Studia Eblaitica: Studies on the Archaeology, History, and Philology of Ancient Syria, Volume 1

Studia Eblaitica: Studies on the Archaeology, History, and Philology of Ancient Syria, Volume 1

by Paolo Matthiae (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9783447103756
Publisher: Harrassowitz Verlag
Publication date: 07/01/2015
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Editorial vii


Before the Royal Palace G. The Stratigraphic and Pottery Sequence of the West Unit of the Central Complex: The Building G5 Agnesc Vacca 1

The Queen and the Veil, A Note about the Eblaic Votive Plaque Licia Romano 33

The Northern and Southern Levant during the Late Early Bronze Age: A Reappraisal of the "Syrian Connection" Marta D'Andrea Agnese Vacca 43

Cult Architecture at Ebla between Early Bronze TVA and Middle Bronze I: Continuity and Innovation in the Formative Phase of a Great Tradition. An Evaluation Paolo Matthiae 75

From Ebla to Guzana: The Image of Power in Syria between the Bronze and Iron Ages Frances Pinnock 109

The "Outer Town" of Ebla during the Old Syrian Period. A Preliminary Analysis of the Off-Site Survey 2010 Luca Peyronel 131

A Hare in the Land of Lions. Analysis and Interpretation of the Leporid Symbol in the Old Syrian Glyptic Sara Pizzimenti 165

The Bone Talisman and the Ideology of Ancestors in Old Syrian Ebla: Tradition and Innovation in the Royal Funerary Ritual Iconography Andrea Polcaro 179

Short Notes

1 Preliminary Notes on Some EB TVB Painted Simple Ware Shards from Ebla Marta D'Andrea 205

2 Another Old Syrian Cylinder with Rashap's Iconography Paolo Matthiae 210

3 The Old Akkadian Lion-Dragon and Water at Ebla Paolo Matthiae 213

4 Ishtar's Beard and the Ishtar Eblaitu's Licentious Image Paolo Matthiae 215

5 A Long-Barrel Carnelian Bead from Ebla. A New Evidence for Long-Distance Contacts between the Indus Valley and the Near East Luca Peyronel 217

6 Bronze Balance Pan from the Southern Palace at Ebla Luca Peyronel 221

Book Reviews

Minna Lönnqvist and Kenneth Löonnqvist (eds), Jebel Bishri in Focus. Remote sensing, archaeological surveying, mapping and GIS studies of the Jebel Bishri in central Syria by the Finnish project SYGIS S. Mantellini 225

Valentina ORST, Crisi e Rigenerazione nella valle dell'Alto Khahur (Siria). La produzione ceramica nel passaggio dal Bronzo Antico al Bronzo Medio M. D'Andrea 230

Kutlu Aslihan Yener, Tell Atchana, Ancient Alalakh, Volume 1. The 2003-2004 Excavation Seasons (F. Zaina) 238

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