by Dr. William A. Kriva


by Dr. William A. Kriva


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Everyone has had the experience of being stuck in some aspect of their life. There is a predicable response to this circumstance which this book calls the “wide path.” It consists of five steps people take when they find things are not going the way they planned. The “wide path” begins with anger and ends with exhaustion. Along the way health and relationships suffer and much damage is done, some permanent. This happens repeatedly and universally with most people completely unaware they are even on the “wide path.”

The “narrow path” is a better way to deal with circumstances in life when things are not going as planned. The “narrow path” is not obvious, it is a choice. The “narrow path” is not a default reaction to being stuck, it has to be learned. The secrets to finding this alternative path are revealed in this book.

The lessons revealed here are conveyed via the true stories of people who found themselves stuck in some aspect of their lives. We see them walk down the “wide path” and we see the damage done by this experience. We then get to see “the rest of the story” as each individual comes across the secrets of the “narrow path” and progresses to elegant solutions to their problems that they could never have imagined were possible.

This book is meant to give hope. This book is meant to lift the spirit. This book is meant to be a comfort for those who are enduring the frustration and agony of being stuck. Well learned, the secrets in this book will not only help the reader deal with their current circumstances, but more importantly, deal with all future occasions when they find themselves stuck.

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