Sub Pop 200

Sub Pop 200


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With the exception of the Melvins, at the point Sub Pop 200 was released the label had virtually every important Seattle band on its roster. Here 20 bands get to strut their stuff in the premainstream alternative rock world. And many of the bands that helped alternative rock reach its popularity are represented here, including Soundgarden, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, and Green River (which would mutate into Pearl Jam). Strangely enough, most of these bands do not have the standout tracks on the album. The Fastbacks try to steal the show with their charged cover of Green River's "Swallow My Pride," but the Walkabouts might have the best song here with their folk-rocker "Got No Chains." Mudhoney covers the Bette Midler torch song "The Rose," while the Chemistry Set have an impressive entry with "Underground." The Thrown Ups also show up with the best song in their catalog, "You Lost It." The album as a whole is really good; there are few standouts, but everything is solid. Many will buy the album for the Nirvana track "Spank Thru," which is decent, but hopefully those listeners will stick around for the good obscure grunge tracks included.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/12/1995
Label: Sub Pop
UPC: 0098787002522
catalogNumber: 25

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Beat Happening   Track Performer
Fastbacks   Track Performer
Mark Lanegan   Vocals
Mudhoney   Track Performer
Nirvana   Track Performer
Screaming Trees   Track Performer
Soundgarden   Track Performer
Tad   Track Performer
Bill Henderson   Guitar
Blood Circus   Track Performer
Cat Butt   Track Performer
Jack Endino   Background Vocals
Steve Fisk   Noise,Sampling,Track Performer
Fluid   Track Performer
Girl Trouble   Track Performer
Green River   Track Performer
Walkabouts   Track Performer
Alex Laipeneiks   Drums
Buddy Love   Bass
Jeff Ament   Bass
Mark Arm   Guitar,Vocals
Steven Jesse Bernstein   Voices,Track Performer
Matt Bischoff   Bass,Vocals
Kurt Bloch   Guitar
Bootsy Collins   Guitar
Matt Cameron   Drums
Bill Campbell   Bass
Chad Channing   Drums
James Clower   Guitar
Kurt Cobain   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Cornell   Vocals
Kurt Danielson   Bass
Doug Day   Drums
Tad Doyle   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Eckman   Guitar,Vocals
Greg Freeman   Bass
Terry Lee Hale   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Jeff   Bass
Calvin Johnson   Vocals
Nate Johnson   Drums
Judah   Vocals
Kurt P. Kendall   Vocals
Rick Kulwicki   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Lukin   Bass
Krist Novoselic   Bass
Dan Peters   Drums
Mark Pickerel   Drums
Garrett Shavlik   Drums,Vocals
Kim Thayil   Guitar,Vocals
Gary Thorstensen   Guitar
Carla Torgerson   Cello,Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Turner   Guitar
Kim Warnick   Bass,Vocals
Michael Wells   Bass,Harmonica
Steve Wied   Drums
Hiro Yamamoto   Bass
Michael Anderson   Guitar,Vocals
Thrown Ups   Track Performer
Gary Lee Conner   Guitar
Van Conner   Bass
Sam Albright   Guitar
Rod Ho   Guitar,Vocals
Scott Sutherland   Guitar,Vocals
Rob Vasquez   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Owen   Guitar
Brendon Shriane   Percussion,Tambourine,Vocals
James Burdyshaw   Guitar
David E. Duet   Vocals
Chris Pugh   Guitar
Scott "Guitar" Schikler   Drums
Andy Springsheen   Bass
Geoff Robinson   Guitar
T-Man   Bass
Scott Vanderpool   Drums
Mathew Jones   Drums,Vocals
Heather Lewis   Drums
Swallow   Track Performer
Chemistry Set   Track Performer
John Robinson   Vocals
Calvin   Vocals
Stone   Guitar
Bon Henderson   Drums
Dean Gunderson   Bass
A-Lex   Drums
Nights and Days   Track Performer
Matthew Perryman Jones   Drums,Vocals
Manny Eldorado   Guitar
Tom Ewers   Guitar
Jarrett O'Bryan   Bass
Alex   Drums
Grant Eckman   Drums

Technical Credits

Jack Endino   Engineer
Steve Fisk   Engineer
Charles Burns   Illustrations
Bruce Calder   Engineer
Kurt Cobain   Composer
Chris Hanzsek   Engineer
Lisa Orth   Artwork

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