Student Atlas of Anthropology

Student Atlas of Anthropology

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ISBN-13: 9780072889857
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 08/28/2003
Series: Student Atlas Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 180
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Table of Contents

Student Atlas of Anthropology


Map 1.
World Countries.

Map 2.
World Physical Features

Map 3a. World Average Annual Precipitation

Map 3b. World Variation in Annual Precipitation

Map 4a. World Temperature Regions

Map 4b. World Average January Temperature

Map 4c. World Average July Temperature

Map 5.
World Ecological Regions

Map 6.
World Climate Regions

Map 7.
World Vegetation Types

Map 8.
World Soil Orders

Map 9.
World Topography

Map 10.
World Natural Hazards


Map 11.
Major Primate Groups

Map 12.
African Apes

Map 13.
Evolution of Primates

Map 14.
Early Hominids: Origins and Diffusion

Map 15.
Later Old World Hominids

Map 16.
The Origins and Distribution of Homo Sapiens

Map 17.
Human Variations: Blood types

Map 18.
Biocultural Evolution: The Sickle-Cell Trait

Map 19.
Human Variations: Cranial Capacity

Map 20.
Human Variations: Body Mass Index

Map 21.
Human Variations: Skin Color


Map 22.
Major Old World Sites of the Paleolithic

Map 23.
Ancient Forms of Art and Architecture

Map 24.
Early Neolithic Sites & the Spread of Agriculture

Map 25.
Megalithic Sites of Europe

Map 26.
Ancient Civilizations of the Old World

Map 27.
Major Sites of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

Map 28.
Ancient Trade Systems of the Old World

Map 29.
Peopling of the New World I

Map 30.
Peopling of the New World II

Map 31.
Ancient Civilizations and Sites of MesoAmerica and South America

Map 32.
Ancient Trade Systems of the New World

Map 33.
Culture Regions of the New World

Map 34.
Mound Builder Sites of Eastern North America

Map 35.
Great Houses, Roadway Systems, and Ruins of the Southwest

Map 36.
Native American--European Trade: Early Contact Period in North America


Map 37.
World Languages

Map 38.
Linguistic Diversity

Map 39.
Modern Languages: Common versus Rare

Map 40.
The Spread of Indo-European Languages

Map 41.
Invented Languages: Pidgins, Jargons, and Creoles

Map 42.
Language Families of Eurasia. a.d.1500

Map 43.
Language Families of Africa

Map 44a. Languate Families of the New World: North America

Map 44b. Language Families of the New World: South America

Map 45.
Native New World Languages: Interpretations


Section A Demographics

Map 46.
Past Population Distributions and Densities

Map 47.
World Population Density

Map 48.
World Migrations

Map 49.
World Urban Populations

Map 50.
Population Growth Rates

Map 51.
Total Fertility Rates

Map 52.
Infant Mortality Rates

Map 53.
Average Life Expectancy At Birth

Map 54.
Population by Age Group

Section B Economy

Map 55.
World Land Use: a.d.1500

Map 56.
World Land Use: a,d, 2000

Map 57.
World Transportation Patterns

Map 58.
Rich and Poor Countries: Gross National Income

Map 59.
Economic Growth GNP Change Per Capita

Map 60.
Total Labor Force

Map 61.
Female Labor Force

Map 62.
Employment by Sector

Map 63.
Agricultural Production Per Capita

Map 64.
Exports of Primary Products

Map 65.
Dependence on Trade

Map 66.
Per Capita Income

Map 67.
Purchasing Power Parity

Map 68.
Energy Production Per Capita

Map 69.
Energy Consumption Per Capita

Map 70.
World Daily Per Capita Food Supply

Section C Human Society

Map 71.
World Religions

Map 72.
Household and Family Structures

Map 73.
Kinship Structures

Map 74.
Child Malnutrition

Map 75.
Primary School Enrollment

Map 76.
Illiteracy Rate

Map 77.
Female/Male Inequality in Education and Employment

Map 78.
The Quality of Life: Human Development Index

Section D Political Systems

Map 79.
Political Systems

Map 80.
Sovereign States: Duration of Independence

Map 81.
The Emergence of the State

Map 82.
Organized States and Chiefdoms, a.d. 1500

Map 83.
European Colonialism 1500–2000

Map 84.
The Middle East: Territorial Changes, 1918–Present

Map 85.
Africa: Colonialism to Independence, 1910–2000

Map 86.
Asia: Colonialism to Independence, 1930–2000

Map 87.
Global Distribution of Minority Groups

Map 88.
World Refugee Population

Map 89.
Post–Cold War International Alliances

Map 90.
Nations with Nuclear Weapons

Map 91.
Military Expenditures as a Percentage of Gross National Product

Map 92.
Size of Armed Forces


Map 93.
Global Air Pollution: Sources and Wind Currents

Map 94.
Major Polluters and Common Pollutants

Map 95.
Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Map 96.
Pollution of the Oceans

Map 97.
Cropland Per Capita: Changes 1987-1997

Map 98.
Annual Change in Forest Cover, 1990-1997

Map 99.
Global Hotspots of Biodiversity

Map 100.
The Loss of Biodiversity: Globally Threatened Animal Species

Map 101.
The Loss of Biodiversity: Globally Threatened Plant Species

Map 102.
The Risks of Desertification

Map 103.
Global Soil Degradation

Map 104.
Degree of Human Disturbance


Map 105.
North America: Physical Features

Map 106.
North America: Political Divisions

Map 107a. Indian Reservations, United States

Map 107b. Indian Reserves, Canada

Map 108.
South America: Physical Features

Map 109.
South America: Political Divisions

Map 110.
Europe: Physical Features

Map 111.
Europe: Political Divisions

Map 112.
Asia: Physical Features

Map 113.
Asia: Political Divisions

Map 114.
Africa: Physical Features

Map 115.
Africa: Political Divisions

Map 116.
Australia and Oceania: Physical Features

Map 117.
Australia and Oceania: Political Divisions


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