Suffering, Spirituality and the Inner Journey Home: Walking the path from desperation and fear to the peace of lived awakening

Suffering, Spirituality and the Inner Journey Home: Walking the path from desperation and fear to the peace of lived awakening

by Marianne Broug


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There is an end to suffering.

With deep authenticity, wisdom, intimacy and courage, author Marianne Broug writes of her intense suffering, its transformation, and ultimately her awakening into Spirit or Consciousness as her true Home and the ultimate healer.

This book is a compelling and inspiring account of an ordinary woman living in ordinary suburbia, and her extraordinary journey to Truth and Oneness.

Rather than a chronological autobiography, Marianne invites the reader into topics such as suffering, suicide, soul, therapy and therapists, spiritual teachers, depression, creativity, courage, trauma, questions …

All of us on this journey need guidance, inspiration and support, no matter what stage we’re at. Rather than a quick-fix or self-help manual, this book is wise, raw and humble medicine from one who has gone before.

Here is rich depth that offers a path beyond the superficiality of the everyday world.

Here is inspiration, insight and reflection that speaks to our deepest doubts.

Here is a deep valuing of the wisdom we all carry within.

Here is prose, poetry, artwork and journaling in which to delight and delve.

Here is salve and succor for the sensitive and beautiful soul.

Here is a celebration of our humanity and our humanness.

And here also, are the gentle cautions to warn of dangers and pitfalls that may lie on the path ahead: in therapy, in spiritual teaching, in psychiatry, in ‘normality’, in quick-fixes, in spiritual bypassing, in New Age positivity, in over-conceptualization.

“In this one-of-a-kind book, Marianne Broug invites us in as intimate witnesses to her journey

Home through many black nights of the soul. Writing in the pure voice of Truth, she vividly portrays the paradox at the heart of the spiritual journey, that being willing to unflinchingly explore the depths of suffering ultimately liberates us from that suffering. For all of us who are in pain, this is a deeply inspiring book, showing us that there is an end to the agony, even when it seems it will go on forever. It helps us have faith that if we stay close to our own inner truth, whatever that may be in the moment, we will move towards freedom. As we absorb her words, we feel ourselves gently opening into a deeper sense of presence, affirming both our own potential for liberation and the unmistakable authenticity of Marianne’s account. She goes as a guide before us, illuminating the way through the darkness, encouraging us all to follow her Home.”

- Persephone Maywald M.A. Psychologist and IFS Therapist

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ISBN-13: 9780648078708
Publisher: Publicious Pty Ltd
Publication date: 06/20/2017
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Marianne Broug was a professional musician and music teacher, and is now a writer. She has performed extensively throughout Australia in all arenas of music including opera, chamber music and symphony orchestra.

For over twenty years Marianne suffered from depression and anxiety, and for over twenty she sought out healing, wholeness and Truth. She underwent two rigorous and lengthy therapies as well as pursued intensive spiritual practices, meditation, dialectic and inquiry.

Early in 2008 Marianne had a deep awakening into her true identity as Emptiness or Consciousness. However, rather than an ending, this awakening was just a beginning. Much integration, unravelling and clearing has since taken place and the deepening continues to this day. However, in knowing this Truth, rather than the suffered turmoil and suicidality of the past, there is peace, contentment and the sense that all is deeply well.

She has previously had two books published: Flute with a Twist (a music book for children) and Seventeen Voices: Life and Wisdom from inside 'mental illness'.

She lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

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