Stretch Plan: For Everyday Health, Fitness and Sport

Stretch Plan: For Everyday Health, Fitness and Sport

by Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy


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Stretches for better health, flexibility and performance

Stretching improves posture, body image and athletic performance. Stretch Plan features a variety of stretches that promote relaxation, reduce stress and relieve pain. The book explains how to develop your personal stretch program.

Step-by-step instructions show a variety of stretches you can do on your own and with a partner. There are different stretches for different objectives:

  • Basic stretches
  • Developmental stretches to lengthen muscles
  • Ballistic stretches — ideal prep for martial arts and dancing
  • Stretches that "fool" your muscles into relaxing

Stretching is also vital as a warm-up and cool-down after vigorous sporting activities. This book features stretches for 25 sports including:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Skiing
  • Running and walking

Stretch Plan is the ideal reference for natural, effective exercise without using special equipment or facilities.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780756793531
Publisher: DIANE Publishing Company
Publication date: 06/28/2005
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy owns a personal training company. She is also a dancer, acrobat, choreographer and trapeze artist.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introducing Stretch

    what is stretch?
    body and soul
    toward total flexibility
    warming up

Chapter 2: Finding Your Level

    getting used to the stretch
    developing your stretch
    perfecting your posture
    the stretch challenge
    setting your level

Chapter 3: Your Personal Stretch Program

    beginner's stretch routine
    intermediate program
    advanced program
    making stretch a habit

Chapter 4: Sporting Chances

    coping with stiffness
    core stretches
    core mobilizers
    sports stretches
      soccer stretches football stretches rugby stretches racket sport stretches golf stretches baseball stretches netball stretches basketball stretches cycling stretches swimming stretches skiing stretches dance and gymnastic stretches running and walking stretches
    ballistic stretch

Chapter 5: Stretching with a Partner

    P.N.F. (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching

Chapter 6: Keep Stretching

    prenatal stretching
    postnatal stretching
    problem areas

Chapter 7: Stretch for Relaxation

    stretching for life
    flexibility life plan
    "wake up!"
    moving routines

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What I hope everyone will do with this book is flip through it to grasp a general idea of the contents, read through it to increase your understanding of the subject -- and then use it!

This book is informative; there are easily understandable descriptions of all kinds of stretching methods and specially choreographed photographs to inspire the reader. Above all, this is a practical manual that can help toward greater flexibility.


Like all physical pursuits, stretching requires practice. If you don't make the moves then you won't reap the benefits -- so don't be tempted to just read this book like a novel and then put it down. You've got to get up and start putting it to the test! Try out the different methods suggested in this book to see which ones work best for you and appreciate how good it feels to be moving and stretching those limbs!

You can start this book as a beginner or an experienced athlete -- and whether stretching is a new concept to you or not, you will be enthused and informed by the explanations of stretch and the ways in which it can fit in as part of your daily routine and enhance different areas of your life. Did you know, for example, that stretch can influence your posture and body image as much as it can improve your sporting chances?

In the first chapter you will find a definition of stretch and explanations that will clear up some of the misconceptions about stretching. This chapter also will give you plenty of reasons to improve your flexibility, both physiologically and mentally! Warm-up and mobility work are also covered, as these are essential to any stretch program.


This book also provides you with a variety of methods for stretching. Some will increase your maximum flexibility and some will simply make you feel good. Either way there are chapters devoted to different stretching methods such as the P.N.F. method, relaxation stretching and stretching with a partner -- try them all and see which suits you best.

This book also provides you with a means of testing yourself and assessing your own flexibility level. Chapters 2 and 3 will help you to find your own level, your own shortcomings, and help you to set your own goals. With this information you can then use the beginner's, intermediate or advanced level programs, which allow you to mix and match and progress to the next level as your flexibility increases. Don't forget to practice regularly though.


If you have an interest in any sport at all, you will find some useful information in Chapter 4, which provides a comprehensive guide to the kind of stretches you should be doing prior to and after any major sporting activity. These stretches are specifically designed with different sports in mind and they will help to loosen the right muscles and enhance your sporting abilities. Many sports are covered, from football to skiing and cycling to golf. There are also some key stretches and mobilizers, which should form part of all your pre-. and postsport stretch routines. Use this chapter as often as possible so that you memorize your stretches and can use them anytime or anywhere.

Hopefully, this book should be an inspiration to have some fun with your body! Take delight in feeling your body become more flexible and ready to move. Look at Chapter 5 for some ideas on how to work with a partner, or Chapter 6 for ways of getting yourself back to regular fitness and some unusual stretch ideas! There are stretches for problem areas and for relaxation purposes in Chapter 7. You can see already how many different ways stretch can be used.


At the very end of the book you will find some moving stretch routines that are designed to be done to the music of your choice and as a means of self-expression or relaxation. Learn these and you will begin to learn by heart all the other stretches in the book -- you will never be short of ideas to move and keep supple.

I wish you fun and flexibility, but remember -- keep this book accessible and ready for action. Don't leave it on your bookshelf -- get down on the floor and use it!

Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy

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