Strauss: Waltzes

Strauss: Waltzes

by Willi Boskovsky


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Strauss: Waltzes

On his copy of the "Blue Danube" Waltz, Johannes Brahms wrote, "Unfortunately not by Johannes Brahms." Of course, there are snobs who look down their noses at the Strauss family's delightful dances, but such folks don't realize how beautiful -- and beautifully crafted -- this music is. Take the artfully constructed introduction to the "Blue Danube," which begins with horns hinting at the famous theme-to-come, while the rest of the orchestra paints a hazy image of shimmering morning light. All of these waltzes and polkas are associated with Imperial Vienna, and while it would be silly to claim that only the Viennese perform this music authentically, they seem to have the sounds coursing through their veins. Willi Boskovsky made an entire career out of playing and conducting this music, and in this two-disc collection he leads the Vienna Philharmonic in bright and breezy performances of the Strauss family's most popular waltzes.

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Release Date: 02/14/1995
Label: Decca
UPC: 0028944347326
catalogNumber: 443473


  1. An der schönen, blauen Donau (On the Beautiful, Blue Danube), waltz for orchestra (with chorus ad lib), Op. 314 (RV 314)
  2. Frühlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring), waltz for orchestra (with voice ad lib), Op. 410 (RV 410)
  3. Sphärenklänge Waltzes for orchestra, Op 235
  4. Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald (Tales from the Vienna Woods), waltz for orchestra, Op. 325 (RV 325)
  5. Du und Du (You and You), waltz for orchestra, Op. 367 (RV 367)
  6. Wein, Weib und Gesang (Wine, Women and Song), waltz for orchestra (with voice ad lib), Op. 333 (RV 333)
  7. Tausend und eine Nacht (A Thousand and One Nights), waltz for orchestra, Op. 346 (RV 346)
  8. Wo die Zitronen Blüh'n! (Where the Lemons Bloom), waltz for orchestra, Op. 364 (RV 364)
  9. Liebes-Lieder (Love Songs), waltz for orchestra, Op. 114 (RV 114)
  10. Wiener Blut (Vienna Blood), waltz for orchestra, Op. 354 (RV 354)
  11. Wiener Bonbons (Vienna Bon-Bons), waltz for orchestra, Op. 307 (RV 307)
  12. Künstler-Leben (Artists' Life), waltz for orchestra, Op. 316 (RV 316)
  13. Morgenblätter (Morning Papers), waltz for orchestra, Op. 279 (RV 279)
  14. Dorfschwalben Aus Osterreich Waltzes, Op 164
  15. Rosen aus dem Süden (Roses from the South), waltz for orchestra, Op. 388 (RV 388)
  16. Kaiser-Walzer (Emperor Waltz), for orchestra, Op. 437 (RV 437)
  17. Accelerationen, waltz for orchestra, Op. 234 (RV 234)

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