Stud: A Novel

Stud: A Novel

by Jamie K. Schmidt

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Large. Hot. With a pump of sexual tension.

RITA AWARD FINALIST • When the barista next door teams up with a slick ad executive in this steamy standalone novel from USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt, they both get a taste of unexpected love.

Terri Cooke wishes she could give Mick Wentworth a piece of her mind. The infuriating stud muffin walks into her coffee shop every morning expecting his regular order at 8:57 on the dot, without ever acknowledging Terri’s presence—except for staring at her cleavage. And yet she can’t deny that Mick Wentworth has an animal magnetism that’s stronger and richer than any espresso . . . which explains why Terri says yes when he suddenly, inexplicably asks her out.

After the morning coffee run, Mick’s day is all downhill from there. His family’s marketing firm is dysfunctional in more ways than one, so to save the business, Mick desperately needs to impress their newest client. When he learns that Terri’s a fan of their trendy product, he tries to get inside her head. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the barista he’s been lusting after for the past five months. But as things heat up with Terri, Mick finds that a little steam is just the jolt he needs to turn his whole life around.

Praise for Stud

Stud is outrageous, sexy, heartwarming, and angst-fueled.”—Harlequin Junkie
“[Stud is] my first book by Jamie K. Schmidt and it was pretty awesome. I enjoyed this from beginning to end. It’s also a bit of a gamer romance. So if you are into games this is definitely up your alley.”—Island of Reading
“Let’s start with the book title—it definitely suits the hero. . . . Stud is just a drool-worthy and steamy read.”—Self-Professed Book Hoarders
“I loved the sexual tension that Mick and Terri had. Right from the first page, it was there and it kept building.”—Life of a Crazy Mom
“This is a super cute and creative story. . . . There are twists and turns . . . but the way it’s written and brought together is seamless. If you’re a gamer, you’ll especially enjoy this book.”—The Jeep Diva

“[Jamie K.] Schmidt works their conflicting emotions to ratchet up the sexual tension before liberating it in steamy interludes. Plot twists and tender moments enhance the sexiness of this enticing story.”Publishers Weekly

“I loved Jamie [K. Schmidt’s] writing style, as a gamer I fit right in with the lingo, but any noob off the street would find this story charming. I give it five stars.”—Books & Boys Book Blog

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This standalone novel includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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ISBN-13: 9780399594045
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/25/2017
Series: Sentinels of Babylon , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 180,953
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt has published more than thirty short stories in small-press journals and e-zines. She’s an active member in the Romance Writers of America. When not writing, she relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry.

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Chapter 1

8:57 a.m.

Like clockwork. I wonder if his chauffeur gets disciplined if he’s ever off by a minute. How the heck can you even plan that with Manhattan traffic?

I hate Mondays. If I was the Queen of the World, I’d declare them part of the weekend. Although, Tuesday would step up to be a suckfest in that case. This Monday was no different. I was tired, bored, and irritable. The only thing keeping me going is the smell of coffee and that the customers haven’t pissed me off yet.

That’s about to change.

Here he comes, walking into the place like he owned it. Maybe he did. That would explain why Elaine practically got on her knees for him. Sure, he was a regular customer, but a seven-dollar coffee every morning didn’t warrant the subservience she gave him.

I almost got fired my first day because this jackhole refused to get off his phone to place his order. When he snapped his fingers at me and waved them in my face, I did it right back to him. His expression had been worth it.

What hadn’t been worth it? Listening to Elaine shrieking about how she had given me flexible hours against her better judgment and this was how I repaid her? Mr. Wentworth was a very important person and baristas like me were a dime a dozen. Of course, Elaine gave him a free blueberry muffin for the affront—and made me pay for it out of my tips.

I hate this job. But I needed something to pay the bills while I looked for another ad agency that would let me telecommute or work really flexible hours.

I love coffee, and slinging lattes isn’t so bad. But I didn’t go to four years of evil marketing school so I could tamp ground espresso beans and refill the creamers. I sighed. I was here because of Billy. My brother needed me more than I needed my dream job on Madison Avenue that I’d had to quit.

Still, it was hard to be treated like a non-person just because I worked at a register.

Mr. Wentworth, VIP and SOB, wore a charcoal gray suit today with crisp lines that wouldn’t dare wrinkle. A honker of a diamond shone in his ear, and I tried not to roll my eyes. On anyone else it would make them look like a hipster douche, but on him it somehow worked. It sparkled in the fluorescent lights of the coffee shop and distracted me. That tiny piece of jewelry would probably pay for Billy’s medical bills, at least for this year. I tamped down the envy along with the coffee grounds.

Mr. Wentworth was a big guy, like he tossed weights around in his spare time, but he smelled like he just stepped out of the shower. The hint of sandalwood made my nose twitch and the underlying scent of leather made me a little wet. What can I say? I like good cologne. We did this dance every time I worked a day shift for the past five months. We’d glare at each other until our eyes started roaming all over each other’s bodies and then we’d eye f*** each other until he turned to leave. It was the best sex I’ve had all year. Granted, I don’t get out much.

He’d shaved this morning. My fingers itched to either slap him or caress his smooth cheek. Saturday night, his face had been shaggy and he had two beautiful women cuddled next to him, one in each arm. I bet they weren’t working today this early in the morning. I hadn’t been invited to the ultra-cool party with the lobster hors d’oeuvres and the hundred-dollar bottles of champagne. I had been the waitstaff. It was an easy C-note under the table, plus tips. I even got to sample the bubbly.

Pissed me off, though, that he hadn’t even acknowledged me when he first saw me. He had looked right at me, given me a slow once-over that curled my toes, and then went back to his conversation. He definitely had recognized me. Would it have killed him to say hello?


I should have tossed the tray of champagne all over him.

Instead, I spent the entire evening watching him. It wasn’t a hardship. He was eye candy, in the way he moved and smiled. I had passed by him several times just so I could smell that cologne and finally hear what his voice sounded like.

It had been worth the wait. His rough, low grumble of a laugh had made me stumble, but I managed not to drop the tray of beer bottles and empty glasses. On my next pass, his hazel eyes had been glassy as he pretended to listen to the woman hanging on him chattering about some dude named Rory who was trying to shut down a bookstore. Sounded like another rich dickhead. Maybe there was a club for them.

Mr. Wentworth’s eyes had narrowed on me when I offered chatty Cathy some foie gras. I had lifted my chin and dared him to acknowledge me, but he just popped an appetizer in his mouth and f***ed me with his eyes.

I wished I hadn’t liked it so much.

I made it a point to brush against him two more times, still daring him to say something to me. But while he leaned into my body both times, he didn’t say a word. And as far as I could tell, I was the only one getting hot and bothered by the contact.

I don’t know why I torture myself, but I really want to get into his Armani pants.

He had started the night off wearing an expensive three-piece suit. But by the end of it, the jacket and tie had been tossed aside and his pristine white shirt had been rolled up to show off a sexy tattoo of a mermaid on his forearm.

I wish I had the balls to ask him about it. He didn’t seem the tattoo type.

I did finally find out that his first name was Mick, because the girlies this weekend cooed it at him.

“Oh, Mick!”

“Mick, you’re so funny!”

“Mick, can you get me a drink?”

I handed him a glass full of pink champagne before he could even respond to her. What can I say? He had me trained. That and if he f***ing snapped his fingers at me, I would have emptied the tray over his head.

Of course, one of the girls hanging around him didn’t say anything. She had flung herself at him with a focused determination that I had to admire. After watching her rub her breasts up and down his arm and grind her ass into his crotch when she thought no one was looking, I saw that Mick took her back into the VIP lounge area where she had slipped under the table with practiced ease. He caught me watching him, and smirked at me as if to say, What are you going to do about it?

I had tanked a glass of champagne and given him back the same look.

He had thrown his head back and laughed. And then the smile wiped from his face and the look he gave me could have melted the titanium in my belly button ring. His jaw had tightened. His nostrils had flared and then his body jerked. I almost dropped my tray. Then, some bigwig from one of the radio stations stepped in between us and I didn’t get to see anything else. My face must have been bright red and I had been a little unsteady on my feet. It had been pretty hot to watch him, and of course my imagination had to wonder if he’d look like that if he pressed me up against the wall and took care of the irritating tingles between my legs.

I didn’t want to be attracted to him. Mick Wentworth was an entitled jerk who, in addition to getting a public blow job that night, left with two of the three other women he was kissing on Saturday night.

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Stud 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This one was HOT an fun and snarky all rolled up in an office romance with lots of chemistry. Plenty of sass and whit but definitely a plot to keep it going. Fresh banter and great secondary characters. **Received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley**
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
I have a new favorite author!! The title made me think that this was just going to be a book about a hot hookup (never have a problem with those kinds of books ;) but it was so much more. I loved the relationship between Terri & her brother- their bond is one everyone wishes for. And I loved the different side characters. The chemistry between Terri & Mick- HOT HOT HOT. And very sweet & sassy. Great read! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
belllla More than 1 year ago
4.5stars Stud is a great love hate story. The story about the person that you really want to hate but it is a problem because there is so strong attraction between you that you can't make it to the bed. I loved the story and the characters in it. Both great develop and likable. Although sweet hot and funny the story has it sensible side and carry’s a message. I loved Terri, her geeky clever funny way of thinking. Mick turns out to be a complete different person that is presented at first and I like the whole picture of him. With Terri, they make a great couple. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
SPBookHoarder More than 1 year ago
Lets start with the book title definitely suits the hero. The readers first introduction to the finger snapping Mick Wentworth caused a double take. The sheer initial rudeness of the character was a bit shocking but later Mr. Wentworth's character is devilishly delicious. Wentworth is super cocky and larger than life. The up side his character is easily tamed by his heroine (Terri) whose presence adds balance to the hero. Now, Terri's character is smart and funny with the right amount a bad luck going on in her life. The heroine trials gives her character strength and helps to propel the story forward. The gamer in me likes the fact that the author added an element of on-line gaming in the story. Stud is just a drool worth and steamy read.
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Terri Cooke wishes she could give Mick Wentworth a piece of her mind. The infuriating stud muffin walks into her coffee shop every morning expecting his regular order at 8:57 on the dot, without ever acknowledging Terri’s presence—except for staring at her cleavage. And yet she can’t deny that Mick Wentworth has an animal magnetism that’s stronger and richer than any espresso . . . which explains why Terri says yes when he suddenly, inexplicably asks her out. After the morning coffee run, Mick’s day is all downhill from there. His family’s marketing firm is dysfunctional in more ways than one, so to save the business, Mick desperately needs to impress their newest client. When he learns that Terri’s a fan of their trendy product, he tries to get inside her head. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the barista he’s been lusting after for the past five months. But as things heat up with Terri, Mick finds that a little steam is just the jolt he needs to turn his whole life around. Review: Great story that was different than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be complete sexiness through the whole book and not a lot of substance, but I was completely wrong on that one. It had way more depth and emotion to it and that really made me happy and it was great to read. Now, don't get me wrong there is a whole lot of sexy going on and it is written expertly. The characters are great! I loved Mick! He starts out really jerky, but once you get further into the story you see his gooey center. Terri is great too, smart, fun, geeky and has lots of things on her plate. I loved how the evolved as a couple. The parts where they are being geeky together were the funniest for me. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Terri works at a coffee shop where every day she must deal with Mick a cocky, annoying but sexy business man. When Mick needs his help with comes clients, Terri comes to the rescue and the chemistry they share grows hotter and hotter. This read has plenty of suspense, drama and emotion, I also liked the story and the characters were fun and entertaining. A good read.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Terri works at a coffee shop where every day she must deal with Mick a cocky, annoying but sexy business man. When Mick needs his help with comes clients, Terri comes to the rescue and the chemistry they share grows hotter and hotter. This read has plenty of suspense, drama and emotion, I also liked the story and the characters were fun and entertaining. A good read.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
What happens when a barista and an ad executive find each other beyond attractive? Fireworks, desire and eventually love. Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt, is a well-written story with tons of originality, unique plot twists, and lots of hot sex. Terri Cooke deserves some happiness in her life. Her older brother is suffering from a disease similar to ALS, and she is working three jobs in order to maintain their home and keep up with the medical expenses. Her previous, well paying position in marketing did not allow her the flexibility she needed in order to take care of her brother. Presently, brewing coffee and catering for the Beanery is Terri's primary source of income. However, she is hopeful something good will eventually come from all her hard work. Every morning at 8:57 am, Mick Wentworth of The Wentworth Agency purchases a very frilly coffee and ogles Terri from head to toe. Luckily Terri is thick-skinned, and is more than happy to reciprocate the ogle. They both find each other incredibly hot and sexy, without any verbal exchanges. Mick deserves some happiness in his life as well. His current administrative assistant is pregnant with his married brother's child, his father was recently indicted for embezzlement, and his manipulative mother wants to take the company away from him. Due to his father's very public situation, new clients are difficult to secure. A big gaming company agreed to meet with him, however, Mick knows nothing about their "World of Legends" video game. Terri comes to his rescue, when she chats up the potential client while serving them the coffee house's best offerings. In order to acquire the new business, Mick has no choice but to hire Terri. Overtime, Terri teaches Mick all about gaming, as they evolve their lustful relationship into love. I liked this book and the story-line is engaging. I instantly bonded with Terri and Mick because they are extremely interesting and lively characters. Their sex scenes are full of desire and heat, due to Ms. Schmidt's seductive way with words. Mick's dominance in the bedroom is quite hot. The secondary characters are entertaining, and add a lot of underhandedness to the story's happenings. If you are looking for a romance with a lot of sex and intrigue, then get yourself a copy of Stud. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. I did enjoy the story, Terri was a loyal employee but a fantastic sister. You can't help but to like her after reading her sacrifice for her brother. Then we have Mick, whose family is totally dysfunctional, Mick and Terri are attracted to each other, even though they really have never spoken to each other, besides him getting coffee from her every morning. When they finally do meet, it is combustible, but then she starts working for him, and they decide to keep things professional, until they can't anymore, and I liked how he was there for her, realizing everything she does for her brother. Enjoy!!
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
4 STARS FOR STUD!! This story has it all funny, hot and great characters. Mick is a cocky guy and Terri is so funny. I enjoyed seeing this story play out. This author keeps us readers entertained with her storytelling. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
lisareads More than 1 year ago
I received a Net Galley copy in exchange for an honest review. First, Stud is emotional and a bit of a roller coaster ride for sure. There was some fun and of course the sexy times, but I think it was the emotions that kept me glued to my pages. Second, Terri and Mick had a great tension and their banter and chemistry seemed off the chart at times. Definitely a plus for me. The fact that they were so likeable even when they were being insufferable and a bit of a jerk, on Mick's part and the feeling that Teri could have been such a downer, I wanted more of this story. Just so we could see more of Terri while not in such a bad time of life, working so many dead end jobs, trying to keep herself and her brother financially afloat while they were battling her brother's harsh disease. It was a tempting fantasy that while she is temporarily a barista at a high end coffee shop she should "meet" such an interesting man as Max Wentworth, the wealthy customer with such an arrogant and lofty demeanor. I like that he comes to the shop so often and that it raises Terri's spirits to see him. I liked the sizzling chemistry between them and their attraction and sexual attraction. It was gratifying to realize that Terri doesn't know if she was to be seduced by Max or if she should push him out the door. Last, adding the workplace drama between them as the story progresses and the fun amps up even more. A great story and I want to see more.
DanieReads More than 1 year ago
I didn't think I would like this book as much as I did. It was very different from other books I have read. For one the heroine Terri is a gamer. I mean like a full set up computer gamer and she is good. She works at a coffee shop where she constantly sees Mick. One day while serving coffee at his office she unintentionally finagles herself into a job. One that she previously applied for and was denied. This is not so good for Mick. The company has been going through some things and the last thing he needs it to be caught lusting after the newest employee. I really loved the push and pull between Terri and Mick. They were determined to keep things professional but late nights gaming and coming up with business strategies turn in to cuddles and kisses. I loved how Terri and Mick both had personal issues. It made them seem so more realistic. Terri needed this job to help with her brothers medical bills. Micks family business is a mess. He has issues with his parents and his brother who cant keep it in his pants. He is trying desperately to keep his business afloat. The steam between these two was off the charts. I'm one of those people where too much sex has me skimming but Jamie K Schmidt wrote some scenes that had me reading them again and again. Check my reviews. I rarely give out 5 stars. It was well deserved for this book and I would definitely recommend it.
Kimmykay More than 1 year ago
4 Total Stud Stars!! I totally loved Stud by Jamie K Schmidt. I couldn't put this book down. Terri Cooke had to leave her dream job and all of her friends to help take care of her brother Billy who is suffer from ALS. To make ends meet she has to take a job as a barista at the Beanary along with a part-time job in a customer service call center. This is so that she can transport her brother to and from all of his appointments. Little does Terri know that her life is about to chance one morning while delivering muffins and coffee to Wentworth Agency. Mick Wentworth is currently the CFO of Wentworth Agency and is currently trying to keep the company afloat after having his father arrested and his mother fired. In order to keep the company in business he has to make sure he does everything he can to get Lemmingware games the publicity they deserve during a new game launch. However, there is on little problem.... Mich doesn't know anything about gaming. The chemistry between Terri and Mick is of the charts hot and steamy. This book as a little bit of something for all types of readers. If you're looking for suspense, romance, drama, secrets, drama and gaming then you will LOVE this book.
micharch More than 1 year ago
Mick and Terri see each other Monday-Friday at exactly 8:57 a.m. where he picks up the same order of coffee and leaves without a word. Terri finds him to be abrasive and tries to get snarky with him, only to incur the wrath of her boss for it. Terri has abandoned her marketing job in order to take care of her ailing brother. She works off hours in order to take him to his appointments. When she discovers that Mark and his family own a marketing company, she tries to up her game. The first few chapters were intriguing and kept me interested. The story then fell off for me after that. Terri seemed to lose her mind around him and, although she did have a lot on her plate, she was kind of all over the place for me. She finagled her way into a job with Mick's company and then couldn't figure out why he wasn't happy? For a marketing person, I found that dubious at best. I wanted to like this book more and it may be a good book for someone else. I just couldn't connect with either character and found myself getting whiplash at times from the back and forth. There were just too may loose ends for me at the end. I have enjoyed the author's other books so this was a bit of a disappointment for me. I would give it 2.5 stars. I am grateful to have received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.
Momma_Becky More than 1 year ago
When I started this one, my first thought was 'Yay, an Erotic Romance with an actual story line.' I was right on that part. It does have a pretty good story line, if a bit far fetched. The author has a good writing style and the story moves along nicely. Another plus was that while it is instant attraction, it's not exactly instalove - pretty quick love, but not instant. So, why only three stars? Through twenty-three chapters and an epilogue, I never once felt a connection between these characters. The pages told me that they wanted each other and then that they loved each other, but I didn't feel that. I felt Terri's angst and worry over her brother and Mick's frustration with his family, but the "romance" seemed more of a distraction to the rest of the story. Even the sex, while hot, felt more abstract than personal. The rest of the story was good and I wanted to see how things played out with Terri's brother and Mick's family, but I just wasn't invested in their relationship. This was my first read by Schmidt and considering her writing style, I would read another book by her.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Stud' by Jamie K. Schmidt is the story of Terri Cooke and Mick Wentworth. Terri is having to take care of her brother who is struggling with a illness/disability. To help pay for his medical bills she has taken on working a few jobs one being a barista at a coffee house. There she meets Mick who doesn't say much and is sort of arrogant to her. They do this dance for a few months when she sees him again at a function she is a waitress at. They start talking an agree to have a 'one night fling' but it turns into another night fling. Then she ends up working for him which he feels they shouldn't have a sexual relationship while she is working for him. But how long can that last when they are so attracted to one another? "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt is a standalone contemporary romance that is very steamy with some funny moments spread throughout, however there was just something missing. Now add in all the drama and craziness of Mick’s family that made the story so far from relatable and realistic, not to mention the ending that just came to a quick end in a poorly executed manner and you’ve got a middle-of-the-road for me; it wasn’t horrible, but at the same time I wasn’t wowed though either. Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Sexy & Heartwarmingly Complicated! Oh how I really liked this different storyline. These characters were so entertaining. I enjoyed their chemistry and unstoppable lust for one another at the beginning. Loved that it was written in dual POV. 
As things unfold, there is great animosity and banter that’s super entertaining between the two. I loved watching that heat and need grow between them and explode. Terri is so stubborn and feisty. I liked her fire. Mick had some serious swagger and was so full of himself and it was great to see how easily Terri could handle him. 
These two are so caught up in family drama in their lives that their connection takes somewhat of a hit. But as they become more involved the two of them made for some fun, playful moments as well as some really passionate ones. There was a good build that happened as they grow together and experience ups and downs that grew into so much more. But will it be enough for two very different people to make it through it all? Will they ever get to be a real couple? 
Great story! I loved the ending and how everything came together. Received an ARC through the publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily wrote an honest review.
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
An Ok Read for me. I was lucky enough to have gotten a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for a review, which I am happy to provide. I can't put my finger on it exactly why I did not connect with the book as much as I wanted, lets just say the description of the book was better than the book itself. Even though I did like the characters, and the story was told from their perspective, they never completely made me care about them. Maybe because there was a lot of talk about the video games and how they work and I am not a gamer, or the fact that for the longest time nothing was really happening? The book did contain some very steamy scenes and lots of family drama, but overall predictable. Entertaining but this book won't make my re-read list. However I have read books by the Author that I liked very much.
CRISSYM More than 1 year ago
Stud was an okay read for me. The characters were likable but Simon and his brother Mick has the worst parents ever! Terri is a real straight-shooter and says exactly what she wants but she has a heart of gold. She loved, protected and adored her brother Billy even though he was older. I enjoyed a few laughs while reading this book. I really wanted to enjoy this story but something fell short for me. The ending was wrapped up a little too nicely or too perfect, especially with Laila, Janet and Simon. I think readers who are looking for a great erotic read that has a bit of humor, family problems, scandals and love might enjoy this book so I'd say give it a try.
HeidiU More than 1 year ago
Sexy and Emotionally Satisfying Terri Cooke is a girl trying to make ends meet while she helps her brother with a debilitating disease. She’s given up her job and dreams to help him try to recover from this unknown illness, working instead a series of smaller dead-end job to keep them financially afloat. When he’s finally offered a chance at a clinical trial that could make a difference, she is torn between the jobs that keep them barely solvent and his health. One of her jobs is a barista at a morning coffee joint where she meets Mick Wentworth, a wealthy, arrogant customer who is just too high and mighty for her. She would dearly love to bring him down a few pegs – or just bring him down to her level for some bedroom time. What she doesn’t know is he’s dealing with a major dysfunctional family and a completely messed up business, thanks to his family’s dysfunction. When Mick lands a marketing contract with a gaming company, he has to gear up fast for the business and Terri is the perfect person to help with that. She gets the money to help her brother and he gets her expertise and they both get to exorcise the sexual heat that’s been building between them for months. But are their worlds too far apart? Can they overcome their own issues to ever truly find a happily ever after? I’ve read this author many times and loved her books. While I fully expected the high heat and fantastic sexual tension between the characters, I also thoroughly enjoyed the emotional side to the characters. I didn’t expect the deeper issues going on for each character and how they complicated the situation, along with adding to the depth for each character. It made the story so much deeper than a sexy read. Overall, Stud is very sexy with a core of emotion that I really enjoyed.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this one. A touch of humor, a good amount of steam, and some great snarky banter made for a great read. Terri Cooke needs a marketing job. Mick Wentworth needs her help with a big client. Since he has a strict no fraternization policy at work he refuses to hire her for his firm. Yes his lust is overriding his brain. This seems like the best of both worlds. If he can convince Terri of that everything should be fine. Right?? Definitely a book I recommend!
KimP65 More than 1 year ago
This is a tough one, I liked it, I liked the characters but there was just something a little off about the whole thing. Terri & Mick come from completely different worlds which is great because that opens up all kinds of "getting to know you" fun but it became a bit predictable. Also the way it went back and forth I found myself thinking I was reading one character only to realize I was reading the other. It was a good story, good characters and a good read.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Mick is a jerk. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I loved him anyway. He was an a-hole and it just worked for this book. Terri was awesome! I loved her character. She didn't bow down to Mick and she sasses him when he deserved it. I think that's why I ended up liking him. She didn't cater to him and I viewed him differently because of it. I liked that the storyline grew in depth the deeper we got into the story. There are a lot of messed up characters, aka Mick's family, that made this book even more interesting. There is no cheating or abuse between the MC's but Mick is with other women in front of Terri before they get together. I would not say this is a romantic read but it just worked. ARC provided by NetGalley.
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
**Advanced copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** Stud is a standalone contemporary romance by Jamie K. Schmidt that really hit the spot with me. Terri Cooke has temporarily put her career on hold to help care for her ailing brother. In order to be able to take him to his doctors appointments and therapy, she's started working at the Beanery Coffee House to help make ends meet. At 8:57 every morning, a hot businessman stops by and orders the same frilly drink every single morning. Terri is taken by him, but knows he's out of her league. She's lucky to have a tiny bit of alone time with all she has going on in her life let alone time left to have a boyfriend. Mick Wentworth is an ad executive and he's not only dealing with his very busy career, he's also dealing with escalating drama within his family which is in turn causing issues at the firm. Mick is like clockwork each morning when he stops by the coffeehouse to pick up his morning drink. He's also equally taken by the stunning barista who he looks forward to seeing each and every morning. Looking to impress his newest client, Mick arranges for Terri to cater the breakfast from the Beanery. When he realizes that she has an interest in the product his new client is developing, he hopes to pick up some pointers from her. What he doesn't expect is for his client to already think she works for him! Will Terri and Mick be able to tame the wild chemistry that is so evident between them in order for her to work for him as a consultant on this project? The chemistry between Terri and Mick was evident from the beginning and I thought Ms. Schmidt did a fantastic job of shaping their relationship. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Terri and her brother, Billy. It was a very realistic depiction of what a family dealing with the sudden onset of an illness or disease has to battle. This was the first time I had read this author, and I'm glad I took a chance on her. I enjoyed the characters, the story and I would definitely check out her work in the future.