Strategies for Business and Technical Writing with NEW MyTechCommLab Access Card / Edition 7

Strategies for Business and Technical Writing with NEW MyTechCommLab Access Card / Edition 7

by Kevin J. Harty
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Strategies for Business and Technical Writing with NEW MyTechCommLab Access Card / Edition 7

This unique anthology was created with a simple principle in mind: to offer the best advice from the best sources about the most important issues business and technical writers face every day.

Strategies for Business and Technical Writing teaches effective writing for the world of work. Reading selections from seasoned professionals in business, technical, and academic fields provide examples, models, and sound advice for writers at any level. Covering such topics as audience analysis, language use and misuse, writing and revision processes, and the influence of technology on communication in the working world, this book will appeal to both practical-minded students and professionals already working in business, technology, and industry.

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ISBN-13: 9780321852809
Publisher: Longman
Publication date: 06/13/2012
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents



Part One: Process as Well as Product

John Keenan

Using PAFEO Planning

Michael E. Adelstein

The Writing Process

Linda Flower and John Ackerman

Evaluating and Testing as You Revise

John S. Harris

The Project Worksheet for Efficient Writing Management

Jack Seltzer*

The composing Process of An Engineer

Part Two: Problems with Language

Newman P. Birk and Genevieve B. Birk*

Charged Language

John S. Feldman*

What do you Mean you Don’t Like My Style

Stuart Chase


Marvin Swift*

Clear Writing Means

University of Wisconsin-Extension Equal Opportunities Program Office and Department of Agricultural Journalism

A Guide to Nonsexist Language

Gwyneth Olofsson

International Communication and Language

Part Three: Business and Technical Correspondence

Sharon J. Gerson and Steven M. Gerson*

The Importance of Memos, Letters, and E-mail

David V. Lewis

Making Your Correspondence Get Results

Allan A. Glatthorn

“I Have Some Bad News for You”

John S. Fielden and Ronald E. Dulek

How to Use Bottom-Line Writing in Corporate Communications

Janis Fisher Chan

E-Mail: Presenting a Professional Image

Part Four: Reports and Other Longer Documents

J. C. Mathes and Dwight W. Stevenson

Audience Analysis: The Problem and a Solution

Nancy Allen, Dianne Atkinson, Meg Morgan, Teresa Moore, and Craig Snow*

What Experienced Collaborators Say About Collaborative Writing

Vincent Vinci

Ten Report Writing Pitfalls: How to Avoid Them

Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts, ‘Technical Writing for Dummies’*

Technical Writing for Dummies

Darrell Huff

How to Lie with Statistics

Carolyn D. Rude

Legal and Ethical Issues in Editing

David W. Ewing

Strategies of Persuasion

Philip C. Kolin


Richard Johnson-Sheehan

Writing Proposals with Style

Dan Jones

Determining the Ethics of Style

Part Five: Resumes and Other Written Materials for a Job Search

John L. Munschauer

Writing Resumes and Letters in the Language of Employers

Diana Reep*

Writing Resumes

Matthew Yate*

Resume Formats

Steven Graber

The Basics of a Cover Letter

Karl Weber and Rob Kaplan

Follow-Up Letters



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