Studies in the Book of Daniel: A Bible Commentary on the History, Captivity and Language of Prophet Daniel

Studies in the Book of Daniel: A Bible Commentary on the History, Captivity and Language of Prophet Daniel

by Robert Dick Wilson


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This commentary on the Biblical Book of Daniel answers crucial questions about the significance of his prophecy, and of the culture he lived among.

Not content with simply interpreting the prophecy of Daniel, Robert Dick Wilson delves into the social, historical and cultural aspects of ancient Babylonia. The significance of Nebuchadnezzar II in the story of Daniel, how his dreams were interpreted to become some of the most significant aspects of Old Testament prophecy, is discussed.

Other chapters focus on the Chaldeans and their society, the opposition that Babylon had to Israel - Daniel himself being a captive Hebrew man, taken from his homeland as a child - and the possibility that Nebuchadnezzar was mentally ill. The allusions to the events at the King's court in the Book of Daniel are examined in detail, with conclusions drawn to the most reasonable extent possible.

Certain elements of the story - such as Daniel being placed in a den of lions - are deemed to have been likely. The existence of vast prides of lions roaming the-then very fertile Euphrates plains, and the discovery of lion reliefs and sculpture in ancient Babylonian excavations, make a specially built den of lions a distinct possibility.

Robert Dick Wilson was a linguist who studied the Bible. Fluent in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and other ancient tongues, his scholarly gifts were famous in his native Pennsylvania and beyond. Part of the Presbytarian movement, he spent most of his life seeking to prove the veracity and truth of the Biblical lore.

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Publication date: 06/21/2019
Pages: 182
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Table of Contents

Introduction.. iv

Chapter One - The Argument from Silence. 10

Chapter Two - Was Daniel An Historical Character?. 21

Chapter Three - Jehoiakim’s Third Year and The Argument from Silence. 30

Chapter Four - Nebuchadnezzar’s Expedition Against Jerusalem... 38

Chapter Five - The Use of The Word “King”. 50

Chapter Six – Belshazzar. 56

Chapter Seven - Darius The Mede. 72

Chapter Eight - The Medes and the Conquest of Babylon. 80

Chapter Nine - Darius The Mede and the Kings of Persia. 88

Excursus on the Words for Land, People, and Nation. 101

Chapter Ten - Darius The Mede Not A Confusion with Darius Hystaspis 108

Chapter Eleven - Darius The Mede Not A Reflection of Darius Hystaspis 118

Chapter Twelve - Darius The Mede Not A Reflection (Continued). 126

Chapter Thirteen - Other Alleged Confusions of Kings. 139

Chapter Fourteen – Susa. 145

Chapter Fifteen - Nebuchadnezzar’s Madness. 148

Chapter Sixteen - Were the Edicts of Kings Possible?. 154

Chapter Seventeen - The Chaldeans. 165

Bibliography of Principle Works Cited. 178

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