Success By Ten: George Russells Top Ten Elements to Building a Billion-Dollar Business

Success By Ten: George Russells Top Ten Elements to Building a Billion-Dollar Business

by George F. Russell Jr., Michael Sheldon


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ISBN-13: 9780470537275
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/23/2009
Pages: 208
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George F. Russell Jr. pioneered the business of pension fundconsulting in the late 1960s and was named in 1993 as one of thefour most influential people in the world of institutionalinvesting. He is the creator of the Russell 2000 Index and thevisionary behind Frank Russell Company, one of the world's leadinginvestment management and advisory firms, with offices in financialcenters worldwide. George Russell received the Lillywhite Awardfrom the Employee Benefits Research Council for outstandinglifetime contributions to enhancing Americans' economic security in1998, the CFA Institute's Thomas L. Hansberger Leadership in GlobalInvesting Award in 2008, and the Woodrow Wilson Award for PublicService in 2009.

Michael Sheldon worked at Frank Russell Company from 1993to 1999, writing marketing materials and helping George Russelldraft articles and client communications. He cofounded XMediaCommunications in 1999 to provide marketing, copywriting, creativecontent, and strategy to a diverse clientele.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Non-Negotiable Integrity.

Building Character.

Reach for the Summit.

Our Business is Based on Trust.

Integrity is More Important than the Bottom Line.

Do the Right Thing.

Integrity Cannot Be Negotiable.

Chapter 2 Persistence, Patience, and Cold Calls.

Early Days at Frank Russell Company.

Building a Retail Sales Operation.

Harvard to the Rescue.

The Cold Call.

Paul Kaltinick’s Perspective.

A Unique Selling Proposition.

Evolving the Business Model.


Top 40 Hits: 1970–1974.

Minimal Debt; Reinvest.


Chapter 3 Hire People Smarter Than You Are.

The Need for Innovation in Pension Fund Management.

Peter Dietz and His Method of Performance Measurement.

Helane Grill, Madelyn Smith, and Joan Sobba—The ThreeMusketeers of Manager Research.

Creating a Universe.

A New Process for a New Industry.

Madelyn Smith Shows Her Style.

Russ Fogler—Pioneer of Asset Allocation.

Duncan Smith Asks the Tough Questions—and AnswersThem.

Don Ezra Defines the Right Way to Be a Fiduciary.

The Best Investment I Ever Made.


Chapter 4 Be Creative.

The Treasurer’s Club: They’re Not LaughingAnymore.

Blake Eagle Puts Real Estate on the Map.

London Calling.

Our Battle to Exceed Client Expectations.

A Funny Thing Happened on May 1, 1980.

The Only Difference is the Zeros.

Making It Fly.

FRTC’s All-Stars.

From Wall Street to Main Street.

Concentric Circles.

Chapter 5 Work Hard.

Setting the Tone.

The 120 Percent People.

Work is Only a Means to an End.

Incentives that Worked.

Growth and Change.

Chapter 6 Share Credit.

Getting Rid of Titles.

Stars of the Investment Industry.

The A Team.

Our Biggest Mistake.

Plenty to Celebrate.

Sharing Credit—Globally.

Sharing Ownership.

Chapter 7 Recognize Luck.

Are You a Decision Maker?

The Decision Factory.

Decision Triggers.

Kelly Haughton Builds a Better Benchmark.

GM Starts with a Clean Slate.

Crossing the Threshold.

Testing the Concept.

How Much is Luck and How Much is Skill?

A Grammatical Postscript.


Chapter 8 Plan Transitions.

Hire and Train Your Replacement.

The Apprenticeship of Michael Phillips.

Mike Takes the Helm.

Continuity of Culture.

Selling the Company.

Closing the Deal—Complementary Skills.

Moving Forward.

Chapter 9 Take Risks.

New Opportunities.

The Inspiration of John Mroz.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Access Matters.

Russell’s Venture in Alternative Investing.

Asset Allocation is Rocket Science.

The Final Frontier?

Chapter 10 Have Fun.

Fun in the Himalayas.

The Russell Sabbatical Program.

Fun at Work.

Transition to Philanthropy.

New Adventures: Russian Puppets and Nuclear Waste.

EastWest Institute.

The National Bureau of Asian Research.

The Pacific Health Summit.

The Business Humanitarian Forum.

One Nation Brings Together Americans of Different Faiths.

A Child’s Right.


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