Success as an Adult Internet Model

Success as an Adult Internet Model

by Tony Perfect
3.8 10

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Success as an Adult Internet Model 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Pandit More than 1 year ago
Its not very difficult to establish thyself as a successful adult model.By following the basic instruction prescribed by this book,you can be a famous adult model.But I think it is difficult to keep going with the same pace.For this you will need to appoint a prefect manager or agent whatever you like to call,who will take care of your business.Don't proof yourself as a fool by just appointing your boy friend or photographer as your manager.You really need a real professional for this job.A real professional can take you to the peak of success.He/she will handle your contract certainly better than your boy friend.A better manager will bring you more business than anyone else.So don't take any wrong decision in this case.A nonprofessional manager is more than enough to destroy your whole carrier.Be careful with your decision and keep going.
Feroz More than 1 year ago
Now a days,working for internet is very common and it will bring you more money than many other typical job.At the same time you will be famous all over the world by doing adult modeling.But you need to learn lots of thing to take adult modeling as a profession.This book can help you with all the information you will need to know to become an adult model.Besides all other necessary things,I want to suggest you to be careful with your contracts with the producers.Never work with someone who you can't trust.Another important thing is mentioned in this book,that is about your name.Your parents surely didn't give you the name that suits a model.Therefore you need to pick one for yourself which can easily draw attention of others.Two most important things for an adult model are his/her look and name.You can change your look anytime by having a different hair cut,some unusual dress but you should not change your name if you want to keep getting business.So be thoughtful with your name.
Rahul_ice More than 1 year ago
If you consider money as the only objective of life,then this is the book you should read right now!This book will teach you how to get those money to make your life more comfortable.You don't even need to work every day to earn.In fact by reading this book,you can become a famous adult model,which will bring you all those money.But things are not so easy as it seems.You need to know all those tricks to shine as an adult model."THE SAIM 9 RULES" as suggested by this book will certainly help you to learn those tricks.But first of all you have to take it seriously,you have to consider this as your job like any other job you have done before.You have to committed to your work and to him or her who appoint you.One last thing,Adult modeling is not that kind of jobs,which will make your parents proud!You should consider that part of your life before taking any steps.
Mili More than 1 year ago
If you are interested in adult modeling,you might find this book as your perfect teacher.This book mentioned all those things you have to consider to become a famous adult model.For example,you have to choose an attractive name,have to learn how to speak and write better English and so on.But the most important thing is that,you have to shoot your photos by real professional,don't try to do this yourself by using your cell phone.Another important thing to remember,never submit your resume to someone you can't trust.This is important because this may cause misuse of your pictures of videos.This single mistake can damage your dream to become an adult model forever.Anyway thanks to the author for writing such an informative book.
Badhon More than 1 year ago
This book let us know every single information about adult modeling for the internet.It shows both the good and bad things associated with adult modeling.As it says,this particular job may bring you a lots of money but it will take your privacy away.Your friends and family may leave you for doing this kind of act,at the same time it will bring money which will bring new friends for you!Life will be more colorful with this money.Now decision is yours,weather you want to do it or not,One thing I would like to remind you that once you do even a single act,there will be no way to get back,because your picture or video will be spread within minutes all over the world.So please be thoughtful,do exactly that what your heart suggests.
Rohan_ru More than 1 year ago
If you are with out a job and looking for one for a long time,but yet to get a suitable one for you,then this book may bring you a completely new job with the assurance of a great amount of money.All you need to have a decent look.Of course there are some other qualification,you will need to meet,but achieving those may seem very easy to you once you finished reading this book.Yes,I'm talking about adult modeling.This book will lead you all the way to become a successful adult model.You just need to be careful of some basic rule which are explained in every details in this book.But I think the most important thing is to choose a right producer to work with.You will find many producer around you with different rank as mentioned in this book,but you need to find a real professional,who will surely lift you above the others.
Bminorflatted7 More than 1 year ago
In what is essentially "Everything you need to know about" for adult internet modeling, Mr. Perfect offers up advice and anecdotes helpful to those who would seek to start or further their career as an adult model on the internet. The book adopts an informative tone neither glamorizing or disenchanting to the reader and offers an abundance of advice: from obvious thing like hygiene and finance control to the not so obvious, such as proper English and healthy eating. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to get involved in adult entertainment as it seems to cover all the trials and pitfalls the internet can throw at you; no easy task. I found it both informative and entertaining with little filler and no misinformation. If you like honest judge of your chances in the industry, this is the book for you.
Delightfulmare More than 1 year ago
Would you have considered Adult Internet modeling as a career? Honestly the thought had not crossed my mind until I had read "Success as an Adult Internet Model", by Tony Perfect. In his book he describes, what I would call, the basic principles for success that an aspiring model needs to follow to be successful in the cutthroat business of adult modeling. The book is written in an easy flowing conversational tone that invites the reader to continue reading to the end, even his effort at the beginning to dissuade the 'would be' model from a modeling career draws the reader into further investigation. This e-book is quite comprehensive, from the definitions, right up to it's wrap-up without being too detailed, making it a light but meaningful read, especially for those who don't enjoy reading. It's well thought-out, giving the reader a broad perspective of what to look out for in pursuing an adult internet modeling career. It covers subjects such as investing in the future not just with relation to a pension fund but also to leaving the industry, promoting oneself using the internet, from registering on modeling sites to having your own website, choosing the right name, appointing an agent and/or manager, accounting and tax issues as well as legal issues, know the business, well-being and many more. Actually anyone looking to start a small business could benefit from this e-book. The main message in my opinion is plain and simple - get to know your industry, diversify, work hard and stay away from the bad influences such as drugs, smoking and alcohol and success will be your achievement.
Feroz_ahmed More than 1 year ago
By doing adult modeling you can earn a lots of money that's for sure.But be careful with your spending.Don't just waste your money.Be sure to pay your business expenses,health expenses,promotional expenses and so on.Be thoughtful,save a part of your earnings for the future.Another important thing is your health.You can earn money by doing adult modeling as long as you have a good physic.You should take good care of your health.One last thing,never stay far from your friends and family for so long.The company of your friends and family member will keep you fresh mentally.It is important because the same kind of act may cause your mind to feel stressed,which will eventually affect quality of your act.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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