Suga Water: A Memoir

Suga Water: A Memoir

by Arshay Cooper




The affluent world of crew is rocked by the first all-black high school rowing team in the country. Out of their neglected neighborhood, a group of young men emerge to show that there are new heroes and bonds that can be found amidst the noise and chaos of the Westside of Chicago. Led by a kind but determined benefactor and an inspired team captain, the Manley crew team must overcome obstacles to discover what it really means to succeed.

Arshay Cooper is a practiced rower, motivational speaker, and volunteers for numerous community outreach organizations.

In 1997, Arshay joined the first all-black rowing team at Manley High School. After rising to team captain and graduating high school, he shifted gears and dedicated two years of his life to Americorps. In 2002 Arshay enrolled at the Cooking Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Over the years Arshay has worked as a personal chef for World Wrestling Entertainment, Warner Brothers, and has fed various celebrities.

After years working in the food industry, Arshay returned to his true passion of working in the inner city. He has coached at the Chicago Youth Rowing Club; worked as the program director at Victory Outreach's Midwest region; Organized stop the violence rallies; Created and founded many off the street programs. As a national speaker, his audience has included public schools, conferences, community centers, sports teams, UFC fighters, and President Bill Clinton. Arshay currently lives in Harlem. Suga Water is his first book.

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ISBN-13: 9781940014616
Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing
Publication date: 05/02/2015
Pages: 272
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