Stress and Anxiety: Applications to Social and Environmental Threats, Psychological Well-Being, Occupational Challenges, and Developmental Psychology

Stress and Anxiety: Applications to Social and Environmental Threats, Psychological Well-Being, Occupational Challenges, and Developmental Psychology


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ISBN-13: 9783832537203
Publisher: Logos Verlag
Publication date: 06/20/2014
Pages: 281
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Stress and Anxiety - Applications to Social and Environmental Threats

1 The Great Recession: Stress and Coping in Difficult Economic Times Esther Greenglass 7

2 Economic Stressors and Symptoms of Psychological Distress: Data from a Portuguese Sample Rita Leal João Viseu Saul Neves de Jesus Olímpio Paixão Esther Greenglass 17

3 Subjective Fear of Future Events in the Aftermath of Single Source versus Multiple Sources Disasters Menachem Ben-Ezra 25

4 Distress and Coping in Response to Climate Change Graham L. Bradley Joseph P. Reser A. Ian Glendon Michelle C. Ellul 33

5 Armored Against Burnout: The Role of Hardiness in Stressful Occupations Salvatore Lo Bue John Taverniers Jacques Mylle Martin Euwema 43

6 Psychic Structure as a Moderator of the Effect of Adult Attachment Behavior on Post-traumatic Symptoms in War Veterans Paulo Correia Ferrajão Rui Aragão Oliveira 53

Part 2 Stress and Anxiety - Applications to Psychological Well-Being

7 The Impact of Rumination on Positive Autobiographical Memories in Depression Michelle L. Moulds Kate Hetherington Aliza Werner-Seidler 65

8 The Relationship of Attachment to Resilience and Their Impact on Perceived Stress Patricia Marriner Jon-Paul Cacioli Kathleen A. Moore 73

9 Social Support and Coping within Online Social Networks - A Literature Review Martina Braasch Petra Buchwald Stefanie Morgenroth 83

10 The Role of Self-Compassion in the Emotional Functioning of Shy People Irena Dzwonkowska 97

11 Multidimensional Perfectionism Cognitions Inventory: Validation of the Portuguese Version António Macedo Maria João Soares Ana Paula Amaral Juliana Castro Bárbara Chaves Sandra Bos Mariana Marques Berta Maia Vasco Nogueira Nuno Madeira José Valente Carolina Roque Ana Telma Pereira 107

12 Multidimensional Perfectionism Scales Underlying Higher Order Factors Maria João Soares Ana Paula Amaral Ana Telma Pereira Sandra Carvalho Bos Mariana Marques José Valente Vasco Nogueira António Macedo 115

13 CBT-Based Self-Help Program for People with Rheumatism: Physical Tension, Cognitive Coping and Goal Adjustment as Mechanisms of Change Nadia Garnefski Vivian Kraaij 127

14 Learning Approaches, Metacognitive Abilities, and Mood States in Freshmen Éva Kállay Claudia Lenuta Rus 139

15 Working Memory Load Elicits Attentional Bias to Threat Robert W. Booth Dinkar Sharma 149

Part 3 Stress and Anxiety - Applications to Occupational Challenges

16 The Role of Employees' Positive Psychological Capital in the Relationship between Perceived Job Insecurity and Their Affective Outcomes Claudia Lenuta Rus Éva Kállay 161

17 Role Stress and Work Engagement as Antecedents of Job Satisfaction Daniel Moura Alejandro Orgambídez-Ramos 169

18 Coping Differentiated Work Ability of White Collar Workers - Preliminary Findings on the Good Coping at Work Profile Marco Ramos Pedro Sá-Couto Anabela Pereira Carlos Fernandes da Silva 177

19 Understanding and Responding to Interpersonal Workplace Situations: Assessing Emotional Competence, its Relationship to Traits and Weil-Being, and its Training Vanda L. Zammuner 185

20 Distress, Well-Being, and Personality Traits in First-Year Medical Students Stephanie A. Bughi Joan Leafman Lisa Wallace Jane Rosenthal 197

Part 4 Stress and Anxiety - Applications to Developmental Psychology

21 Building Resources, Resilience and Coping in Alternative Education Settings Designed for at Risk Students Vicki McKenzie Erica Frydenberg 209

22 Anxiety in Primary Schools: The Predictive Power of Selected School and Home Environment Characteristics Ana Kozina 221

23 Trauma Related Symptoms among Children Exposed to Different Types of Abuse and Neglect Ana Marija Spanic Tea Brezinscak Gordana Buljan Flander 231

24 Coping with Stressful Experiences: Exploration of Coping Strategies of Turkish, Turkish-Armenian, German, and Turkish-German Adolsescents Iren Yeresyan Arnold Lohaus 241

25 Gender and Age Differences in Coping: A Comparison between Mexican and Paraguayan Adolescents Blanca Barcelata Norma Coppari Elena Marquez-Caraveo 249

26 An Exploration of Children's Dental Anxiety: Triggers, Coping, and Needs Linda Jones Rosemary Watson 261

27 Children's Stress Symptoms: A Between-Group Comparison Mónica Taveira Pires João Hipólito Saul Neves de Jesus 271

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