Street Certified: Book Two of the Murdaland Trilogy

Street Certified: Book Two of the Murdaland Trilogy

by Martin Stockton


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ISBN-13: 9781475916829
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/21/2012
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

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Street Certified

Book two of the Murdaland Trilogy
By Martin Stockton

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Martin Stockton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-1682-9

Chapter One

Big Paper was completely drenched with perspiration as beads of sweat poured from his forehead.

He knew he'd fucked up. His cell phone was ringing every five minutes from his two soldiers Chill and Big Reece waiting for him to hit them with G-packs of ready. It was 8am coke heads and dope fiends was out on the strip off of North Ave. looking for that first blast of coke and hit of dope to start their day. Big Paper had a quick money spot for Chill and Big Reece to trap in. The rock cocaine he hit them with usually sold within a few hours. It was good quality product: fish scale supplied by non-other than peoples associated with Kilo's crew. Kilo had the purest cocaine on the streets. Big Paper had purchased so much cocaine from the crew over the past year he could get G-Packs on consignment. He was always good with moving the product. On a good day he would flip three or four G-Packs and count his stacks; it was nothing to make two or three thousand dollars a day.

That was until he started hitting the pipe! Now he smoked more shit then he sold. Big Paper had been posted up the past 48hours smoking coke in the Hotel 6 in Woodlawn with his side chick named Roxy. A tall pretty brown skin girl about 6'0 with long pretty black hair. She was only eighteen years old but looked more like she was twenty-one. She had the potential to be a model but was growing up much too fast with a lot of negative influences and a false sense of security. Big Paper was twenty-two and was fucking Roxy since she was fifteen. He was her first. And he always made sure she had loot in her pocket. He also purchased her first car. A Red 2006 Honda Accord Lx. Looking at Roxy one would never think she got high; especially high from smoking coke.

"Bye Big Daddy." Roxy said kissing Big Paper on his bearded cheek. He stood about 6' 1 a brown skinned brother who was once 220lbs and slightly overweight. But, was now 180lbs and dropping fast due to his recent preoccupation with smoking cocaine over the past few months. He had her drop him off at his car, a 2007 Black Cadi that sat on 22 inch chrome rims, tinted windows, and all the bells and whistles a Luxury Cadillac could have. Big Paper moved quickly to his car. Roxy pulled off just in time.

Kilo's crew had been looking for Big Paper the past week. He hadn't produced any money or product and it was time to pay the piper. Just as he pressed his remote to open the door a black on black tinted Mercedes SUV pulled up beside him: with Shorty, Squirt, and T.T.; three hustlers who sold cocaine for Kilo. "What's goin on playboy? You a hard nigga to reach" said Shorty, stepping out of the left rear passenger door of the Mercedes ML500. His right hand was tucked under his left forearm concealing a black Glock 9mm. "We drove by the trap but Chill and Big Reece said they ain't seen you and you not answering no calls." Shorty now revealed the Glock 9mm motioning Big Paper towards the Mercedes. Shorty stood about 5'5" and was not to be played with. He was short, but deadly! "You need to take a ride wit us Yo." Big Paper was no fool he knew they were either about to kill him or give him a serious ass whipping for fucking up Kilo's product and money. He had neither money nor product. Just a few hundred dollars of his own stash of cash, but not enough to pay for the coke debt he fucked up. Big Paper was a true street certified hustler from the Eastside that sold drugs ever since he was twelve years old. He had a few bodies of his own and feared no one. "Man fuck you Shorty, I ain't ridin no-where wit yall niggas" At that moment, T.T. the taller member of Kilo's crew got out of the Mercedes SUV. T.T. stood about 6'4" and weighed about 280lbs.

He was the one that slapped the shit outta people who failed to pay their coke debt. Big Paper was ready to go to war. He knew if he got in his Cadi to the Tech-9 under the front seat he would have a chance. "I tell you what Shorty. I'll follow yall niggas so we can talk." Big Paper placed his right hand on the door handle. "This ain't no fuckin game son" Shorty said raising the Glock up to Big Paper's head. He peered around the parking lot discreetly to make sure no one was watching them in case he had to bust off; shit was looking kinda gully. The only people out at the moment were a few merchants and venders entering Security Square Mall to set up shop for today's business. No one noticed the possible homicide about to take place just a few hundred feet away from them.

"Man fuck yall bitch ass niggas." smirked Big Paper as he proceeded to open his car door.

POP ... POP ... POP ... POP ... rang off the Glock 9mm as Shorty squeezed the trigger sinking four 9mm rounds into Big Paper's skull. Blood poured from his bullet rippled face. Kilo's Crew entered the Mercedes SUV and fled the scene as fast as they had gotten there. Merchants had now taken notice as Big Paper's body fell lifelessly to the ground. His car keys were still gripped firmly in his left hand.

Blood and bone fragments covered his driver's side window as they moved closer to the murder scene.

Several of the them were already on their cell phones taking pictures and posting Facebook and Twitter updates, but no one bothered to dial 911.

Squirt wheeled the SUV down Security Blvd. and onto 695 South enroute to Westport to dump off their guns and lay low at Shorty's girlfriends crib in Cherry Hill for a few hours. Today their supplier Kilo would be coming home and what better gift could they give then to let him know they was still holding shit down on the streets. Even though Big Paper brought in good loot over the years he still showed the ultimate form of disrespect by smoking up product that didn't belong to him. Shorty could've cared less what Big Paper did with the product as long as he had the money when it was time to collect.

For that he had to be made an example of. On the streets you can never show any signs of weakness or you could get played; losing respect and street credibility. Both are crucial to a drug dealer on Kilo's level. "Man turn on the radio in this joint" laughed T.T. "Turn on 92Q and see if anybody won them fucking tickets to that Jay-Z concert tonight at Rams Head" "Shit who gives a fuck who else wins nigga" laughed Shorty. "We already got our tickets to that joint. It's gonna be off the chain"....

Chapter Two

Three of Baltimore's top MC's were echoing the sound waves on 92Q's Big Phat Morning Show featuring; Marc, Sonjay, and Porkchop. 92Q Jams, B-mores local radio station served the community with current events and up to date gossip; which often lead to much controversy and all the latest hit songs from popular recording artists local and abroad. Some of the local hip-hop recording artists included The City's own, Club Queen, DJ K-Swift, who was known to rock a party. Other local hip-hop artist included Bossman, Mully Man, D.O.G, Young Low, Vega, and DJ Delaney. These were just a few of the talented hip-hop artists from Baltimore, Md. that ranked with the best. Countless other hip-hop artists: Rappers, DJ's and R&B recording singers were also popular in the Tri-State area, like the beautiful songstress, Paula Campbell. Who was known to set a romantic mood with her angelic voice. November 7, 2007 would be one in the archives. It was Jay-Z day in Murdaland. However; not only was one of hip-hops most successful and influential rappers in town to show Baltimore love. Today also marked the release of Peter Grounds, AKA; Kilo. The infamous Drug King pin who was sentenced to die by lethal injection for multiple counts of murder, drug dealing, and extortion. On this day Kilo would be pardoned the death penalty and acquitted of most of the felony charges except possession of marijuana, and illegal use of a firearm.

Kilo's legal team presented an elite case, making a mockery of the prosecuting Attorney 's who anticipated Kilo receiving the death penalty for his heinous crimes ranging from murder, drug distribution, and extortion to money laundering and tax evasion. Kilo had earned millions of dollars in drug monies and owned much real estate, several vehicles, and businesses many of which, were not in his name. He was clever to make sure his assets were well spread out if in event he ever got popped. He'd learned from Drug Lords that had fallen before him like: Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas, and Nikki Barnes to name a few. Kilo also held high regards for the local master mind go-getters of B-more such as: Little Willie, Little Melvin, and Peanut King. All legendary hustlers. The three things Kilo learned and followed the most was the code of respect, honor, and loyalty. That's one of the reasons he wasn't killed in prison; although an attempt was made on his life it wasn't initiated by any of the Drug Lords he worked for. Kilo was a diligent hustler. Between he and his fallen rival Rockman, Kilo saturated the drug market with connects in Mexico, Colombia, the Middle East, and The Mafia's La' Costra Nostra. Kilo was just that nigga. He had the drug game on lock.

Lieutenants and soldiers of his rival Rockman were also incarcerated and everyone knew Kilo was the mastermind behind the massacre at the Dynasty.

One evening Kilo was returning to his cell before lockdown. Two of Rockmans boys approached him from the front while a third grabbed him from behind holding a shank in his right hand. He was able to stab kilo once in the back, missing his lung by inches. As he attempted to stab him again, Jerome exited his cell and punched the stabber in the face, knocking him to the ground. At that moment Kilo regrouped swinging at the other two inmates in front of him. "Come on you pussy as niggas. You want to kill me. Here I am mother fuckers." "Yo shorty, you should've minded your business. Yelled another one of the attackers. "Now your ass is dead too" "Fuck you!" shouted Jerome. "I'm not scared of you bitch." Kilo smiled as the three inmates began swinging at him and Jerome. "You mother-fuckers are good as dead. I know who the fuck you are" "Fuck you Kilo. You killed Rockman. You Gonna die today nigga" Kilo and Jerome fought side by side.

At the moment, sirens went off. The CO 's closed in breaking up the fight.

"What's goin on here? You boys just got some time in the hole" all five men were separated by the CO's and placed in custody. The whole prison was on lockdown....

From that day on anything Jerome needed he got. And Kilo made good on his word too. Upon his release he asked his lawyers to reopen Jerome's case and represent him. For some reason he knew Jerome was set up just as he said.

Although he was no boy scout, he was a stand-up guy and Kilo knew it. He was good at reading people and most of the time his character analysis was on point.

And if it wasn't for Jerome helping Kilo that day he would probably be dead.

Chapter Three

Kilo had recruited numerous people into his criminal empire, and he always made sure he looked out for his soldiers and lieutenants to the utmost. Those who were loyal he made sure that not only them but also their families were taken care of. On several occasions Kilo would flip the bill for funeral services for any of his boys killed from drug deals gone bad or stick up boys on the grind. Kilo was still ruthless although he showed love and generosity to his fallen comrades. And those that crossed him due to greed: Stealing his product, money, or was snitching met a fate all not to uncommon to the drug game. Kilo had no problem having those that crossed him executed without remorse. It was a code of the streets. If Kilo allowed himself to be disrespected he would lose street credibility and be considered weak, falling victim like his long-time rival Rockman whom he'd had the pleasure in helping kill personally during the massacre at the club Dynasty.

Needless to say the three members of Rockman's crew that attempted to kill Kilo were found a week later in the prison courtyard with their throats slit from ear to ear. Kilo was not to be fucked wit, he was too well connected. It was obvious from their throat slashes and the way their tongues hung, this was the work of Colombian assassins who were also incarcerated there. Probably in transit;

Colombian neck ties were their trademark. Kilo sat before the courtroom Judge and jury knowing he was going home today. It was just a matter of formality. His million dollar defense team earned Kilo his freedom. His lawyers already told him no witness was willing to testify against him therefore the prosecuting attorneys case would crumbled like a sand castle on the beach. And the beach was all Kilo could think about at this point. He sat calmly in his Sean Jean custom tailored suit fitting to perfection. Kilo couldn't wait to catch his flight to The Florida Keys with his sexy fiancée Tina, a seductive half Black, half Colombian beautiful woman full of poise and grace, but always kept it gangsta; a true ride or die chick that would kill for her man if she had too. Tina sat in the courtroom looking like a million dollars beside Kilo's right hand man K.G. K.G. had remained loyal to Kilo and stepped up to the number one spot during his incarceration. He was the only one Kilo trusted to keep shit moving and on the strength of Kilo the other drug lords embraced K.G. and allowed him to run Kilo's drug empire. Tina was looking fine as ever with her long black silk like hair draping her shoulders down to the midline of her back. Men looked in admiration but dared not to stare because they knew she was Kilo's girl.

Kilo sat cool, calm, and collected as always chillin with his "Cool Hand Luke" grin formed on his face as he smiled thinking about how fine Tina looked in her sexy black mini skirt displaying her long sexy brown legs with no stockings. All he thought about at this point was how bad he wanted to fuck the hell out of her on the sands of Key West. Tina smiled back at him knowing the look he was giving her and couldn't wait to feel him throbbing deep inside her. She quivered just from thinking about him fucking the shit out of her. At that moment her thong was flooded with wetness from her throbbing vagina. Tina always remained loyal to Kilo during his incarceration and even though she used a dildo to masturbate she never allowed another man to touch her body. As far as she was concerned no other man could ever fuck her as good as Kilo; so why waste her time.

Kilo had a way of hitting her G-spot taking her to sexual heights of extreme pleasure; Nor was any man worthy of her love. Kilo treated Tina like a Goddess.

Kilo no-longer sported the lightly trimmed beard he'd worn in prison; he was now clean shaven. Rap, rap, rap slammed the Judge's mallet as he requested the Jury's verdict. The head Juror stood. "In the case of Peter Grounds Aka. Kilo we the Jury find the defendant; NOT GUILTY!!!!" "There we have it. Peter Grounds The federal court of Maryland drops all charges and here by exonerates you of the death penalty. You are therefore granted release from the federal penitentiary with time severed for remaining charges of illegal possession of a controlled substance.

Mr. Grounds you are free to leave."

Chapter Four

Kilo had friends in high places. His loyalty in the face of life in prison and the death penalty did not go unrewarded. Kilo was selling cocaine and heroin for not only some of the most feared and notorious crime bosses in Mexico and Colombia.

But also certain crime families in the Italian mob. Every deal possible was offered from the FEDS to get him to give up his connections, however Kilo never cooperated. He was willing to spend the rest of his life in prison or die by lethal injection before ever breaking the code of loyalty to his crime families.

Upon his release Kilo was gifted 1 million dollars cash, a brand new Maserati, a candy apple red Ferrari 360 Modena and the respect of a Mafia DON.

Kilo and his lawyers exited the courtroom swiftly bombarded by news reporters.

Tina was clung tightly to her man's arm. K.G. went the opposite direction to avoid the media. "I'll get up wit you later man." "Aight man, that's whut's up" replied Kilo to K.G. making his exit. "Ohhh shit! Here we go Kilo" stated Kilo's attorney "these son ah bitches are like vultures" News reporters were pushing each other out of the way trying to get Kilo's first statement. One news reporter in particular was Tuck Williams.

Tuck hated Kilo's guts with a passion and always anticipated the day he'd diss him.

Behold, Tuck was front and center. "Are we on dammit" Tuck asked his camera man. Five, four, three two, one.... You're on Tuck. "This is Tuck Williams reporting live for the Baltimore evening news" "So Kilo, how does it feel knowing once again you've gotten away with murder. Did your drug lord friends and expensive lawyers get you exonerated. What's next, are you about to flood the City with more drugs" Kilo felt like spitting in his face, but didn't. At that moment his lawyer whispered to him, giving him a quick update on the son of a bitch hot shot reporter standing before him. "You know that son of a bitch just went bankrupt and is pending foreclosure due to his cocaine and gambling addiction.


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