Studies in Systemic Phonology

Studies in Systemic Phonology

by Paul Tench


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ISBN-13: 9781474246705
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 12/17/2015
Series: Linguistics: Bloomsbury Academic Collections
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Paul Tench is an Associate Researcher at the Cardiff School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University, UK.

Table of Contents

From Prosodic Analysis to Systemic Phonology Paul Tench
Part I. Segments and Syllables
1 Towards a Systemic Account of Gooniyandi Segmental Phonology William B. Mcgregor
2 English Consonant Clusters: A Systemic Approach David Young
3 Length in Telugu V. Prakasam
4 The Pharyngealization System in Algerian Spoken Arabic Djafar Eddaikra and Paul Tench
5 Systems for Open Syllabics in North Welsh John Kelly
6 A Systemic Interpretation of Peking Syllable Finals M. A. K Halliday
7 Non-Segmental Phonology and Variable Rules: Investigating Variation in Singapore Mandarin Nasal Finals Graham Lock
Part II. Tones and Tonality
8 An Instrumental Analysis of English Nuclear Tones David L. E. Watt
9 Tone And the Status of Information Paul Tench
10 Tone Groups and Reported Speech in Swahili Joan Maw
Part III. Discourse and New Directions
11 Monostratal Phonology and Speech Synthesis John Coleman And John Local
12 Language as Tranquilizer: A Phonostylistic Study of Some Yoruba Lullabies Niyi Oladeji
13 Prosodic Cohesion In A Systemic Perspective: Philip Larkin Reading 'Toads Revisited' Martin Davies
14 Rhythm And Social Context: Accent and Juncture in the Speech of Professional Radio Announcers Theo Van Leeuwen

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