Studying Cat Behaviour

Studying Cat Behaviour

by Karen Whiteley


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Does the environment in which the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) lives influence the development and continuance of undesirable behaviours?

The aim of this study was to investigate whether cats sharing resources in multi-cat households show more undesirable behaviours than cats that were not forced to share. The study also examines whether the amount of indoor space and outdoor access influences cat behaviour within the home.

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About the Author

For many years I was ignorant to the plight of many captive and wild animals, until the day that Tigger entered my life. This energetic ball of fur raised my curiosity of the feline species and the problems that can occur when two completely different creatures share their living space, whether it's a small house in the North of England or the planet that we take for granted. After volunteering my time at an animal sanctuary in Blackburn my interest in animal behaviour ignited and over a period of four years I obtained a Foundation Degree in Animal Health and Welfare and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training, and used this valuable opportunity to study the species that I share my home with.

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