Success in the Arts: What It Takes to Make It in Creative Fields

Success in the Arts: What It Takes to Make It in Creative Fields

by A. Michael Shumate


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ISBN-13: 9780995058453
Publisher: Elfstone Press
Publication date: 08/11/2017
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

A. Michael Shumate is a career graphic designer and illustrator whose work has been used all over the world. He was a Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration at St. Lawrence College for twenty-five years. Son of an artist and a musician, husband to a music teacher, and father to more musicians, filmmakers, a writer, a fine woodworker and a photographer, the principles that Michael teaches in "Success in the Arts" apply equally to all of the arts.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Personal Experience

1. Who Is the Grand Poobah?

2. Fame at an Early Age

3. Trial By Ordeal

4. The Issue of Talent

5. To Catch A Monkey

• Eat an Elephant

6. Challenging Decisions

Section 2: Talent

7. Everybody has some talents

• The Magic of Talent

• Inclination, Aptitude and Skill

• Talent and Tangent Skills

• Craft 8. Discover Your Talents

• Intelligence • Personal Strengths

• Dyslexia • Nurture or Nature?

9. Models of Talent

• The Soil Model

• The Seed Model

• Why Worry About It?

10. What is Creativity?

• What Creativity Isn’t

• What Creativity Is

• Brainstorming

• Thinking Outside the Box

• Using Your Back Burner •

Section 3: Smarts

11. Using Your Smarts

• Learning Tricks

• The Cycle

• Seek a Mentor

• Cultivate Challenging Peers

12. Conventions, Rules and Principles

• Conventions • Rules • Principles

• Popular Art or Purist?

13. Getting the Breaks

• Luck or Leverage?

Get Out There

• Underestimating Your Profession

• Work Your Plan

• The Art of Sacrifice

• Marketing Yourself

• Attitude Equals Altitude

• Aim for the Top

• Networking

14. Don’t Pop Your Own Bubble

• Ease Off Before You Pop

• Influence, Homage and Plagiarism

• Finding Your Own Voice

• Never Stop Learning

• Take Care of Important Things

15. Prima Donna or Professional

• The Balancing Act

• Walk the Fine Line

Section 4: Heart

16. Paying Your Dues

• Einstein, Mozart and da Vinci

• Stretching Yourself

• Get Going

• Tough times

• Face your bullies

17. You Gotta Have Heart

• Facing Criticism

• Personal Taste

• Valid Criticism

• Consider Your sources

• You Still Have to Be Yourself

18. Getting and Giving

• Life As Art

• Teaching to Give Back and Learn

• No One Wants to be a Wannabe

• Don’t give up

19. What If I Don’t Make It?

• Suppose I don’t Meet My Goals?

• The Journey and the Destination

20. Final Words

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