Street's Disciple

Street's Disciple

by Nas

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Street's Disciple

Ten years deep in the rap game, Nas unveiled Street's Disciple, an indulgent album that sprawls across two discs, freewheeling through a dizzying array of ace productions and thoughtful raps. The album is very much a continuation of its predecessor, God's Son: both helmed primarily by producers Salaam Remi and Chucky Thompson, both uncompromising personal statements that make few concessions to the pop market, and both undoubtedly fascinating, if overindulgent. The difference is, Street's Disciple goes a step further, indulging all the more in the creative whims of Nas. And, with the exception of some first-disc throwaways, the result is nothing short of astounding, especially if you've followed Nas over the course of his first decade. Catchy hooks are few and far between here, granted, with most of the songs crafted as if they were freestyle raps. This works, though, because Nas benefits from outstanding productions, a peerless rap style, and an interesting back-story. The 25 productions here are all courtesy of longtime Nas collaborators Salaam Remi, Chucky Thompson, and L.E.S., with only a couple exceptions (Nas produces a couple himself). These guys know Nas better than anyone, and they deliver the goods: hardcore beats for the streets, usually laced with an inventive sample for a hook effect. These riffs offer Nas ample room to let loose, and he does precisely that on one track after another, often touching upon a specific theme yet doing so in a loose, free-associative manner that highlights his talent for wordplay and storytelling. Within his raps, Nas often mines his own past, present, and future: for instance, he touches upon his heritage ("Bridging the Gap"), his impending marriage ("Getting Married"), his eventual death ("Live Now"), his influences ("U.B.R."), his most memorable female conquests ("Remember the Times"). All of this amounts to a lavish album sure to dazzle true hip-hop heads, who will find much to admire and study here, from the especially deep and twisted raps to the sample-rich productions. On the other hand, all of this also amounts to an album that might prove somewhat impenetrable to those who aren't already attuned to the legacy of Nas. Either way, Street's Disciple is another key album in that ongoing legacy, further evidence that Nas is back on track after falling off during the late '90s with I Am and Nastradamus. It's not a perfect album -- it's far too indulgent for that -- and would have been stronger as a single disc, but its ambitious sprawl makes for a powerful statement that Nas disciples will surely savor.

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Release Date: 11/30/2004
Label: Sony
UPC: 0827969206522
catalogNumber: 92065

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nas   Primary Artist
Vincent Henry   Clarinet,Flute,Guitar,Harmonica,Strings,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Bruce Purse   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Olu Dara   Guitar,Harmonica,Trumpet,Vocals
Doug E. Fresh   Beat Box
Herb Middleton   Bass,Keyboards
Salaam Remi   Organ,Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Piano,Strings,Drums,fender rhodes
Nut   Keyboards
Chucky Thompson   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Shaker,Hi Hat
L.E.S.   Drums
John Adams   Strings,fender rhodes
Amerie   Background Vocals
Makeba Riddick   Background Vocals
Katherine Bostic   Vocals
DJ No Request   scratching
David Downing   Cello
Quan   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Kool & the Gang   Composer
Olu Dara   Composer,Hook
Lightnin' Rod   Composer
Nas   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
George Clinton   Composer
Herb Middleton   Producer
Q-Tip   Producer
Salaam Remi   Producer,Executive Producer,Horn Arrangements,Vocal Producer,Instrumentation
Buck Wild   Producer
Gary Noble   Engineer
J. Brown   Composer
B. White   Composer
Nut   Producer
Kevin Crouse   Engineer
Chucky Thompson   Producer,Instrumentation
Carlton Lynn   Engineer
Eddie OLoughlin   Producer
L.E.S.   Programming,Producer,Executive Producer,Instrumentation
A. Baker   Composer
R. Stone   Composer
B.H. Edwards   Composer
Chris Feldmann   Art Direction
Patrick Cahalan   Graphic Design
L. David Lewis   Composer
Joseph Simmons   Composer
Justin Cohen   Imaging
Debora Francis   Prop Stylist
Bernardo "Nardo" Williams   Producer
Nasir Jones   Composer,Executive Producer

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Street's Disciple 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm french and I'd never seen a too good flow, even if I don't understand all lyrics he's one of the greatest rapper in this world. Jay-z can't concurrence this guy. While Eminem make is stupid show with "just lose it", a real underground rapper keep this essence which is so forgotten. Today rap is dead, the new rappers don't know what to say: b****h,cars,cash,they are "gangsters"....That's all. They haven't got this "pertinence". We need guys like him. Since 1994 with illmatic, he proves that he's incontournable. This album so expecting is really good and confirm his talent. With titles like nazareth savage, live now, just a moment, bridging the gap, thief's theme...and so others hits, NaS signed here one other classic. Without a doubt he'll be the rap album of the year. Go and buy it, you won't miss this album if you like the others album of him. To the people which discover the rap, NaS is one of the only one rapper who can teach you the real pleasure of this kind of music. We keep this man to keep the magic alive.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is real music, only 1 skip track and that the song with maxwell. This album is the best album of this year and the best album Ive heard in a long time. Get this album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
They thought I'd make another illmatic, but it's always forward I'm moving, never backward--stupid, here's another classic.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is crazy. On this album he brung the old Illmatic vibe back. Nas is on stop so respect that and don't hate. All dudes should listen to Remember The Times on Disc 2 with a girl.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How is it humanly possible to be blessed with such talent and innovate new ideas on tracks such as "sekou story" and "live now". Also touching the moment of reality with such songs as "these are our heroes" and "a message to the feds" each disc individually could be a classic. Disc 2 allows the listener to sit there and enjoy good music with tracks such as "the makings off a perfect b****" and "me & you". But one of my favorite tracks on this classic album is "just a moment" featuring quan paying respect to the people that died with heart felt bars.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You could never go wrong with a Nas album! The man speaks from his heart and I can relate to that because real recognizes real. This album clearly is the best album released this year so do not sleep on this!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This double CD is off the hook! Smooth tracks, and REAL lyrics. A must have for any serious hip-hop head. But would you expect any different from Nas?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Move over 50, outta the way Jigga, no more Diddy. The king has reclaimed his crown. If you had any doubts about who the true king of hip hop is, look no further. NaS is back with the Streets Disciple! NaS once again has rallied his forces together and dropped yet another classic. Only for true fans of the game, Street's Disciple is a must have. NaS has kept his promise not to commercialize hip hop music. This is much needed in light of much of today's so-called "hip-hop". It's official, NaS is indeed "The last real MC alive". No dissing or call-outs on this album. Just true classics that can be bumped on your system over and over again. Nas collaborates with such stars as Kelis, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and his father. Nas has had hip hop locked since 1991 and we hope he ain't goin' nowhere. We have seen the star evolve in his flow over the years and the best just keeps gettin' better. If you like the hardcore side of Nas, he lays down a most emphatic verse on "Disciple". I can honestly say that I haven't heard a fiery verse since "Ether" or "Got Ur Self a..." If you like the lighter side of Nas, I recommend "WAR" or "Me and You". Whatever your style, Street's Disciple has got it for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"Streets Disciple" although lengthy, is such a great album for those who love the hear true thoughts put into wax. No many rappers touch on the subject that Nas does so openly. The album will give you a dose of Nasty Nas with tracks like "Nazareth Savage", "Street's Disciple",and "UBR". Realist thoughts like "A message to the Feds" and American Way offers opinions on what the rap legends sees around him with the political system. He give you a little dose of God's son with songs like "Just a Moment" featuring the great vocal and lyrics of Quan. "Rest of my life" is a very powerful song portraying some thoughts on the current state of hip hop and life struggles. Lyrics from "These are our Heros", "it alway trendy to be the conscious mc" offers very powerful lyrics looking at the typical hip hop artists that are played on the radio. There is so much depth too Nas's albums and that's why a lot of people often criticize. I just wish more people would just listen to what he is saying, standing up for what he beleives in and not selling out with all that watered down hip hop. Nas doesn't have to many radio friendly tracks on the album, but that doesn't seem to bother him, he's just real!!!!! Nas has really put together a classic album, as always in my opinion. Just feels like you're having a conversation with him sometimes. With the current state of Hip Hip, this album will offer you a complete escape for what you see and hear everyday. Nas is truly a HIP HOP LEGEND!!!! Keep the great music alive, we need it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first two tracks offer a great insight into how the first CD maps out (Message to the feds, Nazareth Savage) these two tracks are hard and passionately delivered, and lyrically on point. ‘Message to the feds’, actually bears and a great resemblance to NaS’ stand out track on ‘Stillmatic’, ‘One Mic’, but don’t be confused it is just as individual in it’s own respect. The two tracks that follow (American Way, Coon Picnic) bring the CD, to a more ear pleasing sound, and as well have a humour/ sarcasm that previously has not real been associated with NaS before. Coon Picnic is one of the outstanding tracks on the album, and the jocular tone of the song, is what makes it so individual from anything your bound to hear from NaS, or in fact Hip Hop period! In this track he famously goes after, ‘pop icon’s’ such as Kobe Bryant, most obviously, and some might miss a couple of subliminal messages in the track. The humour is best emphasised by the outro of the track, where NaS sarcastically gives a few shout outs! The track that follows (Disciple), gets the tone back to the harsh tone that is present on Disc one. Now, following this is where NaS has maybe now made a contribution to hip hop that can never be matched, and is unprecedented to this day in the tracks ‘Sekou Story’ and ‘Live Now’, the tracks feature an artist by the name of ‘Scarlett Winter’ well actually, here it comes that’s actually NaS after some voice modification. This is totally original, and this is what makes it ‘real’ Hip Hop! In the first out of the two NaS starts with a real upbeat sound, drops off; enter Scarlett delivering a great verse, in the second of the two NaS contemplates death, while Scarlett talks about the problem of unprotected sex, and the spreading of the Aids virus – two truly exceptional tracks! The last three tracks mellow out, the first of those (Rest of my life) has an intoxicating beat which NaS’ flow matches bar for bar, and delivers a real streets flow. Then another one of the exceptional tracks follows (just a moment) featuring a new rapper ‘Quan’ who NaS gets the best out of as they mourn the deaths of those who are no longer with us, the track has a really old sound to it, and the chorus is just as stimulating as the beat, and the verses from NaS and Quan are deep, thoughtful and touching. Reason is the perfect track to end the CD, and NaS really takes us back to ILLmatic, although there’s a matureness that pears through that NaS lacked as the youth that made ILLmatic. The Bonus track (You know my style), is a real ‘old school joint’ with the typical beastie boy type break beats, and really brings the essence of hip hop into the first disc, not a radio friendly track. The second disc is definitely a more mellow and insightful NaS, who reveals some of his insecurities and vulnerabilities. The second disc starts with a joint (Suicide Bounce) that most certainly will be attacking the clubs, the energy is provided by none other than Busta Rhymes who puts his unique style onto the track, reminiscent of ‘Hate Me now’. (Street’s disciple) arguably the best song on the double disc album follows and it’s an explosive and typically NaS sounding track, with great lyricism and wordplay, NaS really shows what he’s about on the second disc, this is further reflected by the track that comes up next (U.B.R). The track is a tribute to a Rap legend that NaS pays respect for through this track, and again shows another precedent in Hip Hop; very few times have rappers come out and paid homage to those who did it before them, this reminded me, solely through concept of Tupac’s: ‘Old School’. NaS provides an even more old school flavour with the track ‘Virgo’ with the ‘beat box’ of the legend that is Dougie Fre
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is what hip-hop is and what it stands for. Nas isn't all about the hype and glamour that most other rappers are. He wants to get his message across to all types of peoples. Street's Disciple is some of his best work. From the Intro on Disc 1 the Thiefes Theme the hidden track on Disc 2 there is not a single track that isnt true Nas and what Nas is about. "These Are Our Heroes" explains how African Americans are caught up in the white mans world much like the song "Black Zombie" from The Lost Tapes. Nas talks about things that other rappers cant even dream of. On Street's Disciple we get to see a side to Nas that has never been seen before. That is his love for his wife to be, Kelis. He expresses his true undying love for Kelis in "Getting Married". I think that if this isnt the hip-hop album of the year its a crying shame. Nas put his heart and soul into this album. Making us all know who the real King of New York is. Dont sleep on the BEST!!!! GET THE ALBUM!!! ENJOY!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Who would have thought that in an era ran by “Crunk Music” there would be a musical album, which doesn’t reflect such a style, yet offer the satisfaction of what we can consider “GOOD MUSIC” today. The double album “Street’s Disciple” by Nas (Nasir Jones) is one that can truly be appreciated as artistic and creative.The album offers that long forgotten rhyme patterns which you can sing, vibe or bop your head along to and guess what…that’s right... NO LIL JON...NO “YEA”…NO “What”...NO “OKKKKK”. Not that there is anything wrong with LiL Jon…he (Lil Jon) makes the music we love today, it’s just that the word “Classic” can only come to mind considering the fact that it (Street’s Disciple) deters from today’s style and give us a LISTENABLE old school vibe. Track like “These are our heroes,” would have you singing along from the start and laughing at the end. Then there are those you can just listen to over and over like “Disciple”…not to be confuse with “Street’s Disciple,” “Live Now,” “Rest of Life,” “You know my style,” “Virgo,” “U.B.R,” “Suicide Bounce,” and “Me and You”…and if you realize that’s over 75% of the Album. Add in a nasty yet hot and fresh track like “Remember the time” you have THE HOTTEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR! I would advise you…BREAK YOUR BIGGIE OPEN, GRAB THE PENNIES OF THE FLOOR, AND RUN TO BUY……… “Street’s Disciple” by Nas (Nasir Jones), it’s a album you would not only love yet one that would be come a PRECIOUS commodity in your collection............................................................ .............. ...................................................................... ...................................................................... ................................... ................................................................. P .S…To you old folks out there, if you liked “King Tim III,” this is a album for you to compare to the origanl. To my fellow young brother and babes, forget what you have heard…this is rap at it’s best…in real and live colors since the “Bad Boy Entertainment” style explosion and YES it’s the “Nas” you would want to listen to…you don’t know what your missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really was looking foward into this cd "Streets Disciple" coming out for two months straight. He show's alot of happiness and motivation on this cd. The last and not least he brings alot of outlines that are happening today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Finally a great gift for the true fans of Nas, and more importantly to the true fans of Hip-hop. For the last decade it had seemed like Nas was having so much trouble trying to do a follow-up to Illmatic. Maybe sometimes you can't always be perfect, but that does not mean that Street's Disciple is any less of a true classic. Yet, Street's Disciple may or may not be the albums to the fans of mainstream/commercial Hip-hop. It is quite clear that Nas wants his fans to realize that his music is clearly a different genre of music as compared to most of the mainstream releases. I am sure the long time fans will love this album, and I recommend this album to any fan of Hip-hop even if they haven't had much exposure to previous releases by Nas. It may take people a few listens but eventually they should end up loving this album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
nas best album. every song is hot nas is at his best on the album. the beats are nice his hooks everything. it's worth every penny.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once again Mr. Jones puts real hip-hop to the wax. Something alot of us(the real fans) really appreciate. The music industry is really lame right now with pop music. If you need some reality this is the album you need to get. But for the dummies, there are plenty of wack cds out there like that guy that Nas buried a couple of summers back for you guys. For anyone that wants to hear something meaningful, get Street's Disciple.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very creative album by Nas. Gives you a different feel this time compared to previous albums that he had out. Definitely the best album of 2004
Guest More than 1 year ago
Street's Disciple is a new classic. Nas' versatility has reached a new plateau, with a new approach to conscious lyrics, as well as a new look at the streets. Not only a must buy for true Hip Hop fans, but for anyone disappointed in the lack of originality in many of today's artists. The illest aspect of this cd is how some old school beats are used.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"Nas, Nas, Nas" Finally the true ruler is back! His highly anticipated album is finally here! Now the true hip hop fans finally got their money’s worth, as Hip Hop recording artist Nas bumped out a double disc. No special effects or intermission. Just song after song enticing increasingly louder shouts and chants. Nas orchestrated his way through this double disc without a break. True hip hop fans lined up outside like a grup of of voyeurs trying to get a sneak listen at the self-proclaimed "King" who has influenced all rappers that have come after him. The CD is hot from start to finish. From a woman speaking of her life after being infected by AIDS then to his moment of marriage to hit beautiful wife Kelis. He brought it back to old hip-hop. The style, in his own lyrics and in his beats. For example, on track number 8 on DISC 2 segment during the track "K-I-SS-I-N-G," Nas shouted "picture us married- girl you and me" and the crowd responded "K-I-SS-I-N-G". Listening to this album can only make your head bob uncontrollably to the beat. QB’s Finest did not disappoint his fans from start to finish. If you are a true hip hop fan and ever once dreamed that Nas fell off, you need to wake up, go get that Street's Disciple, and apologize. Nas performance was undeniably the greatest. Take an hour or two to just sit back and let him take you back to what Hip Hop really is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
yet agen nas puts out a sick cd its madddd goooddd just not as good as illmatic or it was writtin but it is still crazy tho bigg upp to nas the king of qb
Guest More than 1 year ago
first of all the beats and rhymes are sick, the album content has a mature vibe to it. i think nas really came correct on this one and it shows that even though he kept delaying doing a double album and wasn't coming out on a consistent basis like his arch rival jay-z, good things come to those that wait and fans can't be disappointed with this album. my fav tracks are american way, these are our heroes, war, virgo, bridging the gap, thief's theme, sekou story, and remember the times, i love the album as a whole but those are my joints . if your a true hip hop junkie like myself, you must purchase this album and include it to your hip hop collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After taking a few years off after releasing God's Son, Nas has hit the public with another instant classic. Nas has been pumping out classics since he first entered the game. Nas's first album, Illmatic, was one of the best, if not the best hip-hop album ever made. Nas has now come full circle with Street's Disciple. This Nas album is definitely one of his best album's and the best hip-hop album out! One thing that makes this album soo good is that it is a double disc. You get double the Nas for the price of one. Street's Disciple is definitely a very deep album that allows the fans to dive into his personal life. With tracks such as "Getting Married" and "Me & You", dedicated to his wife and his daughter, allows you to see the man behind the music. All in all if you are a true hip-hop fan then you will purchase Street's Disciple because it is definitely going to be a classic to remember for years.
Guest More than 1 year ago
NaS Brings Back That Real Life Aura To Street's Deciple! Bouncing From Songs Like: A Message To The Feds, We The People, Just A Moment, Me & You, Rest Of My Life, Or These Are Our Heroes, NaS Delivers Relative and Strong messages To WHat's Going On In Life Today! Gotta Feel HIM YOU KNOW!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ive never heard a double album where each song is great, from the production to the lyrics. I give my hat to nas, he's one of the best artists of our time, lets give him respect while he's alive, people never recognize a true artist when alive, Nas has prooved he's a true artist and isnt going anywhere.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Through all the cd's he has made he always had a movement dealing with some type of aspect's with life. I respect the true idols of him suluting the one's he admire's in life.So i would defintently say he shows support to those out there. The cd is a very deep emotional outstanding powerful albulm dealing with all what we face as american's or ppl of color.