Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals / Edition 1

Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals / Edition 1

by Diane Sweeney
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SAGE Publications


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Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals / Edition 1

Improve student outcomes with data-driven coaching

Student-Centered Coaching is grounded on the premise that school-based coaching can be designed to directly impact student learning. Shifting the focus from “fixing” teachers to collaborating with them in designing instruction that targets for student achievement makes coaching more respectful and results-based. The book also underscores the critical role of the principal in fostering a culture of learning. Each chapter includes:

  • A model for designing and implementing student-centered coaching
  • Data-driven coaching tools and techniques focused on student learning
  • Specific practices for leading a student-centered coaching effort

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ISBN-13: 9781412980432
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 11/19/2010
Pages: 212
Sales rank: 79,988
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Diane Sweeney is the author of Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves (Corwin, 2016), Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals (Corwin, 2011) and Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level (Corwin, 2013). Each of these books is grounded in the simple but powerful premise that coaching can be designed to more directly impact student learning. Her first book, Learning Along the Way (Stenhouse, 2003) shares the story of how an urban elementary school transformed itself to become a learning community.

Diane spends her time speaking and consulting for schools and educational organizations across the country. She is also an instructor for the University of Wisconsin, Madison. When she isn’t working in schools, she loves to spend time outside with her family in Denver, Colorado.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

About the Author xiii

Introduction 1

Section I Establishing Student-Centered Coaching

Chapter 1 The Next Generation of Coaching... Coaching Student Learning 7

What Is Student-Centered Coaching? 7

The Connection Between Goals for Student Learning and Teaching Practice 14 the Principal's Office 18

Tools and Techniques 20

A Final Thought 23

Chapter 2 Getting Student-Centered Coaching Up and Running 25

Coaching in the First Few Weeks of School 26

Coaching Cycles 31

Building a Schedule That Impacts Students and Teachers 32

Developing Relationships With All Teachers 35

Meanwhile... in the Principal's Office 36

Tools and Techniques 38

A Final Thought 42

Chapter 3 Crafting a Culture of Learning 43

Designing a Learning Culture 44

Four Studies in Culture 45

Cultural Rites of Passage 49

The Role of Relationships 49

Qualities of a School with a Culture of Learning 50 the Principal's Office 51

Tools and Techniques 53

A Final Thought 60

Section II Data as an Essential Component of Student-Centered Coaching

Chapter 4 Data and Student-Centered Coaching 63

Why Use Data? 63

Coaching in Data-Driven Schools 64

A Case Study in Using Data: Denver School of Science and Technology 67

Coaching With Student Data 72 the Principal's Office 80

Tools and Techniques 81

A Final Thought 83

Chapter 5 Measuring the Impact of Student-Centered Coaching 85

A Model for Evaluating Coaching 85

Creating Assessment Checklists and Rubrics 91

Evaluating the Impact of Coaching Small Groups of Teachers 96 the Principal's Office 100

Tools and Techniques 101

A Final Thought 103

Section III Practices for Student-Centered Coaching

Chapter 6 Student-Centered Classroom Observations 107

Three Generations of Learning Labs 107

Which Type of Lab Is Right for You? 113

Coaching and Learning Labs 115

Informal Observations That Make an Impact 116 the Principal's Office 117

Tools and Techniques 119

A Final Thought 124

Chapter 7 Developing Systems and Structures for Teacher Learning 125

A Student-Centered Framework for Professional Development 126

A Case Study in Student-Centered Professional Development: Goldrick Elementary 128

Coaching as an Essential Element of Professional Development 130

The Important Role of Teacher Leaders 131

What about the "Tougher" Teachers? 135

Teacher Evaluation 136 the Principal's Office 138

Tools and Techniques 141

A Final Thought 141

Chapter 8 Engaging the Adult Learner 143

Risk, Relationship, and Coaching 144

Coaching Across Generations 146

Coaching Across Gender 149

Coaching Across Career Cycle 152

Coaching Across Processing Styles 154 the Principal's Office 155

Tools and Techniques 158

A Final Thought 160

Chapter 9 Developing Systems and Structures to Support Coaches 161

A Curriculum for Supporting New Coaches 163

Coaching Labs 165 the District Office 175

Tools and Techniques 177

A Final Thought 178

In Closing 179

Resources 181

References 199

Index 201

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