Sugar: My Life as a Sugar Babe

Sugar: My Life as a Sugar Babe

by Monique X


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A single mother, a secret life…

After her divorce, Monique decides to inject some fun into the drudgery of life as a single mother, by dating a wealthy older gentleman, which is known as ‘sugar daddy’ dating. It all starts quite innocently, but when Monique finds a thousand pounds in her wallet after one night of hot, steamy sex, she realises that sugar dating could be her way to survive as a single mother.

Soon life is a whirlwind of wealthy men, luxury hotels and glamorous experiences. She goes skydiving in Dubai and flies to Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thanks to her sugar daddies Monique can take care of her children, she gets a new sense of independence, discovers her sexual drive, and experiments with a whole new range of sexual fantasies.

But when she loses her job and her ex-husband stops paying alimony, she is prepared to do anything to safeguard her children and keep a roof over their heads. Money becomes her main focus and she starts living on the periphery of the escort world. Now she realises the truth: she needs to find a way out.

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ISBN-13: 9781786080790
Publisher: Thistle Publishing
Publication date: 11/15/2018
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)

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The kids wake me up at 6. They mostly do. Though they really do try, whispering is not an art they have mastered yet. Or it is at least one they forget when they get excited. I pull my pillow over my head and try to get some more sleep, but when Fuzzy the cat also starts meowing in my ear and scratching the pillow with his paw, I give up.

I stretch out in one nice long stretch before I get out from under my cosy warm duvet into the cold. Yes, it's getting cold again. Autumn has started early this year and the rain is not like normal British rain. It's more like a monsoon. It's hammering down on my roof like a tropical rainstorm. Without the warmth of the tropics that is. I'd rather be in the tropics with a rain like this ...

Both girls jump on me, hugging the moment they see me and all I can do is smile while I kiss them on the top of their heads. These are the moments that make it all worth it.

Lisa is eight now. She's getting big. She's the serious one, her big blue eyes taking all in. Both her clothes and her long blonde hair are always neat. Since the divorce she feels like she is responsible for making sure her little sister behaves, no matter how many times I tell her she isn't.

Sophie is the tomboy of the two. Her ginger hair is always a mess. She doesn't care about her clothes, since she is mostly climbing trees anyway. She has a little heart-shaped face covered with freckles and usually a bump or bruise on at least one of her knees. She seems to be the least affected by the divorce.

Seems to be, I said. For Sophie is affected, in hidden ways. She keeps having 'accidents', wetting herself at school since the divorce. And many nights she ends up in my bed needing cuddles because of nightmares.

Like she is cuddling me right now. Holding me so tightly it seems she will never let go. But Fuzzy doesn't let us cuddle for very long. He is circling my legs with his tail in the air and strongly complaining now. For some reason he seems to think that six is way too late for him to receive breakfast. A cat's life is a hard life ...

Feeding Fuzzy first, I make some extra strong coffee for myself – yawning abundantly – and start preparing breakfast and lunch boxes for the girls. In between I send a good-morning-message to The Viking. He is one of my Sugar Daddies, you'll hear all about him. We chat every day. Sometimes he comes to London and we have nice dinners – he always takes a nice present with him. But I shouldn't jump ahead.

I don't have time to dream about Sugar Daddies anyway. Upstairs the girls have picked up a fight. I sigh and climb back up. It turns out that Lisa thinks Sophie has stolen her socks and it takes my confession that I must have put the socks in the wrong drawers to stop the whining. I sigh some more.

With peace back in the house, the girls come down and have porridge. They used to have sandwiches, but I quit making those for now. Lisa takes ages deciding what she wants on her bread and Sophie will start moaning when she has to eat the bread crusts.

And why does she have to eat them? Because it is something you're supposed to do as a good mother? Who has written the handbook of perfect mothers anyway? It's us women who often make it hard for ourselves, by either judging ourselves, or judging others. In the end we're all having the same struggles. So why do we have to make it so hard for ourselves?

The porridge goes in well. And there are only some small fights. Lisa thinks Sophie is not eating decent enough and Sophie says Lisa is kicking her, but we're doing well this morning. I dress quickly as they brush their teeth, then pack their lunch and almost forget Sophie's gymnastic suit – luckily Lisa reminds me.

School is real close by, and there isn't a day since we've moved that I haven't truly enjoyed that. Before we lived a half an hour drive from school, now we walk to school in five minutes. And to the supermarket. The doctor. The dentist. All those necessary places you don't want to travel miles for. Now a bookstore close by would have been nice too, or a sex shop for that matter, but you can't have all in life.

At the school yard I stretch my neck to see whether I can get a glimpse of the cute Indian dad, but he is nowhere around. Bummer. Seeing him always makes my day. Lisa goes to class by herself now. Being seen with mothers is just not cool anymore. I can't hug her in public and need to keep a polite distance.

Sophie still wants me to kiss and cuddle before class starts. So I make sure to close my eyes and enjoy – I know it's not going to last long. When the kids are dropped off I hurry back home. It's preparation time. It's time for my secret life.

I love preparing myself for my dates. It has become some kind of ritual. Normally I have a facial mask the night before, sometimes also a hot bath – with lots of bubbles and candles of course. And if I really want to splurge, I'll also have a glass of wine. I love the feeling that splurging a little on myself gives me. Now if I'm in a naughty mood, I'll send some teasing picture to a SD. Sometimes to all of them.

Ah, what SD means? It's the abbreviation of Sugar Daddy. You're going to learn a lot of Sugar Terms. And though I have been living this life for almost two years now, even I don't know all of them and am still learning ...

So I love a little splurging on myself. With a nice bath, a lovely mask. In my opinion there are so many mothers who don't spoil themselves enough. And why not? It feels good to spoil yourself. As my SD Mr. Tantra likes to say: 'only if you look well after yourself, you are able to look well after others.' Also it makes me feel totally and utterly woman. No, I don't think men and women are the same. We're totally different. And yes I LOVE being a woman. In every single way.

But I'm getting off track. It's not the night before anymore. It's date-day. First I meditate and do my yoga. Thanks to my SD Mr. Yoga that has become a part of my daily routine. Next I take a nice long hot shower and shave. Everywhere. Well, I do keep a Brazilian. I don't like a bald pussy, it makes me feel like a little girl.

I will only go bald if a SD especially requests it. Though to be honest, it annoys me when they do. What gives them the right to tell me how to trim my pussy? I don't tell them whether or not to shave themselves ... But hey, life is too short to be annoyed for too long. I always manage to push those feelings aside. It's much better to focus on the fun, the trips. And the money of course ...

See a Pakistani – you'll read all about him – has taught me that there are two ways you can see life. It all depends on your focus. You can either see it as something negative and complain, or you can see life as overall something nice and make sure you are having fun. And if I have to choose, I most definitely choose the second one ...

But let me go on with my preparing. Next it's time to dry – first my body and then my long blond hair – and to choose a nice body lotion. I have several ones, all taken from nice hotels. Yes, I ALWAYS take something as a souvenir from the nice hotels I'm staying. And most of the time it's the bath amenities.

I also have several perfumes to choose from – all presents of course. Mostly I choose the one I have gotten from the particular SD I'm seeing. I apply some on my wrists, my neck, between my breasts and – if I expect to receive oral delights – also on inside of my thighs.

One surprise that the Sugar World has given me, is how much many of these men like to please me. I never received so much oral sex before. Amanda – my ex-escort friend – more about her later – says men in the escort world are the same. It makes them feel utmost manly when they are able to please a woman.

Now before the Sugar World I used to be better in giving than receiving. So getting all this pleasing has been a good lesson. Lately I am receiving. And thoroughly enjoying.

You know, when I first became a Sugar Babe, I thought it would be all about pleasing men. Being submissive. But it isn't at all. As a Sugar Babe you have a power that surprises me. Most of these men treat me like a princess. Really. In 'normal' life men haven't treated me like this. Sugar Daddies – the real ones that is, not the Salty Daddies, the ones who think they are but have no idea what it takes – are true gentlemen and know how to make you feel like a lady. They bring a gift, hold the door and are utmost polite.

Outside the bedroom that is. In the bedroom all is permitted. That's also what they want from a Sugar Babe. She has to be a lady until entering the bedroom. In the bedroom starts the dream. According to Amanda it's actually what all men really want: a lady on their arm and a hooker in their bed.

So yes, the Sugar World is an illusion. It's like a different dimension inside the real world. It's the dream world of the Japanese geisha, as my visit to Mr. Japan has taught me. The flower-world.

No. Geisha weren't hookers. They were mistresses. For most people that might seem to be a thin line, but when you are living the life there is a big difference. Most westerners don't get the concept. The Sugar World does.

See, sex is not the most important part. If it was just sex, these men would go to hookers. Much cheaper. No it's the play, the illusion, releasing the stress of daily life. These men are interested in art, classical music, fine wine and dining – the best of life. And like a geisha, a Sugar Baby has to be educated and able to share it all. It's a good thing all my studying and my good upbringing are finally paying off! ;-)

But let me get back to the preparing. Next it's time to polish nails – toes red and fingernails pearl. And to put on my makeup. Now I'm a specialist in applying make-up that nobody even seems to notice. Sometimes I don't even know why I bother ...

So when I am Sugar Dating – which is the only dating I am doing lately – I tend to use a little more. Not too much of course. I do like to look classy. I have this really nice Chanel travelling make-up case that I received from Mr. Viking which I love. It has all natural colours. Some men just know exactly which present to choose ...

But back to preparing. Make-up is easy. Jewellery is easy. I usually wear the pieces Mr. Iran has given me in the Galleries Lafayette in Paris. Dressing is harder. I normally try on a whole range of dresses and send pictures for advice to my ex-escort friend Amanda.

We've been friends since we were five years old, and she is the only one who knows everything about me. Every. Dirty. Detail. She also receives all information about my dates. Date, time, SD name, and – when I'm traveling – flight, hotel and room number.

Why? Well, I am meeting these strangers through a website and I often don't even know their real name. I'm taking a risk there, I know. But I always listen to my instinct. To this gut feeling. And I haven't had any bad experiences so far, but you never know ...

In a way, Amanda is the reason I got into the Sugar World (keep reading, you'll understand). I need someone to blame, right? Now the escort world is not the Sugar World. Though there are similarities of course ...

Most of my Sugar Daddies used to book escorts. And if not, they are the same kind of men – extremely busy, successful, educated and used to the good things in life.

But there is a reason they are now choosing Sugar. Escort is too impersonal, they say. They like the low-maintenance connection of Sugar Life. As Mr. Yoga puts it: "I'm having Sugar Babies for the romance." As a Sugar Babe you're like a mistress. I build up a relationship with every single one of my Daddies.

What my typical Sugar Daddy is? Most of them are married. In their end-forties and fifties. And yes I have sex with them. With most of them. But only if I want to. See, I choose my own men. I don't get bookings. I don't accept all men who contact me, no matter how much they offer. In fact I decline most. And yes they help me out with an allowance. Normally £300 for PPM – Pay Per Meet – and £1000 for a weekend, though the first meeting is always free. And without sex.

I know from my Sugar Daddies that there are girls on the site who are different. Some charge £150 for a first coffee together. Some have lists of how much they charge for each different sexual action they perform. Some have a rate for every hour.

To me charging for hours or actions doesn't feel good. I'm happy that they are helping me. I like spending time with them. I love the gifts and the traveling. If I wouldn't enjoy being with them, they wouldn't be my SD.

Now according to Seeking Arrangement girls generally get allowances between £1.000 and £3.000, but I'm seriously wondering whether that's true. Maybe the younger ones get £3.000, I have no idea. But I do know that finding one for £1.000 is already hard enough. Most men offer escort rates. And I'm not talking top end escort rates. Would I ever consider £150 for a sex-date? Hell no.

But back to the clothes. Upon choosing I sometimes send pictures to Paul. He is a father at the swimming lesson of my youngest daughter. He's 39, damn handsome, but married with two kids. He knows about my Sugar Life. Sometimes we kiss. I know he'd love to do more, but I haven't decided whether I want to. Why would I? I'm getting enough sex as it is. But we will get to him later.

So with the tips of my two advisers I choose my dress. Now the underwear I need no advice for. It has to be just one thing: sexy. Though I do change in sexiness depending on the SD I'm seeing. This time I'm meeting a new guy called Oscar, so I'm going for it all. I'm choosing a pretty black negligee that used to be Amanda's, a classy string, suspender belt and stockings.

Most men appreciate nice lingerie. Though the thing that bugs me, is that with most men you're not wearing it for long. I like to wear lingerie. It shows my long legs, which I like. It shows my nice butt. And it makes my boobs look bigger – the ones I don't really like. Though I do have to say that since one of my SD's called them 'Happy Boobs' I do appreciate them better.

So I put the Happy Boobs in the lingerie, put on the dress Amanda recommended and finally I'm ready. I look at myself once more in the hallway before I leave. Damn, I'm looking good. And off I go.

When I close the door behind me, I can hear children playing outside at the school yard. Maybe my girls are amongst them. And I smile. Before school is over I'll be back.



I was born in Sevenoaks, in a large detached villa which my mother had inherited after my grandfather died. It used to be his office. My parents are still living there, though it's falling apart now. Once it was this white villa with Greek columns in front. Now it's a damp grey villa with green moss stains that would do well in horror movies. Most paint is coming off and one column has long since disappeared. And the garden is a complete jungle.

Though it doesn't show from the outside, on the inside the house is divided. My mother lives on the left side, my father on the right. Both are painters and the house is their studio. They do meet every day in the kitchen, which is shared by both. And sometimes they come and look at each other's art. But most of the time they live their separate lives.

They once used to live together, but after I was born my father started his long collection of girlfriends and they came up with this solution. Catholics don't divorce, you see. So in his part of the house, my father has his girlfriends. "Watch out for the sperm stains!" he loves to call out to any visitor who wants to sit on his sofa. His bookcases are filled with literature and porn. He has a drawer with a collection of love letters from former girlfriends – mostly his models, or 'muses' as he likes to call them. And his part of the house is filled with huge paintings of their nakedness.

My father's moods have always been as unpredictable as the weather. He is either thrilled and fervently painting, or he is totally depressed and drinking whiskey. That's when you don't want to visit his part of the house. And now he has also been diagnosed with Korsakoff Syndrome, which isn't making things any brighter.

My mother paints nature. Her part of the house is filled with paintings of flowers, leaves and the stillness after a summer storm. Nature is all around her. She has a collection of butterflies, stones, and pine apples, anything that takes her fancy. She collects anything and everything. You have never seen so much stuff packed together.


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Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
After a divorce, Monique needs money to support her two daughters. Drowning in debt, she looks for a way to make money while she tries to write a book. . Her friend, Amanda tells her about a website to hook up with a sugar daddy who will help pay her bills. Hoping for a long term arrangement, she sees men from all over the world. The story of the travel and adventures she has are really interesting. This book tells of the men she dates, how uncertain this life style is and what happens to a woman who tries something unconventional to raise her kids. Spicy sex. Interesting topic that I think many people want to know more about. I received this book from Net Galley and Thistle Publishing for a honest review and no compensation otherwise.