Strauss: Josephs Legende

Strauss: Josephs Legende

by Stefan Solyom


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Release Date: 07/08/2014
Label: Cpo Records
UPC: 0761203790227
catalogNumber: 777902


  1. Josephs Legende, ballet, Op. 63 (TrV 231)

    1. A huge pillared hall in the Palladian style  (02:48)
    2. Procession & dance of the women  (01:38)
    3. The dance of the women: A nuptial dance. First dance figure  (00:27)
    4. The dance of the women: A nuptial dance. Second dance figure  (01:57)
    5. The dance of the women: A nuptial dance. Third dance figure  (03:27)
    6. Dance of Sulamith  (04:33)
    7. The Sheik again makes a sign to the oriental on the loggia; a train of men appears above  (00:37)
    8. The boxers begin a sort of dance / battle  (03:55)
    9. The Sheik once again bows  (03:10)
    10. Dance of Joseph, first dance-figure: The innocence of Joseph the shepherd boy  (01:06)
    11. Dance of Joseph, second dance-figure: The leaps  (02:00)
    12. Dance of Joseph, third dance-figure: The searching and wrestling after God  (04:56)
    13. Dance of Joseph, fourth dance-figure: The glorification of God  (03:19)
    14. At the moment when the two mulattos touch Joseph Potiphar's wife makes a convulsive movement as one  (03:56)
    15. Potiphar makes sign for the raising of the tables  (01:46)
    16. Evening closes in  (04:43)
    17. Joseph's dream  (00:59)
    18. Then the door in the portal to the right is opened, and Potiphar's wife comes stealthily in  (05:42)
    19. Naked from the shoulder to the waist he stands before her  (02:07)
    20. At this moment two attendants greatly agitated and hurry, bearing torches  (01:16)
    21. Dance of the slaves: first dance figure  (00:59)
    22. Dance of the slaves: second dance figure  (00:41)
    23. Potiphar appears with torch-bearers and men-at-arms  (02:25)
    24. From the palace come several executioners  (02:37)
    25. Now appears an archangel in golden panoply  (02:39)
    26. The heavens grow bright with a glow of dawn  (02:44)

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