Stress And Anxiety Relief

Stress And Anxiety Relief

by samar ghadban

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Anxiety is a common human experience, which is a form of fear of so many things like bankruptcy, work or sickness. These tensions don't only affect the mind but they affect the body too, because body and mind are not two separate entities, they communicate together as one entity, and when the mind becomes tensed, the body directly becomes tensed too.

When we are anxious or get worried, the energy of the anxiety can be channeled into action, where it becomes a problem, and when it happens for no obvious reason, it make us afraid, but we don't know what to do to restore a sense of safety. Therefore when feeling anxious without a clear reason, all we can do is to worry. The anxiety is telling us that something is wrong and we'd better do something about it, but we don't know what's wrong or what to do, our minds get caught up in worry, and the worry makes the anxiety worse. Before we know it, we're in the "anxiety-worry spiral". Anxiety and worry feed each other. To complicate things even more, we become anxious about being anxious. We try to push the anxiety out or run away from it, and that makes it even worse.

Add to mention, there are two kinds of tension, the body tensions and the mind tensions. Both have to be released before you can start relaxation, which will bring you to awareness. Through this book you will learn about awareness and relaxation, which are two sides of the same coin and you can't separate them. Thus awareness takes you away from the mind and the identifications of the mind and naturally the body starts relaxing, for you are no longer attached and tensions which can't exist in the light of awareness.

This book reveals facts about stress, and how it starts in the mind first, then the body follows, where it also explains about certain techniques used for relaxation, breathings, yoga, food for relaxation. In addition to meditation, which requires no energy for meditation is passive and silent. But anger, thinking and violence all need energy, they are all against nature, it is like swimming against the river. Therefore awareness does not need energy, but unawareness needs energy
This book provides a complete program of anti-stress techniques related to relaxation. Relaxation means you are not doing anything, you are sitting silently, everything happens around you naturally, you are not the doer, you don't choose, for you are swimming with the flow, not against it,, gradually you will feel the peace coming into your heart,, you will be more and more relaxed.

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Publication date: 10/15/2015
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About the Author

Samar Ghadban has a PHD in Spiritual Healing from University of Metaphysics. She is also Energy Healer, Minister at University of Metaphysics, a professional trainer in Energy Healing from the Canadian Centre of Power Human Energy, and Reiki Master teacher,
She is also an author of several books in healing and health.

Samar has taken the Award of creativity & talents from King Abdullah in Jordan, she is also a Manager of Rainbow Healing Space, Florida , USA where she gives her courses in Metaphysics, Energy healing, specialized courses for practitioners, anti -stress courses & meditation, power of mind in healing..etc.


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