Institute for Economics and Management, Bocconi University, Italy. His previous positions were at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Stellenbosch University (visiting faculty member) and INSEAD, France (research associate). His reseach focus is on learning networks, competitive strategy and generalizability in strategy research.

Table of Contents

New approaches to corporate strategy in the global network economy

Fundamental impacts of the global knowledge economy on strategic management

Traditional approaches to and difficulties in existing strategic management applications

New business models and multidimensional corporate objectives in the knowledge economy

New views of strategic management processes and capabilities

New strategic management tools

Particular types of new strategies and corporate leadership in the knowledge economy

Strategic management - the challenging road ahead

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