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Cengage Learning
Student Solutions Manual for Swokowski and Cole's Precalculus: Functions and Graphs / Edition 9

Student Solutions Manual for Swokowski and Cole's Precalculus: Functions and Graphs / Edition 9

by Earl W. Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole


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ISBN-13: 9780534378974
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 07/27/2001
Series: Mathematics Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 300

About the Author

Earl Swokowski successfully authored numerous textbooks, including: CALCULUS, Fifth Edition; CALCULUS OF A SINGLE VARIABLE, Second Edition; FUNDAMENTALS OF COLLEGE ALGEBRA, Tenth Edition; and PRECALCULUS: FUNCTIONS AND GRAPHS, Ninth Edition.

Jeffery A. Cole has been teaching mathematics and computer science at Anoka-Ramsey Community College since fall 1981. He started working on the Swokowski series of precalculus texts in 1985, as an ancillary author. His involvement with the Swokowski texts increased in 1989 with the revision of the calculus text, and he has been a co-author since 1991 for the precalculus texts.

Table of Contents

List of Graphing Calculator Topicsvii
Chapter 1Topics from Algebra1
1.1Real Numbers2
1.2Exponents and Radicals19
1.3Algebraic Expressions31
1.5Complex Numbers66
1.7Rectangular Coordinate Systems86
Chapter 1 Review Exercises128
Chapter 1 Discussion Exercises132
Chapter 2Functions135
2.1Definition of Function136
2.2Graphs of Functions153
2.3Quadratic Functions169
2.4Operations on Functions184
2.5Inverse Functions195
Chapter 2 Review Exercises212
Chapter 2 Discussion Exercises217
Chapter 3Polynomial and Rational Functions219
3.1Polynomial Functions of Degree Greater Than 2220
3.2Properties of Division231
3.3Zeros of Polynomials239
3.4Complex and Rational Zeros of Polynomials253
3.5Rational Functions261
Chapter 3 Review Exercises279
Chapter 3 Discussion Exercises281
Chapter 4Exponential and Logarithmic Functions283
4.1Exponential Functions284
4.2The Natural Exponential Function296
4.3Logarithmic Functions306
4.4Properties of Logarithms322
4.5Exponential and Logarithmic Equations330
Chapter 4 Review Exercises343
Chapter 4 Discussion Exercises346
Chapter 5The Trigonometric Functions349
5.2Trigonometric Functions of Angles361
5.3Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers379
5.4Values of the Trigonometric Functions398
5.5Trigonometric Graphs406
5.6Additional Trigonometric Graphs421
5.7Applied Problems429
Chapter 5 Review Exercises442
Chapter 5 Discussion Exercises449
Chapter 6Analytic Trigonometry451
6.1Verifying Trigonometric Identities452
6.2Trigonometric Equations458
6.3The Addition and Subtraction Formulas473
6.4Multiple-Angle Formulas484
6.5Product-to-Sum and Sum-to-Product Formulas494
6.6The Inverse Trigonometric Functions499
Chapter 6 Review Exercises515
Chapter 6 Discussion Exercises518
Chapter 7Applications of Trigonometry519
7.1The Law of Sines520
7.2The Law of Cosines530
7.4The Dot Product554
7.5Trigonometric Form for Complex Numbers565
7.6De Moivre's Theorem and nth Roots of Complex Numbers572
Chapter 7 Review Exercises578
Chapter 7 Discussion Exercises582
Chapter 8Systems of Equations and Inequalities583
8.1Systems of Equations584
8.2Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables593
8.3Systems of Inequalities602
8.4Linear Programming611
8.5Systems of Linear Equations in More Than Two Variables620
8.6The Algebra of Matrices635
8.7The Inverse of a Matrix645
8.9Properties of Determinants659
8.10Partial Fractions667
Chapter 8 Review Exercises673
Chapter 8 Discussion Exercises676
Chapter 9Sequences, Series, and Probability679
9.1Infinite Sequences and Summation Notation680
9.2Arithmetic Sequences696
9.3Geometric Sequences703
9.4Mathematical Induction712
9.5The Binomial Theorem719
9.7Distinguishable Permutations and Combinations735
Chapter 9 Review Exercises757
Chapter 9 Discussion Exercises760
Chapter 10Topics from Analytic Geometry763
10.4Plane Curves and Parametric Equations800
10.5Polar Coordinates815
10.6Polar Equations of Conics831
Chapter 10 Review Exercises837
Chapter 10 Discussion Exercises839
ICommon Graphs and Their Equations842
IIA Summary of Graph Transformations844
IIIGraphs of Trigonometric Functions and Their Inverses846
IVValues of the Trigonometric Functions of Special Angles on a Unit Circle848
Answers to Selected ExercisesA1
Index of ApplicationsA83

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