Studies in Perception and Action IV: Ninth Annual Conference on Perception and Action

Studies in Perception and Action IV: Ninth Annual Conference on Perception and Action

by John M. Kennedy, Mark Schmuckler

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ISBN-13: 9781134808571
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 05/13/2013
Series: Studies in Perception and Action
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 408
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Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Contributors. Part I: Perception. Vision. S.S. Valenti, L. Sconzo, A. Costall, Perception Of Lifted Weight In Photographs and Stick-Figure Displays. R. Hoeger, Stimulus Complexity Determined By Fractal Geometry. G.M. Redding, A.J. Kramen, J.L. Hankins, The Müller-Lyer Illusion As a Consequency of Picture Perception. J.M. Kennedy, C.D. Green, Inference and Pattern in Perception Theory. T.R. Alley, A.M. Olson, "Body-Image" Distortion and Accurancy of Size Perception for Inanimate Objects. I. Kumazawa, J.M. Kennedy, K. Suzuki, Blur Selectively Affects the Bases for Alignment:  Position and Orientation. C.H. Liu, A. Chaudhuri, Learning Faces Through Bi-Quantised Pictures. T.R. Alley, Can Temporal Direction Affect Memory for Pictures of Events? S.H. Creem, M. Wraga, D.R. Proffitt, The Relevance of Imagined Self-Rotations. B. DeBruyn, M.F. Bardshaw, Predicting Where and When Hidden Moving Objects Reappear. M.M. Muchisky, Trajectory Forms as Visual Information in Bounce Events. S. Runeson, P. Juslin, H. Olsson, Evidence for the Directness of Advanced Information Pickup. S.B. Flynn, H.F. Russell, D.M. Deron, Magnitude Production of Relative Mass:  A Preliminary Study. C.M. Burns, Measuring Visible Information In Mediated Environments. F.T.J.M. Zaal, R.C. Schmidt, Visual Perception of Relative Phase and Phase Variability. G. Huper-Graff, J. Meyer, Judging Coordinatedness Of Stimuli. L. Li, W.H. Warren, Heading Perception During Combined Observer Translation and Rotation. B.R. Fajen, N.G. Kim, Robustness of Heading Perception Along Circular Paths. K.L. Anderson, A.J. Peck, C. Carello, Rotational Inertia Constrains Perception of Object Length by Sound. K. Ito, Auditory Interceptive Timing and Familiarity With Acoustic Environment. M.K. Russell, Acoustic Perception of Aperture Passability. M.K. Russell, Acoustic Perception of Sound Source Occlusion. L. Brancazio, C.T. Best, C.A Fowler, Constraints on a Nonspeech Effect. C. Dent-Read, Metaphor in the Surround:  Adult Metaphoric Utterances and the Emergence of Metaphor. J. Pittenger, J. Jordan, A. Belden, P. Goodspeed, F. Brown, Auditory and Haptic Information Support Perception of Size. S.C. Pont, A.M.L. Kappers, J.J. Koenderink, Local Attitudes are the Effective Stimuli for Haptic Curvature Discrimination. I.M.L.C. Vogels, A.M.L. Kappers, J.J. Koenderink, Influence of Orientation on the Haptic After-Effect of Cylindrical Survaces. B. Hughes, The Perceptual Recovery of Texture Gradients By Active Touch. E.L. Amazeen, Effects of Volume On Perceived Heaviness. G. Mirabella, Haptic Perception of Block Letters in the Horizontal Plane. Part II: Perception-Action Coupling. T.A Stoffregen, K. Gorday, Y. Sheng, S.B. Flynn, Kinematic Specification of Affordances. G. Pepping, F. Li, Perceiving Action Boundaries in the Volleyball Block. K.M. Gorday, Perceiving Action Capabilities of Others:  Age Effects. J.R. Pijpers, F.C. Bakker, F. Holsheimer, Fatigue and Reachability. D. Heffernan, J.A. Thomson, Perceiving What is Reachable During Rapid Growth in Adolescence. A. Szokolszky, Using an Object as if it Were Another. The Perception and Use of Affordances in Pretend Object Play. P. Zukow-Goldring, Words Are Not Enough:  How Educating Effectivites and Affordances Fosters the Early Lexicon. J.C. Rutkowska, E. Baines, Perceiving, Discovering and Constructing Affordances. S.S. Valenti, K. Wagner, M. Sobel, Possible Informational Bases For the Perception of Rapport. A. Yonas, R. Ross, M. Erdahl.The Functional Division of Visual Information Under Induced Motion. A. Blumental, A. Rouse, K.Grandt, L. Mark, Preferred Citical Boundaries for Reaching in the Vertical Plane. C.C. Pagano, A Haptic Perturbation To Visually-Guided Reaching. J.K. Graham, M.F. Bradshaw, A.M. Davis, The Effect of Temporal Delay on Pointing Accuracy in Adults and Children. P. Magne, Y. Coello, The Influence of Visual Context on Movement Accuracy is Dependent on Its Location in the Environment. I. Flascher, F. Zaal, G. Bingham, Measuring Shape and Egocentric Distance Perception Through Reaching. D.L. Gardner, J. Paasche, H. Edkins, T. Hirons, L.S. Mark, M.J. Dainoff, Task Constraints on the Preferred Critical Boundary for Visually-Guided Reaching. E.A. Wickelgren, D.S. McConnell, G.P. Bingham, Monocular Distance Perception via Forward Versus Lateral Head Movements. J. van der Kamp, T. Planinsek, G. Savelsbergh, Timing of Interceptive Action in Children. W.H. Warren, B.A. Kay, The Focus of Expansion is Used To Control Walking. A.P. Duchon, W.H. Warren, An Ecological Approach to Mobile Robotics. C.S. Stergiou, K.E. Adolph, M.W. Alibali, A.M. Avolio, C. Cenedella, Social Expressions in Infant Locomotion:  Vocalizations and Gestures on Slopes. M. Eppler, T. Satterwhite, J. Wendt, K. Bruce, Infants' Responses to a Visual Cliff and Other Ground Surfaces. J. Wendt, M.Eppler, K. Bruce, Infants' Ability to Detour Around Apertures and Obstacles. R.P. Grutzmacher, J.T. Andre, D.A. Owens, Gaze Inclination:  A Source of Oculomotor Information for Distance Perception. M.A. Schmuckler, H.Y. Tsang, Visual-Movement Interaction in Infant Search. J.A. Stevens, Processing Specificity in Visual and Motor Imagery. M. Butwill, Is Haptic Space Isotropic? K.G. Donahue, C.C. Pagano, Perceiving Lengths of Roads Wielded in Different Mediums. M.M. Burke, E.L. Amazeen, Object Visibility and the Inertia Tensor as Factors in the Size-Weight Illusion. A. Post, P.J. Beek, Measuring Entropy in Cascade Juggling. L.J. Smart, R.J. Pagulayan, Motion Sickness Without Imposed Motion. Part III: Action. J.F. Stins, C.F. Michaels, Intention Determines Oscillatory Tracking Performance. C.E. Peper, P.J. Beek, The Role of Amplitude in Frequency-Induced Transitions in Rhythmic Tracking. H. Park, Continuous Frequency Modulation of Symmetric and Asymmetric Coordination Dynamics. P.J. Treffner, J.A.S. Kelso, Scale-Invariant Memory During Functional Stabilization. D.R. Collins, Relative Coordination Reconsidered:  A Stochastic Account. C. Button, S. Bennett, K. Davids, Comparing Discrete and Cyclical Movement Coordination of Prehension. J.J. Temprado, M. Della-Grasta, M. Farell, M. Laurent, Expert-Novice Comparison of Coordination Patterns in the Volleyball Serve. P.G. Amazeen, Learning a New Phase Relation Modifies the Intrinsic Dynamics. C.M. Craig, D.N. Lee, Control of Sucking in Term and Preterm Infants. R.C. Schnidt, K. McGregor, The Auditory Coordination of Between-Person Rhythmic Movements. F. Li, Effect of Dynamic Constraints in Interceptive Actions. P. Cesari, T. Shiratori, the Active Troque-Angle Relation During Arm Motion Shows Linearity Even with Changes in the External Load. B. Pavis, M. Broderick, K. Newell, The Adiabatic Transformation Hypothesis in a Ball-Bouncing Task. M.A. Riley, S. Mitra, Active Degrees of Freeedom of Oscillatory Hand Movements. U. Stroop, P. Fitzpatrick, Inertial Tensor Manipulations of Length Perception by Static Holding. M. Santana, Minimal Movement and Selective Perception by Dynamic Touch. B.G. Bardy, L. Marin, R.J. Botsma, The Emergence of Postural Coordination Modes. L. Marin, Biomechanics as a (Limited) Constraint on Postural Coordination. F. Fouque, B.G. Bardy, Effects of Postural Stability on Perception-Movement Coupling. T.A. Stoffregen, L.J. Smart, Postural Stabilization of Visual Fixati

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