Stress: The Lazy Person's Guide!: How You Can Use Stress to Your Advantage

Stress: The Lazy Person's Guide!: How You Can Use Stress to Your Advantage

by Theresa Francis-Cheung

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There are hundreds of books on stress and stress management, so why read Stress: The Lazy Person’s Guide!? Because it’s the only lazy guide!

In other words, it promises that you won’t have to plough through pages and pages of interesting – but often useless – information. You’ll simply get what you need: a quick and easy guide to using your stress to your advantage.

Theresa Francis-Cheung doesn’t endorse the ‘stress is bad for you and must be avoided at all costs’ mantra. Instead, she shows you that you can’t – and indeed shouldn’t – avoid stress: you just need how to handle it instead.

Stress: The Lazy Person’s Guide! doesn’t promise you a complete oasis of calm and contentment when you’ve finished reading it, but you will get close to being an expert on keeping your cool when the tension mounts.

The Lazy Person’s Guide! is a series of popular, cheerful yet thoroughly grounded, practical and authoritative books on various health issues and conditions. Other titles in the series include Beating Overeating, Detox, Exercise, Improving Your Memory, Midlife, Quitting Smoking and Self-esteem.

Other books by Theresa Francis-Cheung include Self-esteem: The Lazy Person’s Guide! and Worry: The Root of All Evil.

Stress: The Lazy Person’s Guide!: Table of Contents
  1. The many faces of stress
  2. A state of alert
  3. Can you cope?
  4. Calming the body and mind
  5. Eating to beat stress
  6. Keeping fit
  7. Thinking errors
  8. Stress management secrets
  9. Addressing specific stresses
  10. Natural therapies
  11. I can’t go on like this
  12. The last word …

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780717165933
Publisher: Gill Books
Publication date: 04/25/2002
Series: Lazy Person's Guide! , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 136
File size: 378 KB

About the Author

Theresa Francis-Cheung is an accomplished writer who specialises in the areas of psychology, nutrition and women’s health. She regularly contributes features on health to women’s magazines such as Red, Prima and You and Your Wedding. Her books include Worry: The Root of All Evil and Self-esteem: The Lazy Person’s Guide! as well as a number of books on managing PCOS with co-author Colette Harris.

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