Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World

Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World

by Dudley Lynch, Paul L. Kordis


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You Don't Have To Be A Shark To Be A Success In Business

Although you don't think of yourself as a shark in business, you are smart, ambitious, and want to succeed. With the challenge of the Information Age looming large on the horizon, your adaptability to change, your search for the elegant solution to every kind of problem, your desire to work with the system and with others toward a common end, defines and shapes your perspective. You don't need the killer instinct. Your talents, your coping skills, your intelligence will help you succeed in the changing world of tomorrow.

Your dolphin personality — flexible, responsive, accepting — represents precisely the attitude that successful managers must adopt. In Strategy of the Dolphin, the authors, innovative business experts, demonstrate that everyone will need to be a dolphin to survive the changes the future will bring. They speak directly to your needs, to your management style, reminding you that your way is perfect for your temperament and goals.

Strategy of the Dolphin will enable you to develop your creativity, break through obsolete thinking, and act upon your own compelling visions. Of course dolphins like to win, but they know that others don't have to lose at their expense.

A vital book that will take you into tomorrow today, Strategy of the Dolphin is a stimulating blueprint for success that resourceful and self-aware people can use in their continuing search for excellence.

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ISBN-13: 9780449905296
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/16/1990
Edition description: REPRINT
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.99(w) x 7.98(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Dudley Lynch has startled students of the mind before with his nonstandard views and approaches. Two decades ago, his book (co-authored with Dr. Paul L. Kordis), Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World, was published by William Morrow & Co. and enjoyed immediate, quick-spreading acclaim.

In the U.S., the work was a Literary Guild Alternate Selection. Hutchison Books (Random House) bought the U.K. rights and published both hard and soft cover editions, which were very successful in England. Publishing houses have now issued editions in eight other languages.

The German language edition of Strategy of the Dolphin was extremely successful, at one point ranking as No. 1 on a leading New Age best-seller list for German books and rising to No. 5 on Capitol Magazine’s business book best-seller list. The French language edition was also very successful. That edition ranked No. 3 on a leading French-language best-seller list (and a new paperback edition in French, the third, has just been released).

In 2012, Mr. Lynch released a 21st Century sequel to Strategy of the Dolphin. This work is called LEAP! How to Think Like a Dolphin & Do the Next Right, Smart Thing Come Hell or High Water. The work is available in both print and ebook editions.

In the 1970s, he was spotlighted by Writer’s Digest as one of the most successful free-lance journalists in America. During that busy decade, his byline appeared in Reader’s Digest, Business Week (two cover stories), Fortune’s special sections, US Magazine, Institutional Investor, The Economist, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and more than 225 other U.S. and foreign publications.

In the late 1970s, he decided to pursue his first intellectual love, the encouragement of better thinking and decision-making skills. He turned to the development of self-assessment inventories and supporting books and materials for helping humans mature and improve their mental competencies. He has keynoted numerous worldwide management and training conferences and conducted workshops He has keynoted numerous worldwide management and training conferences and conducted workshops and seminars on six continents.

Mr. Lynch is president of Brain Technologies Corporation and Brain Technologies Press of Gainesville, Florida.


Dr. Paul L. Kordis is a management consultant residing in Fort Collins, Colorado

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