Stuck in Manistique

Stuck in Manistique

by Dennis Cuesta


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ISBN-13: 9781732410909
Publisher: Celestial Eyes Press
Publication date: 10/29/2018
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 86,281
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

A native of California, Dennis Cuesta attended the University of Michigan and remained in the Upper Midwest during his early career. STUCK IN MANISTIQUE is his first novel. Dennis and his wife did get stuck in Manistique once, long ago. The interrupted trip served as inspiration for the novel.

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Stuck in Manistique 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Oanieanne 9 months ago
Although I enjoyed reading STUCK IN MANISTIQUE, especially the descriptions of places in Michigan, my home state, I thought the story dragged on a bit too long. The story had a little bit of everything: quirky characters, a little mystery, some humor, a little romance, and a slightly unexpected ending. The two main characters, Mark and Emily, meet for the first time at a B&B in Manistique, both with unusual circumstances. They have to learn to trust each other as they learn about what really connects each to the other. For the most part it was a fun read.
Draginzwing 17 days ago
Mark just found out that his Aunt had died and for some reason left him all of her property and stuff. He had not heard from her since he was a preteen. So he made the trip thinking he would have everything ready to go and be out of Manistique in a weekend and not have to be back. Well things did not go smoothly. His Aunt ran a bed and breakfast and had reservations for people. He while being grumpy is nice and let’s people stay. Dr. Emily is going on a getaway to make up her mind on what to do in the personal relationship situation that she is in. In the process she hits a deer or as she says they deer hit her. Being in a small town the car fix is not a fast or easy process. She ends up at the Bed and Breakfast staying with Mark. Since she does not have a car and is not old enough to rent a car Mark drives her around some places. They both end up working things out in their lives and become friends in the process and become each other’s family. There of course are shenanigans along the way though. I did not know what to expect of this book but I was pleased once I read it. It was a great showing of a growing friendship that was strictly platonic and sibling like. At one point one of the big mysteries of the book I did figure out but it was just an inkling at the back of my mind. I am glad that I got it right though. I got this book for free to read from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.
SL22268 5 months ago
Heartwarming Thank you to Celestial Eyes Press and NetGalley for a copy of an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. I requested this book due to the fact that it was set in my homestate of Michigan. Mark's aunt passes away and leaves behind a B&B to him. He doesn't live in Michigan so he goes there to meet with a real estate agent to sell. Little does he know the surprises in store for him. Several characters come across his path and open his eyes to what's important in life. There is a twist and the ending was not what I thought it would be. This was a cute story. I am glad I was able to read it.!
anneinaz 5 months ago
Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta is an entertaining book about a variety of people that end up in a closed down bed and breakfast. They each of their own stories and they come together in these couple of days to really startling effect. Mark's aunt Vivian has just died and he is in Upper Michigan to settle her estate. He is for some for some amazing surprises. The first one is Emily; a young doctor just finished with her internship that arrives sporting a patch over one eye. Intriguing? The only motel in town is booked solid and recommending his aunt's house, which was a bed and breakfast. Stuck in Manistique is so full of movement that it is almost like a stage farce. Complications and coincidences abound and decisions are made. It was an entertaining way to spend the afternoon. I recommend it. There are no powerful messages or amazing insights, just interesting people with interesting stories. I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. #netgalley #stuckinmanistique
bookaholique 6 months ago
3.5 Poor, poor Mark. He inherits a house from an aunt he barely knew. It's in a town he's never heard of - Manistique, MI. The quickest way to get there requires him to cross over the Mackinac Bridge. Guess what? Mark has a bridge phobia. All Mark wants to do is get to Manistique so he can sell his aunt's house and then get on with his life. Of course it's not going to be that simple. I am a sucker for all things Michigan. The title caught my eye and the overview sealed the deal. Little did I know what a funny story this was going to be. Mark is a bit quirky as are most of the character he meets on his journey. It turns out his aunt's home was a bed and breakfast. The harder he tries to get out of town, the more people come knocking on his door looking for a place to stay. This was filled with witty dialogue and crazy situations. I really liked the small town setting. For a debut novel, it was very well written. My thanks to Celestial Eyes Press and Netgalley.
Donna172 6 months ago
Stuck in Manistique is a story about a man named Mark who inherits a bed and breakfast from his aunt. When he arrives at the old Victorian mansion, he has no idea that it was a bed and breakfast until his first guest arrives. A young girl named Emily who was traveling and hit a deer and has no place to stay while her car is getting fixed. This is when the fun begins! Quirky characters keep showing up and Mark keeps letting them in even though he pronounces several times that he is not running a bed and breakfast. There are several mentions of Fawlty Towers which I might have seen a couple of times but don't really remember it enough to make a connection to the characters in this novel. It didn't matter because this book had a great storyline, was charming, and funny. The ending had a twist that wasn't expected. There were several things that I expected to happen but didn't. I love that I was surprised! This was a great debut novel and I would love to see more books written by this author!
Anonymous 8 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was a good read, with characters you couldn’t help but to cheer on, sometimes give a good shake to, and mostly care about. There were several parts to the story that intertwined into an interesting and entertaining story. I loved the addition of comic relief at times with some of the characters and what was happening to them.....I had several laugh out loud moments as I was reading. But there were also those times where I was pulled into compassion for situations. So — I definitely felt it was worth my time to read about Mark, who inherits his aunt’s bed and breakfast; Emily who is on the verge of making a very costly mistake at the same time she is trying to get her medical career started; and the cast of characters who make up the town of Manistique and visitors who find themselves at the Manistique Victorian for what is usually an eventful stay. I can say for sure that I would recommend this book to those readers who want to go along for a joyride with the characters in the book. I guess my one criticism would be that I would probably have liked the ending to be a little bit different...and don’t want to comment any further to create a spoiler. I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley and publishers in return of an honest review, which this was.
caswrite 8 months ago
I was attracted to this book because of its location -- the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It's always fun to read about an area that you know about, and I also enjoyed the fact that the main character was from Illinois and referred to Chicago suburbs with which I was familiar. The book captures some of the quirkiness of the UP and its unique culture -- from the pasties (a meat pie unique to the area), to the important role that the Mackinac Bridge plays for the residents, connecting them to the rest of the state of Michigan. The main character--Mark--discovers that an estranged aunt Vivian has died and left him a home in the town of Manistique, in the upper peninsula. He arrives at the beautiful Victorian home, not realizing that his aunt ran it as a bed and breakfast. People begin showing up, looking for a place to stay because the only other hotel in town is full. Mark reluctantly allows them to stay overnight. One of the people who stays at his home is Emily, a young doctor who is driving home to Appleton, Wisconsin, after finishing her studies in East Lansing. She was supposed to meet an older doctor (with whom she was having a relationship) for a weekend on Mackinac Island, but decided against it. Driving through the UP, a deer runs into her car, shattering its windshield, and forcing her to stay in Manistique until the windshield can be repaired. (There are some funny elements throughout the book about this incident, which the locals must call a deer-car, because it happens so frequently.) Mark also meets a variety of interesting locals, including Bear Foot Hemenway, a Native American who has visions of Mark's aunt Vivian and other people slightly before they pass from the world. The book was very enjoyable to read, mixing tidbits of UP culture with humor and an underlying story of growth for Mark and Emily, as they get to know each other and discover a variety of coincidences and realize they are connected to each other in an unexpected way through Aunt Vivian. This is a great book for anyone who likes travelogue type books that delve into the uniqueness and quirkiness of different cultures. (Because the UP definitely has its own distinct culture.) It's like an American version of Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence" or Frances Mayes "Under the Tuscan Sun." After I read those books, I yearned to travel to Provence and Tuscany. Now, I yearn to spend some time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley and Celestial Eyes Press. Thank you for introducing me to this great author!
Edi McNinch 8 months ago
Delightful quick read. Characters are quirky and fun. Not a deep, heavy, or dark mystery. The main character has an excellent dry wit. Conversations and thoughts are easy to follow. (No book report from me, the cover gives an adequate description.) There is no sex or profanity in this book. It would make a great Hallmark movie! I would definitely read more from this author or a sequel to this book. I read this book as a complimentary copy from the publisher via Net Galley. The opinion expressed is my own.
Gina_Burgess 9 months ago
This is one of the most fun books I've read in a long time. It's unique in premise as well as the myriad of characters, some quirky and some with definite depths that I look forward to exploring in later books. One of my favorite things about this book is the way Dennis Cuesta deals with death. Mostly it is the death of people hardly known, or not known very well. An aunt dies and leaves all her possessions to her nephew. What's so dramatic about that? A lot, and you'll be so glad you picked up this book to find out why. I'm giving it four stars because I wasn't thrilled with the beginning. It was rather boring. I put it down, and then went back to it because I said I'd review the thing. I thought it would be a skim through, but instead, it gripped me in throws of laughter and sadness and surprise and at times made me want to have a sit-down talk with a character or two to get them set on the right track. You'll figure out who I'm talking about when you read the book. Lively characters move the story along. Some just float in and float away, but isn't that how people do when they stay at a bed and breakfast? No one actually stays for long, but somehow things happen and some people change their minds, some people actually see the real benefits of being stuck in Manistique.
Mary_F 9 months ago
This book is surprisingly good for a debut novel. I found that the characters were well rounded and easy to like. Each has his/her own back story and I enjoyed seeing how the author was able to weave these stories together. Mr. Cuesta was able to make me laugh, worry, smile, and feel relief as our characters develop. My only concern is that I did sometimes feel as if situations were created just to extend the story. While they don’t hurt the book, they do not necessarily serve to enhance it, either. I accepted an unsolicited ARC of this book from NetGalley with no promise to review. I’m glad I did as it was a delightful book to read. I will be interested in seeing if future books by this author are as good.
PamMcC 9 months ago
Where can fate lead a person? Fate and destiny for Mark and Emily as well as other characters in this novel is at once kind, humorous, and a touch sad. Mark has inherited his Aunt Vivian’s Bed and Breakfast of which he knew nothing about and has no idea of what to do with. He had lost touch with Vivian, but so many people in the small town of Manistique, Michigan of the Upper Peninsula remember her. Dr. Emily Davis is headed for a residency and trying to head away from a bad relationship. While in Manistique, she helps people with her skills while battling quilt feelings. The humor is something that keeps this novel a page turner as well as that tug of ‘what’s going to happen with these people and situation next’. I laughed out loud and sighed with empathy. Mark and Emily are stuck in Manistique. It seems that Manistique with all its characters really can grow on you. I think I may like to go there myself!
Anonymous 9 months ago
In Dennis Cuesta’s Stuck in Manistique, Mark leaves his home in the Chicago area when his Aunt Vivian dies and leaves him property in the UP. While coming to terms with the death of someone he loved and wished he’d known better, he discovers her home was a bed and breakfast that immediately begins attracting a quirky ensemble of characters that can’t seem to find their way out of this small town community. There are points where this book is sweet, some where it is sad, some where you just want to shake your head, and all told at a breakneck pace that sometimes leaves your head spinning. There were moments where I felt like I was struggling a little bit to keep up with everything as it unfolded, but overall I enjoyed the book and really liked the way it ended.
Angela Houston 9 months ago
I received this delightful ARC of Dennis Cuesta's "Stuck in Manistique" through NetGalley. Dennis Cuesta, you made me laugh! This endearing novel features Mark, a Chicago resident and private financial planner who has received the news that his aunt has passed away. It has been years since Mark spoke with his Aunt Vivian, but his childhood memories of her are fond, and he feels it's his responsibility to handle her estate. Mark finds himself in Manistique, Michigan, a small town in the Upper Peninsula. Out to settle Vivian's estate as quickly as possible, a hilarious chain of events is set into motion that deters Mark from the ease of selling his aunt's house as he'd originally predicted, not the least of which is the revelation that Vivian has been using her house as a Bed & Breakfast...and her guests are arriving! Dr. Emily Davis is by no means a scheduled guest at the Manistique Victorian. When a deer hits Emily's car right outside of town, she finds herself stranded. When someone mentions the bed and breakfast off of Lake Street, she figures why not? Mark is fully prepared to turn Emily away, anxious to be rid of the bed and breakfast and the guests that have apparently come with it, but his conscience gets the better of him and he allows Emily to stay the night. At the close of the weekend, after obstacle after obstacle is hilariously dispatched with, neither Mark nor Emily find themselves heading homeward as they'd originally planned. But is it really so bad being stuck in Manistique? I laughed my way through this delightful novel from beginning to end. Cuesta's sense of humor is light, his banter refreshing. From gephyrophobic Mark to deer-car Emily, and everyone in between, this story will have you chuckling into your coffee first thing in the morning and trying not to wake your significant other as you laugh to yourself in bed at night. This book is endearing, uplifting, and simply a fun read. I enjoyed the lack of romantic entanglement between the main characters. Instead, the funny and improbable turn of events are the focal point of this small-town tale, the personality of the town developing its own character. About a third of the way through the book, I found myself guessing as to what Aunt Vivian's mystery past would unveil. I had disappointedly felt that I knew exactly what surprise Cuesta had in store, but as the story progressed I found myself second-guessing what would happen, and found myself enveloped in the storyline, anxiously awaiting what would happen next at the Manistique Victorian. This lighthearted book is receiving a 4 out of 5 from me. I absolutely fell in love with Cuesta's quick sense of humor. Cuesta's strength is in the simplicity of the story—a dozen or less characters in all, each as zany and wonderful as the next, with many interconnected in ways that the reader will be able to appreciate. I found myself picturing how this book would look on screen. Dare I say it? I think this would make a great comedy! Consequently, does anyone know where I can get a thimbleberry pie??
nana_Treasa 9 months ago
Great Read! An enjoyable read that will slowly pull you in as it gets into your heart getting you emotionally invested on the lighter side unfolds bits of fun and dry entertainment! An intriguing read that at times was hard to put down! Edgy, intense, bits of mysterious suspense, enjoyable and we'll worth the read and more!
TheFicster 9 months ago
This book is just quirky and fun. I loved the characters. I loved the vulnerability and the way they shared their lives with one another. This is just a feel good story.
SevenAcreBooks 9 months ago
Stuck in Manistique is a funny and heartwarming look at how seemingly simple decisions can lead to big consequences. When Mark, an only child without any family, receives word that his only aunt has passed away heads to northern Michigan to handle the details of her estate. Mark's childhood was filled with stories of his adventurous and world traveling aunt who worked with Doctors Without Borders and lived in war zones. But what his life was not filled with was actual interactions and memories of his aunt. Without any contact for decades, Mark has no idea what he's getting himself in to. Emily, a recent medical school graduate is getting ready to start her residency at a prestigious Chicago hospital and is planning on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend when a deer derails her plans. Stuck without a car and seriously considering her future, Emily ends up at the Manistique Victorian, a bed and breakfast formerly owned by Mark's Aunt Vivian. While Mark thinks he's only helping out a stranded woman for one night, he instead sets off a series of events that leads to friendships, break-ups, humor and sadness. There was something about the beginning of this book that kept nagging at me and it took a while to figure out what it was-the dialogue is completely real and believable. There are no flowery speeches or quick come-backs. The characters have very real conversations with misunderstandings and jokes that fall completely flat. Stuck in Manistique is full of quirkly characters. Mark meets Bear Foot, a local handyman who was both a friend to Aunt Vivian and her go-to guy to get things done. After learning of her death, he builds a fire to help guide her spirit and borrows a boat to take Mark out on the lake to spread Vivian's ashes. But of course, the fire doesn't go as planned and the boat doesn't start. There's George, an elderly man who has a fight with is wife and leaves his casino tour for a night of peace. But of course, George's wife died years ago and his struggles with dementia leave Mark and Emily constantly worrying about his safety. There's the couple who are trying to be the first to circle the lake in an electric car-but are they a couple? Stuck in Manistique is a series of "what-else-can-go-wrong" that is equal parts humorous and heartbreaking. I really enjoyed this book and I'd definitely recommend it for when you're in the need of some great, light reading. Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book. All opinions are my own. Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta is available October 29, 2018 from Celestial Eyes Press.
IrishEyes430 9 months ago
Mark is traveling to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan to settle the estate of his aunt, Vivian. Emily is traveling to an area nearby to meet the doctor she is having an affair with. When Emily, who has had an accident with a deer comes to his door to get a room for the night, Mark learns that his aunt has been running a bed & breakfast in her home. Feeling sorry for Emily, Mark lets her have a room for the night and doesn’t let on that the B&B isn’t operational nor is his aunt still alive. The error keeps growing as quite a few quirky characters come to the B&B and Mark doesn’t seem to be able to say no to them. He also seems unable to get rid of them. The effect these characters have on both Mark and Emily unfolds in a very interesting way. I really enjoyed how this story unfolded!
nfam 9 months ago
An Unexpected Inheritance Mark was close to his Aunt Vivian as a child, but he hadn’t heard from her in years when he finds he’s the sole beneficiary of her estate which includes a house in Manistique, Michigan. Manistique is near the midpoint of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and quite a trek for Mark. It’s remote and when he arrives his first thought is to figure out how to get rid of the house. He’s looking through the house when he’s surprised by a knock at the door. Dr. Emily Davis, a recent medical school graduate, on her way to Mackinack Island, hit a deer near Manistique and shattered the windshield. She needs a place to stay and was told that Mark’s house is a bed and breakfast. This is news to Mark, but she’s in trouble, so he agrees to let her stay for at least a day. Mark’s surprises are far from over when more guests arrive, and he finds that he is actually operating a bed and breakfast. One day leads to the next, and Mark and Emily find themselves enjoying each other’s company, but there are more surprises in store. This is a fun read. Mark is the clueless innkeeper to whom things keep happening. It’s hilarious to see him deal with his new role. Emily is a likable character and makes a sensible foil for Mark. The character development in this story is thin, but the action is fun and fast. I received this book from Net Galley for this review.
3900980 9 months ago
Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta is a magical story about a man named Mark whose estranged Aunt Vivian has passed away and left her estate to him. This includes a Bed and Breakfast in Manistique, which is in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Michigan. Mark, who lives in Chicago, decides not to open the Bed and Breakfast but rather sell it. But people begin knocking on the B&B's door and Mark cannot turn them away. It does seem though once you check in, you don't want to check out, or can't check or some never check out... Emily, who is a doctor is his first guest. After hitting a deer on the highway she must wait for her car to be repaired, She shows up looking for a room for one night. Thus begins Mark's adventure with some pretty eccentric guests. While learning to manage a Bed and Breakfast he tries to learn about his aunt as his last correspondence with her was when he was a teenager. Emily soon begins to realizes she too has a connection to Vivian, All strangers when they meet, the guest's lives intertwine under the backdrop of a small cozy town where everybody knows everybody and the pie at Diner 37 is exceptional. I had the feeling I was not reading a book, but watching episodes of a soap opera sitcom with the fast paced dialogue. It was an enjoyable read.
Tangen 9 months ago
fiction, life-changes, light-hearted, humor I liked the references to places I know well and the angst thing that each of the two main characters were going through. Most of the characters truly are, and while the publisher's blurb is better than most, there's more humor involved than the blurb indicates. It seems to be pretty well written and some aspects are spot on. A really nice read for a quiet afternoon! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Celestial Eyes Press courtesy of NetGalley.
TracyFritts1974 9 months ago
Stuck on Manlstique is an interesting read from the first chapter had my attention and kept me curious and I enjoyed reading this story. The characters are interesting and loveable . It had a nice twists and funny moments. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and voluntarily leave a review. Thank you NetGalley and Celestial Eyes Press and Dennis Cuesta for letting me read this story.
arlenadean 9 months ago
Title: Stuck in Manistique Author: Dennis Cuesta Publisher: Celestial Eyes Press Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Four Review: "Stuck in Manistique" by Dennis Cuesta My Thoughts..... "Stuck in Manistique" was really a good entertaining read. I found both of the main characters [Mark and Emily] who were strangers that were 'brought together due to some unlikely circumstances' with some amusing as well as endearing moments. What will happen when all of these guest show up at this Bed and Breakfast that Mark had inherited from his estranged aunt that will only to 'add a houseful of oddly eccentric characters?' These characters will take the reader on quite a wide ride as each one having their own story with all of the things that were happening in their lives. Who was this aunt who was a international aid doctor who had ran a bed and breakfast in her retirement and had left this place to Mark? And the mystery continues about this situation is that Mark knows very little about this aunt other than knowing 'she traveled the worked as a humanitarian doctor in war town countries' but the jest to it all he had never met her. Now, to get the rest of this good story you will just have to pick up "Stuck in Manistique" to see how well this author brings it all out to the reader. Be ready for twist, turns and humours moments that will definitely keep the reader entertained especially about this area in Michigan. I enjoyed how this author was able to give the readers of just how 'one event can bring so many others things to light.' I loved the connection that Mark had with each one of the guest and that twist at the end was quite a good one.
Xkoqueen 9 months ago
Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta is a delightful story reflecting the charm and seclusion of small town rural life in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our main character Mark finds his way to Manistique to wrap up the affairs of his recently deceased Aunt Vivian. Being her closest next of kin, Mark inherits Vivian’s home that Vivian, unbeknownst to Mark, has been running as a Bed and Breakfast. Emily, who turns out to be in need of temporary lodging while passing through, finds the B&B by way of referral when all the other local inns are full. Though Mark has no intention of keeping the house, let alone managing a B&B, he reluctantly agrees to take Emily in as a result of her predicament. This provides the jumping off point for an engaging tale of life in the peaceful and secluded North Woods. To Mark’s dismay (an the reader’s delight) Author Cuesta then delivers a further parade of chance visitors to the B&B to deftly create a comedic backdrop on which the entire story thrives. Added to the fun is a healthy dose of romantic tension building between Mark and Emily. The tension is further enhanced as Cuesta subsequently reveals a substantial, yet coincidental, past link between the pasts of Emily and Mark’s aunt Vivian. The story reaches a sublime crescendo as our reluctant in-keeper Mark, despite his efforts to politely turn people away, has his hands full once the B&B becomes fully booked. Author Cuesta then expertly details the ensuing chaos with an aplomb that will have you laughing out loud. As one who vacationed frequently in the Upper Peninsula, I can truly attest that Cuesta nails the charm and flavor of Yooper life in such a way that will rekindle fond memories for anyone who has travelled there. This book is charming, fun, and delightfully written. The only criticism I have for this outstanding read is a personal one: I would have preferred a different ending to the story. My feelings here are by no means a criticism of the author’s excellent writing, outstanding character development, or engaging story line. It is merely a matter of personal preference, one that in no way deters me from highly recommending this wonderful book.
sspea 9 months ago
This book did not grab me, in fact it took me a a couple days to get through the first few chapters, but I kept reading. I think it was around chapter 7 when I realized I was totally invested in this book. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I fell in love with the characters, I loved the banter between the two protagonists Mark and Emily. Oftentimes they made me smile. Generally I enjoy books that have a huge twist, or a Gothic mystery, or takes place in fantastical worlds. This had none of that, it was just a story about two people whose lives cross paths when they both find themselves stuck in a small town. But I could not stop reading. I knew nothing HUGE was going to happen but I was interested to read the mundane details about their day. Who they saw, where they had their coffee. This book was definitely a surprise.