Sugar & Salt

Sugar & Salt

by Pavarti K. Tyler

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Evolved Publishing presents the first in the erotic/romance "Sugar House Novellas" series by award-winning author Pavarti K. Tyler. [Erotic Romance, Erotica] [DRM-Free]


After over a decade working in the sex industry, Janice Cane retains no illusions about the nature of relationships. Everyone lies and everyone wants something. Still, a part of her longs for a connection.

Speed-dating becomes her addiction, a place to find a man for the night when she needs a quick fix, and her last hope that true love may still be waiting around the next corner. When a mysterious man entices both her intellect and her lust, she becomes entangled in an affair more complicated than she’d expected.

Enter the world of The Sugar House. Here you’ll meet the illustrious Madam Janice Cane and her brood of men and women who will fulfill your every fantasy. But can they find a way to fulfill their own?


Don't miss the second book in this series, "Protecting Portia."

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BN ID: 2940045417389
Publisher: Evolved Publishing LLC
Publication date: 11/06/2013
Series: The Sugar House Novellas , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Pavarti K. Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She graduated Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre. After graduation, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway. She now lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not penning her hot steamy erotic romance books she twists her mind by writing horror/erotica blends. Pavarti K. Tyler also writes as P.K. Tyler (Literary, Women's) and Kara S Tyler (Children's Books).

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Sugar & Salt 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
countrygirlbookfri-ends More than 1 year ago
It started off differently for me! I at first was very confused. I felt like I was starting off in a story halfway through, like as if this were a book 2 and I didn’t read book one. I didn’t feel like I got to know the characters at all. It took a lot for me to read through, because I will usually quit reading a story that I can’t get into, but I wanted to give it a chance. I am glad I did. I really liked the idea of the story. You have a “Madame” of a bordello, The Sugar House, who I don’t know much about, other than her name is Janice Cane or Miss Necia and her father is a senator of something in the government. She meets Devon Salzmann, “Salt” during a speed dating event. She doesn’t tell him what she does and he doesn’t tell her what he does, at least not on the first date. So they have a wonderful first date…which is hot and steamy…and the next morning she tries to leave without him knowing. That doesn’t go so well and she tells him they can’t see each other again. There is chemistry between them and they are not happy without each other. They run into each other again (which I find hard to believe in such a big city…but it is fiction) but they finally tell each other what they do for a living and he doesn’t like her choice of career. So they break up again. (There is a pattern here) The sex in the story is hot…and the story has a great idea…I am just not sure if it is enough. It starts off fast and ends even faster. I would give it 3 stars…just on the idea of the storyline and the HOT, STEAMY sex. ;)  ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest Review
LexyPat More than 1 year ago
Sugar and Salt is my first introduction to Pavarti. I don't read many novellas but I'm glad I read this one. S&S centers around Janice, Miss Necia, a Madam who is smart and bold and takes what she wants and makes it more successful then what she started with. She has a strong work ethic that leaves her lonely, but she'll never admit it, (out loud anyway). Janice meets "Greenpeace" at a Speed Dating venue and she can't stop thinking about him. Little does she know he can't stop thinking about her. They meet again by chance and collide passionately. But is it enough to keep them together?  S&S flows perfectly. Fast enough that you are done reading in one sitting, long enough to get involved in the characters only to be yanked up short, hence Novella. Pavarti has a style and flair of writing that's like a breath of fresh air you didn't know you needed, with Pavarti's  colorful background I think we would be cheated if she strayed from who she is while writing. Sugar & Salt is sexy, funny, taboo at its core, but isn't a dark story that's gritty. I'm looking forward to the second story in the series, with the hopes that us readers will be kept in touch with Miss Necia and Greenpeace.  *I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review*
CabinGoddess More than 1 year ago
I don’t read most contemporary erotic romance on the indie publishing scene. I frankly have not found many authors that can break out of the set rules and boxes which have been set up and are proven formulas for romance (which include erotic romance). In the world of genre “marriage” Erotica and Romance have been merged to blend both the complexity of Erotica and the happy endings of romance allowing for a sexually terse and focused story. This story certainly has it all. Without spoilers let me break it down why I feel it succeeds at both being an erotica and a romance. (this is my list and by no means am I even close to being an expert, but I read literotica all the time and I know what I like.) : Yep, there is sex in spades, darlin, in spades. Ms. Tyler dives right in with the tension needed for the the reader to be taken right along and feel Salt’s tongue as he glides it up her thigh and tastes her. To feel his skin under our own nails as Janice runs them down his well defined back and rear… It pushes the boundaries and gives us a few glimpses with butt-smacking, the obvious Dominance and submission from Sugar House, menage a trois, one night stands, casual sex… oh and let’ts not forget the museum.. oh.. my… GODS *clearing throat* Yep, it has at least five orgasms worth of sex in this tight little 146 page novella. : OH and I certainly do like all the characters introduced and I think I rather love Portia and Jackson a bit more than the main characters even. BUt perhaps this is because their story has yet to begin and I am in love with the idea of it. I believe in the second book coming in spring of 2014 we will hear their story from the Sugar House. Devon (Salt) and Janice (Sugar) have immediate “flypaper” like attachment for me. Come on, what is not to like about a man who introduces himself in a speed dating instance with “I don’t recycle” Right along with Janice we are just as intrigued and want to find out the mystery behind Greenpeace. This brings us to our next point… An actual Story: There has to be a story for me to follow and a reason for me to read it. Which means there has to be a device and a cause and substance. Sugar & Salt has all of these things. Much like the speed dating at the beginning, the pace is fast, but not rushed like many eroticas. It has this lovely perfect pace… a few cracks you can trip on, or a hem of a dress you need another set of heels to wear so you can enter the party without tripping. In other words… just right. : Goes without saying there has to be some kind of conflict, something that is going to be an issue between the two who are involved, Sugar and Janice in this instance is a pretty basic one. He is working for the UN and he is fighting to make a difference from the point of view of the individual (ie: the one boy whose mother has been raped in front of him etc.. retraining women in the sex industry from third world countries.. see where I am going?). Which, as soon Janice finds out she knows they cannot be together, and why? Well because Janice is a high end Madame who runs Sugar House and she knows it would ruin him. As much as she respects herself, she is realistic and she runs an illegal business. In the end… we have resolution, the happy ending of the romance… Well almost.. almost.. and sometimes you don’t have to have a full out orgams to “get off” on a story.WAIT, stop, no ax handles or vampires needed to resolve this conflict! Though perhaps a few smacks up side the.. or at least on the rear. I’m at the beginning of a love affair with Janice, I want to be her Portia.. yep, and I am so not going to admit to whom I am fantasizing as being her. Pavarti wrote a character doing something which has such a stigma attached but doing it as honestly and with as much integrity as you can in the industry she is in. The big plus here is the social commentary of this. It speaks to the ability to be sexual without being degrading. Being empowered and still submitting to our needs. Perhaps I am reading more than some because of my lifestyle background, and perhaps it is because I have read the book many times. Devon is strangely naive and as much as I wanted to kill him for his narrow mindedness (conflict which I won’t go into aka spoiler) the menage a trois was really hot, and it showed me a baby Dom, a true Alpha (and not the alpha males which many romances talk about within the urban para rom genre but this is straight BDSM). I see so much potential for this couple and so many different adventures for the whole Sugar House family. This really was a treat and I am honored to have Pavarti at the cabin again! Hey Pav, here is an extra Soy Caramel Macchiato to go, watch out for Herbert, he has been tetchy lately and has been throwing pinecones at my company. Don’t worry about the moose, he is to busy eating my dead trees to worry about anything! Oh and… thanks for the.. ummm (casting my eyes down) you know… *wink*
gaele More than 1 year ago
I thought I knew what I was getting in the latest release from Pavarti K. Tyler, I love her writing and approach to a story with her characters, so I knew it would be a good read, What I did not expect was to be blown away by the characters, to find a sense of nobility and purpose in their decisions or to find the erotic components to be squirm in your seat hot.  How can you not love a story when you read “her restraint pulls taut and breaks – the rope of her submission weak against the strength of her desire.” Janice Cane is the proprietress of the Sugar House, a bordello where the clients are rich, protected and background checked.  Catering to men and women, her “brood” is loyal and well-cared for: from medical to security needs.  Completely and unapologetically in control, her one lapse is the addiction she has to speed dating.  I didn’t think that I could like Janice as much as I did: in fact I rather loved her.  Her comfort with her business and her moments of self-doubt in her thoughts about Salt after meeting him gave her a sense of optimism and hope, even as she shot the ideas down with more pragmatic concerns regarding her past history and current means of support.  Devon Salzmann was intriguing: worldly yet naïve, determined to make an impression but ultimately at that point where sex comes too easily and boredom is omnipresent.  Used to getting what he wants, and not finding much intrigue in the easy, he starts a campaign of teasing Janice to achieve another conquest, hardly expecting that he would be on the losing end of their verbal jousts.  Mixing in some incredibly steamy sex scenes that are enhanced by the perspectives given by the points of view from these two experienced and faded characters, the scenes are fantasy inducing moments of spice that are graphic but so utterly in the moment that you hardly notice until you are wiping your brow.  More secondary characters fill out this slice of life story, bringing with them their own histories, scars and depth of loyalty to Janice and her business.  Conversations are as if overheard, loyalties and attachments are clearly displayed, and the characters are all people that you want to know more about, and hope for their safety, and cheer on their decisions when they eliminate a particularly nasty client.  The mix is gorgeous and unique, with a perspective enhanced by truly evocative writing that makes this a must read for fans of erotica that want something more.  I purchased an eBook copy of the title for my own library. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 
originaloflaura More than 1 year ago
Sugar & Salt sets up the world in which Janice lives and works as a full-time mistress in charge of about a dozen sex workers. What could come off as a never-ending lingerie party is much more about business than pleasure, with an in-house bodyguard lurking just below the stairs and watching clients’ every move. The girls themselves are kept at a remove from prying eyes, both in terms of the clients that seek them out and as far as readers who want a peek behind those velvet curtains. We only meet Portia, Janice’s assistant (and not a working girl herself), and Caitrin, a friend who runs the neighboring burlesque club, for a taste of what happens behind closed doors. Meanwhile, Janice runs her business more like an executive in a bustier than the dominatrix I originally pictured, based on the book’s description. Everything is ledgers and scheduling, leafing through background info on potentially dangerous clients and arranging dates for the rest. Not quite the sexy underworld one imagines when thinking of prostitution – legal or otherwise. On the personal side, however, Janice’s romantic streak runs wide, and her desire to connect with a man she considers her equal is natural. When you’ve already got it all, at least in the material realm, who doesn’t want to find someone with whom to share it? Her connection with Salt is both humorous and sexy; she is first drawn in by his admission that he refuses to recycle, nicknaming him “Greenpeace,” until she finally discovers his true moniker. Without giving away too much of the plot, I really liked the fact that Janice, a woman living a decidedly off-the-books life, met her match in someone so completely her opposite. The element of personal and professional danger that Tyler sets up when Salt’s employer is revealed sets off quite the chain reaction of guilt, fear and the simple insistence that love cannot, in fact, conquer all. Salt, for all his commanding presence and high-minded ideals, is a bit naïve about the very thing he does for a living. And Janice, though a much more hard-nosed realist about the danger he presents, still can’t deny her emotions or her libido. One element of Sugar & Salt that still had me puzzled by the novella’s end was the repeated reference to Janice’s failed personal life. Was this doomed relationship the motivation for her to open the Sugar House, or was it an unrelated affair? Who was this mystery man that broke her heart, and what exactly happened there? How long has Janice been running her underground business, anyway, and what prompted her to set it up in the first place? As this is just the first novella in a planned series, perhaps these questions will be addressed in future installments, though I did find them nagging at me with their shadowy insinuations – particularly in reference to Janice’s conservative Congressman father. Overall, I enjoyed reading this short and sexy novella, and wanted more when I reached the end. Sugar and Salt are certainly not a perfect match, and their relationship does have that star-crossed, ill-fated lovers element that suggests it can’t possibly last, but perhaps this pair will surprise us in the end. After all, who knows what might happen between the bedroom and the bordello?
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Pavarti K. Tyler Sugar & Salt A sugar House Novella I’m always a little apprehensive when it comes to erotic romance, as I like the hot and steamy to come with a story line, and thankfully the book has found a nice middle ground. It’s smoothly written and there are a couple of scenes that felt like they were included just for a little extra spice, but one of these was my favourite in the book and definitely got my pulse racing that little bit faster. The main characters in this novella are Janice and Salt, who compliment each other well, but the other characters were just as intriguing so I’m hoping they may all in turn get their own novella. Over all, it’s hot and steamy, with a twist of romance that I thoroughly enjoyed – I will definitely be reading more of the series. I received an e-arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.