Striking Edge

Striking Edge

by Kelsey Browning


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While on a wilderness reality show, an adventure guide with a painful past and a fallen music superstar discover fierce passion…and killer competition.

Shep Kingston can survive a week in the woods with nothing but a pocket knife and the clothes on his back. But navigating everyday social interactions? That’s a struggle. If only people were like his dog. Loyal. Well-trained. Quiet. With Puck, Shep knows where he stands. People—especially women—are complicated. Guiding a bunch of spoiled celebrities into the North Carolina mountains is his idea of hell. Until a beautiful, off-limits rock star makes it feel more like heaven. Joss says what she means…and shows Shep exactly what she wants.

Joss Wynter plays sold-out stadiums, not insane survival games. Except she’s no longer the adored lead singer of Scarlet Glitterati. Tragedy turned fans against her and Joss into tabloid fodder. Her manager claims TV’s hottest reality competition will relaunch her image. Joss has doubts but won’t let anything distract her from winning. Not even the rugged local guide with song-inspiring sex appeal. Shep is unlike any man she’s ever met. Direct. Honest to a fault. Unexpectedly tender. As the show’s challenges intensify, so does the attraction between them.

But the cameras aren’t the only ones watching. A deadly opponent lurks in the shadows, playing a dangerous game. And all too willing to kill for a win.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781948075206
Publisher: Steele Ridge, LLC
Publication date: 03/25/2019
Series: Steele Ridge: The Kingstons , #4
Pages: 380
Sales rank: 615,961
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.78(d)

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Striking Edge 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
WinnieL 5 months ago
I love the Kingstons series and I was really very happy that Shep got his own HEA. I never thought that he would have his own HEA and definitely would have never expected it to be with a superstar, fallen or not. But who would know better than a superstar how it feels like to want to hide from the world. Being in Puck and you just can't help falling in love. I couldn't help rooting for them the entire story. Apart from the intense chemistry, the story is a suspenseful one. Ms Kelsey Browning is really great at pulling her readers into the story, feeling as though they were the ones on the run from the murderer. I love the suspense in this story.
Nicolerko 5 months ago
4.5 Stars I was eagerly awaiting this book because I've been so intrigued by Shep in the previous books in the series. I really enjoyed this one. I loved Shep. He's not the typical hero, but he's so much more. I loved Shep and Joss together. Watching how Joss understands Shep and treats him warmed my heart. I also loved Shep's service dog Puck. He's one smart cookie. This had everything that I enjoy in romance; heat, heart, humor, and some suspense. The suspenseful parts had me on the edge of me seat because things got awfully dicey for the characters. I loved the ending so much. It shows how much the characters care for one another. This is another winner by Kelsey Browning and great addition to the Steele Ride series.
Crickerz 5 months ago
I have been waiting for Shep Kingstons story in this series and man was it worth the wait. Shep is such a sweet soul, I am so happy that Joss was so well written, she is the perfect match for Shep. This book is so well written, the characters are well developed the scenes make you feel like you are right there in the middle of the action and it has just enough twist in the plot that you just keep turning the page. I must say that this is one of the few books where I actually wished I could jump in to the story just so I could slap the bad guy. If you love a good action suspense story with a bit of steam between the male and female protagonists then this book is for you.
beckyb0416 5 months ago
I’m at a loss as to where to begin to review this story...there are so many tremendous components to the overall arc of the book that a review which would do justice to the characters (two and four legged alike) would very well be pages long. I will say that the three ladies who drive this series are geniuses at bringing out deep emotional attachment to the characters from their readers. Between Shep, Joss, and yes definitely Puck there are no shortage for pulling at the heartstrings moments which also give you pause to stop, think and feel about the lives of individuals with special needs and the bottomless well of compassion and devotion those who love them give. The story itself is intriguing, fast paced and suspenseful...the secondary characters have well defined personalities (read quirks) and provided the perfect amount of filler to give the story the type of multilayers that provide the perfect balance to the overall storyline. The Kingston and Steele families are priceless, one could only wish to belong to such loving and devoted ones! This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the author. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
RachaelBrown 5 months ago
Striking Edge was great from beginning to end, with an interesting storyline that kept me turning pages. I absolutely loved Shep and his dog Puck! Shep is my favorite Kingston so far, and I'm glad that Joss crossed paths with him. Their relationship was refreshingly honest and I loved the special moments they shared. I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary Advance Reader Copy.
SullyGirl 5 months ago
Every so often, a book comes along with a hero who captures my heart and won’t let go. Someone whose voice I can hear, whose face I can see, whose soul I can feel. Shep Kingston is in that class of heroes. Not because he’s handsome (I assume he is from the authors description), or because he’s witty or because he is charismatic...because he really isn’t. And that’s not a flaw, complaint or insult. Shep is honest, hardworking, somewhat closed-off and real. He shows us the real face of a highly functioning man with Aspergers. Joss herself is flawed, and emotionally damaged following a tragedy in her life. I’m not sure if that helps her to understand Shep, or if she just has a kind and giving soul herself. All I know if that from their first interaction, I was immediately hooked. As a fan of romantic suspense, I’m always looking more for excellent storytelling of the underlying mystery, rather than the element of surprise. I want the author to give me a trail of clues to follow so I do uncover the identity of the bad guy, not throw me a complete curveball and a “gotch” at the end. Kelsey Browning excels in this area. She has laid out an interesting and page-turning mystery, taking in a wilderness-based reality show setting. Even if reality shows aren’t your bag (they honestly aren’t mine), I think fans of romantic suspense are in for a treat.
grandmareads102 5 months ago
Shep Kingston faces challenges with personal and by social interaction. Luckily he has help dealing with the stress and anxiety. His companion dog, Puck, is his lifeline. His employer forces Shep to take reality show contestants into the wilderness. The upside - he meets a woman who changes his life. The downside - it makes them all the targets of a dangerous enemy. Striking Edge captured my attention from the first page. Sheppard Kingston is an amazing character. It was easy to care about him. I admired him for his wilderness skills and his complete honesty. He understands his situation and faces it. Joss Wynter is a music super star who is here to win Do or Die. She wants to improve her public image. She lost her band in a tragic accident and blames herself. Shep and Joss have gotten off to a rocky start, but they form a close bond. I enjoyed watching them interact. They make a great couple. I wanted them to have a future. It was good to be back in Steele Ridge and to see familiar characters. Kelsey Browning did a great job writing complex characters. These two are good for each other. I liked how they relate to each other. I love reading about the Steeles and the Kingstons. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
Terri_C 5 months ago
Wow! This book has so much going for it. Kelsey Browning's characterization is always superb, but Shep and Joss really reign supreme in complexity and empathy without patronizing. Browning has taken Shep, a man on the Autism spectrum and given him a woman who sees down deep into him in a way that nobody ever has before. Joss is a famous musician fighting her own demons. Their relationship is truly amazing in the perceptiveness that Joss shows in relating to him. She somehow intuitively knows (at least some of the time) what he means and needs. Of course, there are times of misunderstanding and hurt feelings, but that just makes it all the sweeter when they get it right. The honesty he can't help but give her offers moments of pain and hilarity almost at the same time. Their relationship is a big part of the book, but Striking Edge is also a Suspense. There are numerous scary and mysterious sections of the story that keep you on the edge of your seat as you flip the pages as quickly as you can read. Browning surprises me with every book. There is always something I didn't expect from her...and it keeps me coming back for more. An awesome book!
JaneN17 5 months ago
O.M.G!! I LOVE this story!! Edge of your seat excitement and suspense, While also being sweet, heartbreaking and at times funny. Shep and Joss were such an interesting couple to get to know and love. I also loved that the suspense kept me guessing right up to the reveal. AWESOME!!
Bette313 5 months ago
Loved, loved, loved! Shep is an amazing character. He's flawed, real, and incredibly sexy. Joss is a strong woman who is wonderfully accepting. Trying to revive her music career Joss agrees to appear on a reality show for the publicity. The show is about "celebrities" braving the wilderness. That's where Joss and Shep meet. Shep is the guide for the cast and crew and he's responsible for getting them through the trip safely so Joss needs to be off limits. Easier said than done. Then strange events begin happening making it clear there is more going on than just a survival trip. With their lives on the line try to make their way back home. This is a nicely written book and the story has the perfect blend of romance and suspense. I highly recommend this one.