The Strategic Middle Manager: How to Create and Sustain Competitive Advantage / Edition 1

The Strategic Middle Manager: How to Create and Sustain Competitive Advantage / Edition 1

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The Strategic Middle Manager: How to Create and Sustain Competitive Advantage / Edition 1

An exceptional job of refocusing the middle manager's role?a must read for practitioners and educators alike.
--Jack Viega, editor, The Academy of Management Executives

In their quest to become leaner, flatter, and reengineered, organizations have systematically cut out the very positions that once made them successful?mid-level managers. In The Strategic Middle Manager,management experts Steven Floyd and Bill Wooldridge draw on a decade of research involving over 250 middle managers to demonstrate that the success of future organizations rests decisively on strong middle management.

The authors present the tools managers need to:

• Redefine their roles

• Increase their strategic value

• Secure their futures

• Identify the top performers in the ranks...and much more!

Far from lacking perspective, middle managers have a unique, pivotal perspective that places them at the forefront of organizational change. They can play the role of champion, synthesizer, facilitator, and implementer--and this book gives the advice needed to energize management. A must-read for training professionals, managers, and top executives, Floyd and Wooldridge's work will radically redesign--and drastically improve--your organization's effectiveness.

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ISBN-13: 9780787902087
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/08/1996
Series: Management Series
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.32(w) x 9.41(h) x 0.69(d)

Table of Contents

Part One: The New Middle Management Imperative.

1. Leadership from the Middle: The Changing Demands of Middle Management Work.

2. Competing on Capabilities: The Middle Manager's Role in Leveraging Knowledge and Skills.

3. Realigning Resources and Talent: The Challenge of Organizational Restructuring.

Part Two: The New Strategic Roles for Middle Managers.

4. Strategy from the Middle Out.

5. Championing: The Discovery and Proposal of Innovative Initiatives.

6. Synthesizing: Advancing Shared Strategic Understanding.

7. Facilitating: Nurturing Adaptability and Setting the Stage for Renewal.

8. Implementing: Inducing the Vision and Making It Real.

Part Three: Unleashing the Power in the Middle.

9. The Challenge of Executive Leadership.

10. Becoming a Strategic Middle Manager.

Resources: The Strategic Consensus Questionnaire;
A Self-Test of Middle Management Strategic Involvement.

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