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Suffer the Flesh

Suffer the Flesh

4.7 4
by Monica J. O'Rourke

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Zoey always wished she was thinner. One day she meets a strange woman who informs her of an ultimate weight-loss program, and Zoey is quickly abducted off the streets of Manhattan and forced into this program. Zoey's enrolling whether she wants to or not.

Held hostage with many other women, Zoey is forced into degrading acts of perversion for the


Zoey always wished she was thinner. One day she meets a strange woman who informs her of an ultimate weight-loss program, and Zoey is quickly abducted off the streets of Manhattan and forced into this program. Zoey's enrolling whether she wants to or not.

Held hostage with many other women, Zoey is forced into degrading acts of perversion for the amusement of her captors. With no hope and no means of escape, Zoey must survive by complying with every sick demand and humiliation.

The only thing worse is what Zoey will have to do to get out...

Monica J. O'Rourke and Deadite Press present the classic novel of sex, torture, and just how far someone will go to lose weight.

This new edition features the bonus story Nurturing Type.

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Suffer The Flesh 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I will start by say don't buy this book if you have a weak stomach. It takes Hardcore Horror to the limit. There were scenes in Suffer the Flesh that had me squirming in my chair. There were even a couple scenes were I almost lost my lunch, and I have a very strong stomach. The Story is very scary and intense. I was wrapped up in it from the first page. A Woman is kidnapped, and forced to endure some of the most vile and painful Tortures imaginable. She is literally taken to her physical and mental breaking points. My heart poured out for her. The story also moves at an incredible pace. I flew through the pages. The Characters in this story were well developed. I found myself loving some, and completely loathing others. I especially loved Zoey, and Claudia. They seemed to jump out of the pages. I really enjoyed Suffer the Flesh. Monica has a knack for writing some of the most Hardcore Literature out there. I wouldn't suggest this book to just anyone. Monica doesn't pull any punches. She doesn't leave anything for the imagination, but with that being said if you can handle Brutality, and Extreme Sexual Perversion you will love this story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
needless to say, not for all tastes, but for those who love lots of violence/gore, graphic rape and brutal torture will find much to love. I admire authors who aren't afraid to go to the extremes, but at the same time tell a good story, which is certainly true here. Zoey is a very likeable character; we feel for her through her suffering(and ours). Like a nasty car crash, this is painful to look at but somehow we can't turn away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am unsure how to rate this book. Five stars for gross, terrible torture, absolute gut wrenching gore! If you like that. One star if anything above seems a hair over what you normally read. I love horror books, Laymon, Ketchum, Koontz, Lee etc. I wasn't quite expecting such a powerful book when I bought this. I can almost say I'm embarrassed to own this, however if you like this type of book it was super. The book starts off from the very begining grabbing you, you have feelings for Zoey...and all the other women. You have to read it because you have to know what happens...you want to put the book down because it will disgust you, it will disgust anyone who reads it with a heart. I read the other review and agree with it. You must read this at your own risk. The other review warned you and I will too. Be aware that this book is NOT FOR EVERYONE...probably not for ninety percent of the population. The other ten percent are sick...I suppose that includes me.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like the ¿splatter-punk¿ fiction of Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, and John Skipp & Craig Spector, then you¿re going to be in pig heaven with Monica J. O¿Rourke¿s first novel, SUFFER THE FLESH. Consider Ms. O¿Rourke to be the female version of the above authors, but with writing that hits you with the force of a stake being driven into the heart! Her novel is about Zoey Masterson, a big girl who¿d like to lose thirty-or-forty pounds. One afternoon, while scouting through the diet section of a Manhattan book store, Zoey¿s approached by a stranger named Mel, who used to the same size as her and knows exactly what she¿s going through. Mel tells Zoey about a mysterious diet plan that¿s guaranteed to get the weight off of her, and it¿s absolutely free. Mel then apologizes for what¿s about to happen and disappears. Later, kidnapped off of the street as she¿s leaving the store by two men posing as cops, Zoey is drugged and taken to a hidden research facility where the process of losing weight begins. Once she awakens from her drugged state, our heroine is raped and tortured by the men who run the facility. Zoey, however, isn¿t the only victim being subjected to such severe measures. There are at least sixteen other women at the facility, experiencing the same brutal degradation. Escape seems to be impossible. It¿s only when a group of visitors arrive, who have paid a large sum of money for the privilege of using these helpless women for their own perverted pleasures, that everything turns into a life or death situation. Zoey and her fellow prisoners must find a way to fight back and escape, or risk facing a hideous death, filled with unbelievable pain and the most horrible humiliation. SUFFER THE FLESH will leave you utterly speechless, not to mention shocked and numb from what the female characters in the book have to endure. This novel is NOT for the queasy or fainthearted, but rather for those sick readers (yeah, I¿m included) who occasionally like to plunge into a novel that can literally gross you out with its gore and violence. Beyond that, Ms. O¿Rourke (I¿d love to sit down with her for an hour to talk about her childhood) proves to be a capable and very talented writer who doesn¿t mind exploring the dark side of humanity. Her novel shows men at their worse, and women at their best as they struggle to overcome ADVERSITY with capital letters. Zoey, as well as the other female victims, is strong and smart and ready for some sweet revenge, though she is guilty of doing a few stupid things near the end of the book that had me pulling my hair out in frustration and wanting to give her a number of hard lashes with a whip. My motto is always anticipate the worse that can happen and prepare for it. If it doesn¿t happen¿great! If it does, then you¿re ready and won¿t be surprised. This isn¿t a book that will leave a smile on your face. If you want that, I suggest reading a Danielle Steel novel. Monica J. O¿Rourke, however, is an author who pulls no punches and won¿t apologize for the journey she takes you on. SUFFER THE FLESH is definitely a book you won¿t forget. Hey, you¿ve been warned!!!