Sugar Spells

Sugar Spells

by Lola Dodge

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ISBN-13: 9781943858163
Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Series: Spellwork Syndicate , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 317,143
File size: 827 KB
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Lola is a compulsive traveler, baker, and procrastinator. She earned her BA in English from Stonehill College and MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University—and hasn’t stopped moving since. When she’s not on the road, Lola spends her time indoors where the sunlight can’t melt her, writing or bingeing on anime and cherry soda. She can be summoned in a ritual involving curry, Hello Kitty idols, and a solid chocolate pentagram.

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Sugar Spells 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! The first book astonished me and I expected nothing less from the second book in the series. I was correct and the second book was even more amazing then the first. I was a little sad by the ending and was left wanting more which I'm assuming is a good thing for the author. The characters are developed well and I love the paranormal/witchy sense that these books have but the vampires and witches are different from classic variations in other books. I can't wait for the next book which I am hoping will come out relatively soon!
AmyWeidenaar More than 1 year ago
I had some personal issues come up drastic enough that I didn't have the chance to read at all, and this is the first book I picked up to read after everything calmed back down. I'm going to be honest, I didn't expect that I was going to be able to give it a fair review. I hadn't even been excited about my emails offering free books. Imagine my surprise when I was whisked away into this world and stayed up all night reading until the very last page. This book was the balm my battered soul needed and the vacation my brain had desperately longed for. I hadn't had a chance to read the first book, so I jumped in to book 2 with the hope that it wouldn't be too noticeable. While I certainly noticed, it wasn't bad and I don't feel as though there were any spoilers. If you are a person who hates realizing you missed a book, you may be mildly irritated so take the time to read the first book. If you don't care, you aren't going to have any problems reading them out of order. Even without having read anything else, I could tell that there was clear character development among the characters and especially with Anise's Shield. I loved how Anise was a character that anyone could relate to. She struggles with money problems while the rest of the witches seem to be well-off due to living in a certain area close to their source of magic. It's actually this that helps her to relate to those in the non-witchy world. I felt is was also interesting how the witch's face prejudice outside of their little bubble of witch life. Anise sees this first hand while on an outing with friends. I found myself trying to figure out the next twist and turn only to find that at times, the twist that I was waiting for was actually a straight line. You kept thinking a certain thing was going to happen and it didn't, which was actually just as rewarding as if it had. All in all, I have found a writer that I'm sure to follow and a book I have to go back and find to read, if only because I can't wait to find myself lost in their world again. I highly recommend this book and it's a clean novel suitable for all ages. Thank you to Lola Dodge, Ink Monster, LLC., and NetGalley for allowing me the chance to experience this world and share my thoughts and opinions with others. It was truly a wonderful experience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I give this book a 3/5 stars. I read the first one "Deadly sweets" in 2017. I sadly wasn't a fan of the first one, but the second one was a lot better. I picks up exactly where the first one finished. To some things up Anise has death magic rattling through her body and can no longer bake at her great-aunt's bakery until the magic is dispelled. All she wants is for her magic to work again, so that she could stop burning things when she bakes. She tries everything, even her friends try to help, but nothing works. So she ended up making a deal with a vampire. This was such a fun enjoyable read. Its very easy to follow the plot. .The characters are witty and interesting. I loved the way the relationship development I got to see between the characters. It was a magical book. I recommend this book who wants to escape reality.
BookwormforKids More than 1 year ago
This is a delicious mixture of sweet magic, some dark creatures, and spicy adventure. Anise has survived the adventure of the first book...a book I truly enjoyed...and now, finds herself at odds with her own magic. Thanks to her brush with death, death magic has intertwined with her own cheerful sparks. It makes for deadly baking, which really is killing her mood. Her necromancy friends are doing their best to help out, but it's slow. When she discovers a way she can still bake even with death magic seeping in, it appears that more than one problem might be solved. But nothing is as easy as it seems. This is not a deep book but simply an enjoyable read with lots of sugary treats, magic, paranormal creatures, a very light dust of romance-ish, and tons of fun. In other words, a great read to simply escape reality. Anise struggles with her magic, and her frustration comes across natural and very understandable. The attempts of her friends to help her is inspirational, and it's refreshing to see that these witches definitely have their borders on what they can do. There's a nice community feel as they stand together, even when it's not enough. The scenes carry danger, but also a bit of humor to even things out. It's a lovely mix. Imagination flows freely in these pages, especially in the way of magical creatures. While Anise and her magical problems remain serious, the author has added a bit of childish wonder on the side. I enjoyed reading about the fantastical creatures and Anise's interactions as much as the more serious and action filled scenes. Anise does have a tough adversary especially toward the end, and action scenes keep the suspense high. Some moments are more of a surprise than others, but there's enough of a unexpected twist to keep the tension flowing. The ending scene hit a little sudden, but then, it fits the tale and promises more to come. I'm looking forward to see what Anise will face next. I received a complimentary copy through Netgalley and enjoyed diving into this story so much that I wanted to leave my honest thoughts.
ColeCampfireBlog More than 1 year ago
This book was just the recipe of magical fun I was looking for! Sugar Spells is the second book in The Spellwork Syndicate Series, the first is Deadly Sweet, which I have not read yet, and works fine as a stand alone. The third book, Wicked Tasty comes out next March. I am going to be adding Deadly Sweets to my TBR! This fast read is a story about Anise and her baking spells. She is all of a sudden unable to whip up her usual yummy pastries and discovers evil magic is running through her veins. As she tries to discover a solution to her baking and magical troubles she also tries to save her bodyguard from a lifelong debt he is repaying. This book is an easy and fun little story of baking and spells. Plenty of magical creatures fill the pages of this light story along with lots and lots of BATS! This story finds me at the right time, before Halloween and going into baking season! I received this advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This book will be published October 30th, go check it out!
Annemieke Oosterling More than 1 year ago
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. I read the first book, Deadly Sweet, at the start of the year and was quite pleased to see this second book appear on Netgalley. While I did have some critics on the first book it was still an enjoyable read. The second book moved on in the same direction and it was just what I needed. Don’t go into these books expecting a very complex magical system or very complex plot. What you see is what you get. Sugar Spells is a true cozy, feel good, magical book. These books are perfect to curl up on the couch under a blanket and read in one sitting this Winter. Sugar Spells isn’t too long nor does it move to fast. The baking and the main character give of something homely and comforting, and that is what I needed at the time of reading. What I also appreciate is how the romance is being approached. I suspect there is a slow burn romance at work here and the ground work for that was laid down in this book. One can’t be in a relationship if there is an unequalness in the relationship. ‘Employer’, and employee that can’t leave. This was talked about without the romance in it actually. That is how slow burn it is. Anise also reminds me of myself. The bad luck, the complete unflattering wardrobe when she stays in, the constant push to fix what is wrong, feeling crap so eating ice scream it is. And yes she is clearly the ‘heroine’ who wants to fix everything and always chooses the right thing. But there is more to her than that and that is why I enjoy her character. This book is being targeted at young adult however I do have my questions regarding that. Anise is out of high school and working on a career. So I would say this series also borders on new adult in that context. Having said that there is also barely anything triggering in these books.
TracyFritts1974 More than 1 year ago
These is the second book in the Spellwork Syndicate series. I enjoyed reading this story and thought it was well written and a good storyline. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review the opinions are of my own.
ruthsic More than 1 year ago
Sugar Spells picks off sometime after the end of Deadly Sweet, with a new problem for Anise – apparently she now has death magic too, and it is leaking into her baking. Afraid of never being able to bake again, she engages the help of her friends, as well as an unlikely customer to get rid of her magic. Along the way, though, she also gets a way to free Wynn from his contract. The best part of this series is the fact that it keeps the cuteness contained in a serious plot, and still manages to give the latter considerable weight – the witch society’s indentured slavery is not something she agrees with, so she tries to change what she can. Also, another thing I like about it – it doesn’t go the expected route. The plot took me places I didn’t imagine would happen and the unique direction of the story had me loving this immensely. Anise’s support system comes into good focus during this book – while we knew they were protective of her in the last one, this one shows a little more into the workings of the witch society around the Vortex. There is also a little about the necromancy parlor (I actually didn’t like this part much because Anise was practically being insulting about having death magic like it was something disgusting, and hello, you are standing in the house of people who wield death magic? Girl, time and place!), about the cryptid clinic (I loved this part, but I wish it had more to do with the main plot), then a little more about the non-witch population (complicated, as they treat them like second class citizens) and finally, some dimensional magic and a bit about familiars! I loved Anise’s approach to solving problems, as well as the whole contract thingy and how she navigates those issues, both hers and Wynn’s. Her friendship with Wynn gains more ground, as he finally realizes she was not just a privilege witch, but also an ignorant one, and starts to trust her. Overall, it is an unexpected treat!
bookluvr35SL More than 1 year ago
*** I received an advanced e-copy from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review This is the second book in The Spellwork Syndicate series. In this book, Anise Wise's magical mojo is out of whack thanks to a brush with death, and now she has unwanted death magic in her blood. This has completely sidelined her ability to work in the bakery, as everything she touches is immediately ruined. Anise and her shield Wynn go on a hunt to find a cure so she can get her life back. I was unfamiliar with this series but I had no trouble catching up with the backstory. This is a YA series but I think it would be enjoyable to anyone. If you are into fantasy books, then I think you should give this one a try.
Liln18 More than 1 year ago
Even better than the first book! I couldn't put it down. The storyline was even more spellbinding than the first book, the world building is magical and the characters growth is amazing! I'm so ready for the next book! This book was exciting, thrilling, well-written and original!
secondhandpages More than 1 year ago
There is something so satisfying about an quick, sweet read. So many times books are time consuming and difficult to read, even our favorite novel can seem like pulling our own teeth at time. Lola Dodge gives us a treat for those times that we need a break. From Goodreads: After her run-in with a jealous warlock, apprentice baker Anise Wise can’t wait to get back the kitchen where she belongs. But thanks to her brush with death, the land of the living isn’t all cupcakes and marshmallows. Anise’s magical mojo is way out of whack and her evolving powers are stirring up trouble. As the town buzzes with news that Anise can bake deathly spells, unsavory characters start lining up for a taste. They’ll stop at nothing for the chance to use Anise and her witchcraft to further their own plots. She plans to hole up researching magic recipes until the attention dies down, but then she discovers the horrifying terms of her bodyguard’s contract. Wynn has saved her life so many times, she can’t leave him trapped. But doing the right thing will mean risking death or worse—being cast out of her dream job. For this witch, justice might not be as sweet as advertised. This book was absolutely delightful. It is definitely a cozy winter read, which was perfect for this weekend! I just happened to acquire it before Halloween, which was even more perfect! I was lost in the story for an afternoon. I was partially attracted to the book because of the cover, and the cover gives you an accurate flavor of the story. It's not complex, twisted or too demanding of a magical system. Anise is a likeable character, even though some of her behavior is problematic for the intended audience, particularly the romance factor. The narrators voice (Anise) is clever, simple and clean. I loved the way the story was written, the body of prose a mix of baking, clever quips and a feeling of home. Anise encounters her fair share of teenage trouble - from bad luck to a horrid sense of fashion and constant need to mend every broken piece of a person. This also shows Anise has a huge heart, so it's not something that should be written off as a terrible flaw. I really enjoyed her relationships with the other characters, her aunt being one of the characters I felt really molded Anise's views of the magical world, in more ways than one. Overall, this is a perfect evening novel. It's written in the style of a YA/MG novel, with a very easy to understand narrative. I gave this novel an easy 3.5/5 stars. There were plot holes that were not explained away, and the general target audience clashes with the characters age and some of the actions. Other wise, it's a great read for a cold night, paired with a mug of hot cocoa and maybe a little sugar and spice. ;) **Thank you to Netgalley and publisher for an egalley in exchange for an honest review**
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
Anise has had a bad few months. Her powers have gone haywire after she nearly dies. From being an apprentice baker at her Great-Aunt Agatha's Bakeshop with her own brand of magic to death magic that she can't control. With the help of her friends, she tries to figure out how to deal. Once people find out that she has this power, they want to use her for their own schemes. Fortunately, she has Wynn, her bodyguard or Shield. He is with her every minute to protect her, even when she doesn't want his help. I read the second book first, but I didn't have any problems keeping up. I did buy the first one because I really like this series. Many great characters with a fun story. I received this book from Net Galley and INscribe Digital for a honest review and no compensation otherwise. The opinions expressed are my own.