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Stressed Out About Communication Skills / Edition 1

Stressed Out About Communication Skills / Edition 1

by HcPro


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Stressed Out About Communication Skills / Edition 1

Effective communication is essential to successful patient outcomes and to your professional development. But as a new nurse, your lack of professional experience may cause communication difficulties with patients, physicians, managers, and other coworkers.

Learn how to succeed in the practice setting with the realistic strategies and practical communication examples found in Stressed Out About Communication Skills.

Inside this resourceful guide, you’ll find four sections devoted to the most troublesome communication scenarios that new nurses face, including:

  • Nurse-to-patient communication
    Best practices for listening and responding to your patients and their families by understanding their fears and anxieties.  
  • Nurse-to-nurse communication
    Tips to prevent horizontal hostility and what steps to take should you become a victim.
  • Nurse-to-physician communication
    Techniques for communicating in a high-pressure situation and with someone who may not always treat you with respect.
  • Nurse-to-manager communication
    Strategies on how to talk to your superiors, what to do and say if you are unhappy in your position, and how to make the adjustment from being a big fish in a small pond to becoming a small fish in a big pond.

Stressed Out About Communication Skills includes practical examples (such as role play and sample dialogue) of what you will encounter on a daily basis. It also explains easy to use techniques that will change the way you interact with your colleagues to establish positive, healthy work relationships. Improved communication will enhance life for your peers, patients, and you. Let today be the day that you begin to make your voice heard and your opinion valued—order your copy of Stressed Out About Communication Skills!

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ISBN-13: 9781601460134
Publisher: HCPro, Inc
Publication date: 07/01/2007
Series: Stressed Out Series
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, served as the manager of a 57-bed orthopedic and spine unit in a tertiary hospital in Seattle for six years. As a registered nurse and counselor, Bartholomew uses story to shed light on the challenges and issues facing nurses today. She has been a national speaker for the nursing profession for the past four years. Recognizing that the culture of an institution is critical to patient safety, she speaks on building community in the workplace and improving physician-nurse and nurse-nurse relationships. She is the author of Speak Your Truth: Proven Strategies for Effective Nurse-Physician Communication and Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nurses Eat Their Young and Each Other.

Table of Contents

How to use this book ix

About the author xi

Acknowledgments xii

Introduction xiii

Part I Nurse-to-Patient

Chapter 1 Communication 101 3

Sender responsibilities 3

Receiver responsibilities 4

Open your ears 5

Become aware of what you communicate 6

Chapter 2 The art of compassionate nursing 9

Patients: In their shoes 10

The old man's fight 11

Making the connection 12

Chapter 3 Aim for the heart 15

To love the world, you must first love yourself 16

Presence is a present 17

Keep an open mind 19

Chapter 4 Can you hear me now? Common communication errors 23

Nurse huddle ... Here are some secrets 24

Respond to the feeling tone 25

Take a look from a different perspective 26

Chapter 5 Difficult patients: Between a rock and a hard place 29

Coping with anger! 30

Rebellious, resistant, and refusing to cooperate 32

Dealing with unrealistic expectations 33

Chapter 6 Dealing with death 35

Helping to write the final chapter 36

What do I say? What do I do? 37

Part II Nurse-to-Nurse

Chapter 7 Join the club: Assimilation into the nursing culture 43

Nurses: In their shoes 44

So join the club-or try to ... 45

Why do nurses act that way? 46

Chapter 8 Changing history: We need you! 49

It's all about (communication) style 53

Chapter 9 Defining your boundaries 55

Gossip be gone! 57

Chapter 10 Where the rubber meets the road ... How do I do this again? 59

Knowing your story 59

Spell confidence with DESC 61

Knowing your conflict style 64

Chapter 11 Communication cheat sheet 67

Tools and techniques for you to use 67

Chapter 12 Trouble spots ... Ouch! 71

But here is my problem... 72

A healthy communicationlist 77

Part III Nurse-to-Physician

Chapter 13 Nurses are from Venus, doctors are from Mars 81

Doctors: In their shoes 82

The nursing code of conduct 83

Chapter 14 Going to Mars: Working with physicians, not against them 87

A true story of great communication 87

A closer look at nurse-physician relationships 89

Chapter 15 Dealing with negative docs 99

Tips for communicating with negative docs 100

A collection of communication case studies 101

Chapter 16 Speaking SBAR: The language physicians understand 105

What is SBAR? 106

So what do you want me to do? When the doc wants you to be the doc 108

Part IV Nurse-to-Manager

Chapter 17 "If I only had the nerve..." 113

Managers: In their shoes 114

Tricks of the communication trade 115

Chapter 18 Easy solutions for difficult managers 117

Working for a difficult boss 118

What if I don't like my shift? 120

What do managers do, anyway? 121

Chapter 19 Great expectations! 123

Professional behaviors: What can I expect? 123

Professional behaviors: What can I do to help? 124

Chapter 20 Working with the boss 127

Stay in your power! 128

But here's what I'm dealing with 129

Chapter 21 Uh-Oh! When the psycho is your boss 133

Communicating with a difficult manager 136

The communication continuum 136

Chapter 22 Communication CPR: How to resuscitate a conversation 141

Communicating about hostility on the unit 142

Dealing with prejudice 143

Combating helplessness 143

Chapter 23 The last straw: Approaching the director 147

Your voice is our future 149

Bibliography 151

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