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Stuck - A Short Story on Moving Towards Your Success

Stuck - A Short Story on Moving Towards Your Success

by Alphonso A. Buie
Stuck - A Short Story on Moving Towards Your Success

Stuck - A Short Story on Moving Towards Your Success

by Alphonso A. Buie


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Marc used to be a successful force to be admired in the corporate offices of New York City and Real Estate Market in Philadelphia, PA. Trouble arrives in his life, and he loses everything of value to him. One day he decides to take charge of his string of situations and solve his problems. With the guidance of a great mentor and other individuals who inspire him, he learns how to effectively solve his dramatic situations.

This fictional short-story, inspired by real life events, teaches different concepts that can be utilized by anyone who wants to excel at managing themselves effectively in any professional and personal setting.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734218312
Publisher: Alphonso Arnez Buie
Publication date: 12/04/2019
Pages: 90
Sales rank: 1,080,647
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Dr. Alphonso A. Buie - A Chicago, IL native that currently lives abroad in Beijing, China as a Business Professor. He serves as a mentor to individuals that are looking to further their lives and a consultant to organizations on various subject matters in the area of organizational behavior.
After achieving his Doctorate in Business, he sought to be of service to others by volunteering with organizations such as Rotary and writing children's books that describe the experiences of children within different family structures. Such actions have led to him receiving recognition from his Alma Mater with the Lincoln University of Missouri Prestigious Young Alumni Award for his services "to make the world greater, better, and more beautiful" than it was given to him.

Read an Excerpt

Chapter 1

Does the Sun Ever Come Out?

Marc looked outside from the window of his studio apartment.

“Raining again” he said. Down on his luck, all he could see was the rain. It reminded him of how in an instant, everything including happiness can be washed away. If you had met him a few years ago you would have met a completely different person.

It was only two years ago that Marc was a procurement executive; one of the top executives at his firm. He had a personality that allowed people to trust him which usually helped him in landing big contracts.

He lived in a New York penthouse on the Upper East side of town, amazing view over the endless cityscape to the west and the bluest ocean view to the east; Marc was living a luxurious lifestyle for a guy in his early 30’s.

Fashions were his hobby, and he had a knack for meeting the right people at the right time. Tom Ford, Valentino and Zac Posen were not just labels in his massive walk-in closet, these were people in his circles.

He was also quite the charmer. That’s how Marc met Adrian, the love of his life he would say. Marc was so much in love with Adrian that after 2 years of being involved in a relationship, he sold his penthouse and moved to Philadelphia just to be in the same city with Adrian while making the commute back and forth to his job in New York City. Marc also wanted to invest in the real estate market in Philadelphia for quite some time. With a few friends he met through Adrian that were property and real estate investors, he felt it was destined for him to embark on an entrepreneurial venture in real estate to expand and grow his personal assets. It was quite the life, or it used to be at least.

Marc reminisces his past life as he gazes out the window. Lighting combined with the sounds of thunder jolts Marc from his daydreams with the realization that he needs to head towards the door. Marc darts down the subway stairs so he would not miss his train; his shift starts at 11PM and he could not afford to be late again. Being an overnight concierge at a luxury condominium in Rittenhouse Square has its advantages and disadvantages, mainly the fact that it was quiet during 3rd shift.

“Hey Harold” Marc said as he enters the locker room. Harold is a 77-year old man who works just to get out of the house. Between Harold and Pat, they are pretty much the only 2 co-workers he works with on a regular basis.

“Hey Marc, how you doing man?”

“I’m alright, how about you and the family?”

“My wife is doing great, we still hanging in there. Boy it is pouring outside, it’s going to be quiet and cold tonight”

“Best part Harold, best part…”

“I hear you man.” Harold said as he chuckled over the words.

Harold and Marc put on their uniforms and continued talking as they walked toward the elevators to begin their shifts. Very few of the residents go in and out the high-rise at that time of night and Marc’s job is to simply open and close the door for them as they arrive and leave. Most of the residents are retired individuals that enjoy their social organizations or travel the world, so the traffic is minimal.

Every shift, 5 nights a week, Marc stands at the door promptly at 11PM until Harold, who works at the desk, locks the door at midnight ; Marc then takes his seat at the always drafty and cold door. They talk for a few hours, take their breaks then before you know it, people begin walking their dogs at 5AM and Marc takes his post back at the door. First shift begins to arrive for the 7am shift and then it is time to clock out.

No television, no phone and no internet are allowed…so it is pretty much the most boring job ever unless a guest must be evicted from the building, the fire alarm goes off, a pipe bursts or one of elderly residents begins wandering about the building. The only real objective is not falling asleep.

The Grand-Father Clock strikes Midnight and in normal routine Harold flips the electronic switch that locks the door.

“Music to my ears, I was freezing standing at that door. Will they actually ever fix the heat? Hope that rain stops, it is freezing in here.”

“Yeah man I hope so too, tomorrow I am taking my wife to the park. The news said it may be nice.”

“Aww that’s really nice.”

“Yeah, she likes stuff like that.”

“It sounds like a good time Harold, but what if it rains?”

“Hey, my mom used to say You got to enjoy life, if it’s “gone” rain it’s gone rain.

“I guess you’re right,” said Marc as they both laughed.

He and Harold had developed a really good friendship over the year to the point where they considered each other family; same thing with Pat. Marc had a personality people loved if he let you into his circle.

The night continued with Harold and Marc exchanging conversations about life, the news or things they would randomly think about. Eventually they take their breaks and like clockwork residents start coming down the elevators around 5AM and Marc takes his post at the door.

The next 2 hours go by pretty quickly and then first shift arrives at 7AM to relieve Harold and Marc, they change clothes and rush out of work to go run errands for the day. As they exit the door Harold looks up as a few raindrops begin to fall from the sky.

“Ain’t that about nothing…”

“Sorry about your date Harold.”

“Yeah; another day, another day. We will just cuddle indoors.” Harold said as he walks toward his car.

Marc just stares at the sky a little longer and then begins walking to catch the subway home. While on the train, he remained in deep thought thinking about his current life and how things used to be. When he arrives home, he must quickly freshen up and changes clothes for his other job. While putting on his coat Marc pulls back the curtain and gazes at the sky through the window.

“Does the sun ever come out?” He mumbles to himself.

Off to job 2 of 3 he goes.

Table of Contents

Preface - vii

Introduction - viii

Chapter 1: Does the Sun Ever Come Out? - 1

Chapter 2: Stuck at the Office - 7

Chapter 3: Stuck by Relationships - 14

Chapter 4: Stuck by Myself - 19

Chapter 5: Making Moves - 23

Chapter 6: Consequences - 26

Chapter 7: Adding Value to Life - 33

Chapter 8: Assuming the Facts - 43

Chapter 9: Seek First - 51

Chapter 10: To Understand - 55

Chapter 11: Stuck No More - 62

Chapter 12: Owning Ownership - 68

Discussion Topics - 71

Self-Work - 72-76

  • Concept of Action - 72
  • Concept of Value - 73
  • Concept of Assuption Checking - 74
  • Concept of Emotional Intelligence - 75
  • Concept of Seeking First To Understand - 76

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