Structure and Chemistry of the Apatites and Other Calcium Orthophosphates

Structure and Chemistry of the Apatites and Other Calcium Orthophosphates

by J.C. Elliott



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ISBN-13: 9780444815828
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 05/12/1994
Series: Studies in Inorganic Chemistry , #18
Pages: 404
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Table of Contents

1. General chemistry of the calcium orthophosphates. Introduction. Monocalcium phosphates (monohydrate and anhydrous). Octacalcium phosphate. Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, brushite. Dicalcium phosphate anhydrous, monetite. Anhydrous tricalcium phosphates and whitlockite. Tetracalcium phosphate. Amorphous calcium phosphates. 2. Fluorapatite and chlorapatite. Introduction. Structures. Substitutions in apatites. Preparation of powders. Growth of single crystals. Infrared and Raman spectra. Other physical and chemical studies. 3. Hydroxyapatite and nonstoichiometric apatites. Introduction. Structure of hydroxyapatite. Preparation of stoichiometric hydroxyapatite powders. Preparation of other apatites with hydroxyl ions. Growth of hydroxyapatite single crystals. Special analytical methods. Structure of calcium-deficient hydroxyapatites. Kinetics of nucleation and crystal growth. Solubility and interfacial phenomena. Reactions in solution. Infrared and Raman spectroscopy. NMR spectroscopy. Other physical and chemical studies. 4. Mineral, synthetic and biological carbonate apatites. Introduction. Francolite and dahllite. A-type carbonate apatite, Ca10(PO4)6CO3. Synthetic high temperature B-type carbonate apatites. Carbonate apatites from aqueous systems. Biological apatites. Electron spin resonance of X-irradiated carbonate apatites. Summary. Appendix. Calculated X-ray diffraction patterns of the calcium orthophosphates. References. Index.

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