Subject Teaching and Teacher Education in the New Century: Research and Innovation

Subject Teaching and Teacher Education in the New Century: Research and Innovation


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This 544-page book has 22 chapters prepared by experienced and renowned scholars and researchers from different parts of the world. Grouped into three sections- "Information Technology, Science and Mathematics", "Social Sciences and General Studies", and "Languages" - the chapters represent an important collection of international endeavours committed to facilitate the much needed paradigm shift in subject curriculum and pedagogy and reinforce the quest for a new knowledge base that can support the search for new conceptions, models, perspectives, innovations, and practices for teaching effectiveness and teacher development in different parts of the world. The target audiences are teacher educators, educators, graduate students, researchers, policy makers and those interested to reform education and teacher education in the new century.

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ISBN-13: 9789629490607
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 03/31/2002
Edition description: 2002
Pages: 544
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Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Searching for Paradigm Shift in Subject Teaching and Teacher Education. 2. Technology and Design Education: Are We Developing Professionals or Technicians? M. Fleer. 3. Integration of Information Technology into Teaching: The Complexity and Challenges of Implementation of Curricular Changes in Singapore; Z. Deng, S. Gopinathan. 4. Information Technology in Education: The Challenge of Adopting World Wide Web as Learning Resources; E.M.W. Ng, R.M.W. Leung. 5. IT Training for Science Teachers Through a Subject-based Approach: Framework and Needs Analysis; Y.Y. Yeung, et al. 6. Teacher's Attitudes on the Use of Information Technology in Primary Science Education; W.W.M. So. 7. Introducing IT in Mathematics Education: Prospects for Curriculum Revision and Teacher Training; G. Dettori. 8. A Framework to Facilitate Professional Growth in Mathematics Teaching Through Action Research; M. Taplin. 9. In-service Training of Mathematics Teachers in Ashram Schools; S.C. Agarkar, H.C. Pradhan. 10. Pre-service Primary Teacher's Affective Characteristics Towards Mathematics and Mathematics Education; H.K. Leung. 11. Preparing Teachers for the New Civics Education; K.J. Kennedy. 12. Preparing Future Secondary Teachers for Citizenship Educator Roles: A Possible Direction for Pre-service Education in the New Century; P.K. Kubow. 13. An Inclusive Curriculum Proposal for Teacher Education in the 21st Century; C.Y.M. Yuen. 14. Implementation of Sex Education in Secondary Schools and Implications for Teacher Education and Development; S.C. Fok. 15. Interdisciplinary Curriculum: A Case Study of General Studies Teaching; N.Y. Cheng, Y.W. Lo-Fu. 16. Teaching Through a Lens: The Role of Subject Expertise in the Teaching of Geography; D. Lambert. 17. Marginal Subjects: Towards a Site of Possibility in the Teaching of Home Economics; D. Pendergast. 18. 'Why Does She Call Me 'Darling'?' – and Affect in Overseas Language Immersion Programs; V. Crew, P. Bodycott. 19. Teacher Education for TESOL in Malaysia: The Pursuance of Conformity in the Context of Cultural Diversity; M. Nalliah, R. Thiyagarajah. 20. An Alternative Team Teaching Model for Content-based Instruction; T. Stewart, et al. 21. The Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme in Hong Kong; D.H. Lu, B.F. Wong. 22. The Effectiveness of Developing Pre-service Foreign Language Teachers Through a School-University Partnership; D.W. Robinson.

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